One of the great features about Opera Mini is saved pages, which lets you store webpages you want revisit when you’re offline.

Things like tickets or maps for when you’re travelling. Saved pages can also come in handy when you want to catch up on some reading while you’re offline.

Simply tap “+”

We’ve made it easier to save webpages in Opera Mini for Android beta. Just tap the + to the left of the URL and choose from four options:

1. Speed Dial
2. Save for offline
3. Unsorted bookmarks
4. More — to choose a specific bookmark folder where you want to save the webpage

Saved pages in Opera for Android beta -- for offline reading

Saved pages in Speed Dial

You can find all the stuff you’ve saved for offline as an entry in Speed Dial with the name Saved pages.

You can also access bookmarks from Speed Dial.

To learn about the other great features in Opera Mini for Android, go here. Or, if you don’t have this beta version on your Android phone yet, why not get it today from Google Play. It’s a free download, and, because it’s still in beta, we could use your help in testing it out. Thanks in advance!

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  • Dhani Jonathan

    Where is the Data of save page in android folder?

    • Jan Kunis

      Yes. Kindly post the info. Where are the saved pages?

      • Ruth_opera

        Hi there 🙂 to save a page tap the + symbol to the left of he address bar. They will be saved under a light blue icon on the top of you speed dial. Hope that helps! /Ruth

  • Jubish

    I have saved some pages for offline read. But now I want to change that mobile phone. Can I able to move all offline pages to my new android phone or laptop?

  • Naresh chohan