Opera Travel Tips: Six ways to save mobile data while travelling abroad

Summer. The time of the year when journalists across the world give you advice on how to save mobile data and avoid horrific phone bills when checking email and Facebook abroad. I made a list on how you can best save mobile data while roaming.


I’ve added a few pointers that tech-journalists often forget to write about. I hope they’re helpful. Let me know if I’ve forgotten something.


1) Download Opera Mini – get yourself a mobile browser that saves  you money. The Opera Mini browser compresses data, and can save up to 90% of data traffic. Just get it!

2) Download Opera Max beta – if you have Android 4.0 or above, get Opera Max. This app compresses on almost all data, including video, and lets you control which apps are allowed to use data.

3)  Preload internet pages – a feature in Opera Mini is called “Saved pages”. It’s handy while on the go. It allows you to save articles on your so you can read them offline. A huge bonus if you are travelling places with poor connections, or just want to save data.


4) Turn off data roaming – Not my favorite tip, since I never like to turn internet access off. If you absolutely want to avoid those huge roaming bills abroad – this is the way to go. Just make sure to switch off data roaming, and limit any internet joy to WIFI-networks.

5) Disable updates and notification – if you decide to have data on, turn off all automatic app updates and notifications. Otherwise, that 150 MB update can be very pricey if you don’t change the setting when traveling abroad.

6) Automatic image upload – Dropbox, Facebook or Google Plus can automatically sync with images taken with your phone. Change these settings immediately to off. This is easy to forget about. Adjust your settings so the automatic image upload only happens while you are connected to WIFI.

For more information about saving money while traveling, check out our article on finding the best travel deals online.

Safe travels, and happy internet surfing on the go!

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