Changelog for 82

82.0.4227.58 – 2021-01-12 blog post

  • DNA-96780 Crash at ui::NativeTheme::RemoveObserver(ui::NativeThemeObserver*)
  • DNA-96890 Settings default browser not working for current user on Windows 7

82.0.4227.43 – 2021-12-21 blog post

  • CHR-8705 Update chromium on desktop-stable-96-4227 to 96.0.4664.110
  • DNA-93284 Unstable obj/opera/desktop/common/installer_rc_generated/installer.res
  • DNA-95908 Interstitial/internal pages shown as NOT SECURE after visiting http site
  • DNA-96404 Opera doesn’t show on main screen when second screen is abruptly disconnected

82.0.4227.33 – 2021-12-14 blog post

  • CHR-8689 Update chromium on desktop-stable-96-4227 to 96.0.4664.93
  • DNA-93524 [Mac] Crash at chrome::BrowserCommandController::OpenSidebarSite(opera::BrowserSidebarItemIds::Id const&)
  • DNA-96505 [Mac] Menu items wont open when no window is opened
  • DNA-96559 Tooltip popup looks bad in dark theme
  • DNA-96570 [Player] Tidal logging in via PLAY doesn’t work
  • DNA-96594 Unnecessary extra space in fullscreen mode on M1 Pro MacBooks
  • DNA-96649 Update Meme button
  • DNA-96676 Add Icon in the Sidebar Setup
  • DNA-96677 Add default URL
  • DNA-96707 Endpoint Verification Extension doesn’t work on Opera for Windows and Mac

82.0.4227.23 – 2021-12-02 blog post

  • DNA-95632 With new au-logic UUID is set with delay and may be not set for pb-builds (when closing fast)
  • DNA-96349 Laggy tooltip animation
  • DNA-96483 [Snap][Linux] Video not working / wrong ffmpeg snap version for Opera 82
  • DNA-96493 Create ‘small’ enticement in credit card autofill
  • DNA-96533 Opera 82 translations
  • DNA-96535 Make the URL configurable
  • DNA-96553 Add switch to whitelist test pages
  • DNA-96557 Links not opened from panel
  • DNA-96558 AdBlock bloks some trackers inside the panel
  • DNA-96568 [Player] Tidal in sidebar Player opens wrong site when logging in
  • DNA-96593 Promote O82 to stable
  • DNA-96659 Siteprefs not applied after network service crash

82.0.4227.13 – 2021-11-25 blog post

  • CHR-8668 Update chromium on desktop-stable-96-4227 to 96.0.4664.45
  • DNA-76987 [Mac] Update desktop EULA with geolocation split
  • DNA-93388 Problem with symlinks on windows when creating file list
  • DNA-95734 Discarded Recently Closed items get revived after restart
  • DNA-96134 “Your profile has been updated’ does not disappear
  • DNA-96190 Opera freezes when trying to drag expanded bookmark folder with nested subfolders
  • DNA-96223 Easy Files not working in Full Screen
  • DNA-96274 Checkout autofill shouldn’t show used burner card
  • DNA-96275 Change the notification message for pausing multi-use cards
  • DNA-96295 “Video pop out” setting doesn’t sync
  • DNA-96316 Highlight text wrong colour on dark mode
  • DNA-96326 Wrong translation Private Mode > Turkish
  • DNA-96351 macOS window controls are missing in full screen
  • DNA-96440 Update video URL
  • DNA-96448 add option to pin extension via rich hints
  • DNA-96453 Register user-chosen option on client-side, read on hint side
  • DNA-96454 Choosing an option from the settings menu should close the popup
  • DNA-96484 Enable AB test for a new autoupdater logic (for 50%)
  • DNA-96500 Add “don’t show me again” prefs to allowed whitelist
  • DNA-96538 Inline audiocomplete for www.mediaexpert.pl incorrectly suggested

82.0.4227.7 – 2021-11-18 blog post

  • CHR-8656 Update chromium on desktop-stable-96-4227 to 96.0.4664.35
  • DNA-96062 Opera 81 translations
  • DNA-96153 Crash when opening EasyFiles

82.0.4227.4 – 2021-11-10 blog post

  • DNA-92086 Extensions popup menu from toolbar is too verbose
  • DNA-96154 Broken Opera logo in Opera flags
  • DNA-96206 Give all tabs minimum width
  • DNA-96211 Enable #fast-tab-tooltip on all streams
  • DNA-96288 Promote O82 to beta

82.0.4226.0 – 2021-11-02 blog post

  • CHR-6730 Disable gn checks for parts of chromium/src where we’ve broken deps
  • CHR-8631 Update Chromium on master to 96.0.4664.18
  • DNA-91053 Close messenger after toggling through all messengers
  • DNA-95502 Wrong color of icon on hover in switch service menu
  • DNA-95675 Checkmarks have wrong color in Settings
  • DNA-95906 [Win] Conferencing pop out covers Quit Opera dialog
  • DNA-95957 CTRL+ENTER does not work properly in address bar
  • DNA-95975 Tab separators blink when hovering over tabs
  • DNA-96000 Base browsertests on PictureInPictureWindowControllerBrowserTest
  • DNA-96008 Crash at content::WebContentsImpl::OpenURL(content::OpenURLParams const&)
  • DNA-96024 Remove kFeatureVideoConferencingPopout
  • DNA-96032 Closing the videoconference pop-up force leaving the meeting
  • DNA-96039 Player always pauses other media when it starts playing
  • DNA-96077 Google Analytics can’t load on Google Firebase
  • DNA-96092 Crash at void opera::ModalDialogViews::OnWidgetClosing(opera::ModalDialog::Result)
  • DNA-96105 advancedSubmenu in opera://settings shifted
  • DNA-96122 Error log in release build console
  • DNA-96127 Upgrade plan button does nothing
  • DNA-96138 “Add Card” button does not change to “Upgrade Plan” after adding card
  • DNA-96144 Highlight stays on tab when hovering and moving mouse away
  • DNA-96147 “Buy” button does not work
  • DNA-96168 Update contributors list
  • DNA-96169 Advanced sync settings section doesn’t work
  • DNA-96174 facebookconnect.com doesn’t work with Opera
  • DNA-96189 DCHECK in TabStripView::CloseTooltipOnMouseEvent

82.0.4218.0 – 2021-10-27 blog post

  • CHR-8621 Update Chromium on master to 96.0.4664.9
  • DNA-95185 Automatic video pop-in
  • DNA-95461 DisplayMediaAccessHandlerTest failures on Mac
  • DNA-95606 Wrong url displayed for internal pages on fast tab tooltip
  • DNA-95642 Timeouts in workspaces_reordering
  • DNA-95716 Rename video conference tab detach classes
  • DNA-95757 Snapshot zoom level is not restored to 100% after canceling meme edition
  • DNA-95765 Implement suggestions in WebUI dropdown
  • DNA-95770 [AdBlock] Sitekey signature verification
  • DNA-95775 Desktop sync creates excessive access_tokens
  • DNA-95807 Clicking 🐶 icon in editing mode shall not close editing mode
  • DNA-95853 Video is not pop-in when user close a tab
  • DNA-95870 Create suggestion API for address bar dropdown in JS
  • DNA-95879 Tab strip item should have minimum size when audio icon is visible
  • DNA-95897 Update VPN text in opera:settings
  • DNA-95902 Change automatic proxy bypass for intranet hosts to manual [1/2]
  • DNA-95912 VideoConferenceTabDetachControllerTest.PictureInPictureForYoutube fails
  • DNA-95939 [WinLin] Update reference images for PictureInPicturePixelComparisonBrowserTest.MAYBE_PlayAndPauseControls
  • DNA-95949 [Mac Retina] Clicking active tab should scroll to the top
  • DNA-95961 [Win] White frame around settings dialog
  • DNA-95966 Tech debt: don’t use unions in rich hints, rather use absl::variant
  • DNA-95970 Highlighting of duplicated tabs stops working after moving mouse cursor between tabs
  • DNA-95979 Add limitersPrivate permission for agent
  • DNA-95995 Discard pip warnings in opautodepencies
  • DNA-95996 desktop_browsertests does not run with gtest_filter
  • DNA-96010 Remove futures and six modules
  • DNA-96011 Use f-string for string formatting
  • DNA-96021 Cleared download item view is never deleted
  • DNA-96022 Simplify handling of default search engines in ProxySwitcherUIModel
  • DNA-96025 Download popup does not reopen after restarting download
  • DNA-96029 VideoConferenceTabDetachControllerTest.* fail on all platforms
  • DNA-96035 Cannot create virtual card on Sandbox environment
  • DNA-96036 Occupation field in ‘Account – Edit’ is shown twice
  • DNA-96061 Move CHR-8563 to chrome imports
  • DNA-96086 Turn on #snap-meme-generator on developer

82.0.4210.0 – 2021-10-18 blog post

  • DNA-95184 Add settings in video popout
  • DNA-95434 Crash at opera::ThemesService::UpdateCurrentTheme()
  • DNA-95514 Crash at resource_coordinator::TabLifecycleUnitSource::TabLifecycleUnit::OnLifecycleUnitStateChanged(mojom::LifecycleUnitState, mojom::LifecycleUnitStateChangeReason)
  • DNA-95523 Allow sorting in multi-card view
  • DNA-95606 Wrong url displayed for internal pages on fast tab tooltip
  • DNA-95750 Reduce logging.h usage
  • DNA-95762 Implement scrolling on fast tab tooltip
  • DNA-95794 Sometimes the sidebar UI fails to load
  • DNA-95812 Retrieve cards info when showing autofill
  • DNA-95825 Cleanup desktop/common/importing
  • DNA-95848 Add tests for Amazon hint
  • DNA-95852 Video is automatically pop out only once
  • DNA-95854 Auto-video conference popout is broken
  • DNA-95860 Remove tab_contents remainings
  • DNA-95867 Show that buttons are clickable in selection popup

82.0.4203.0 – 2021-10-11 blog post

  • CHR-8596 Update chromium on master to 96.0.4655.7
  • DNA-95182 Automatic video pop-out
  • DNA-95185 Automatic video pop-in
  • DNA-95212 Require expiry_release at compile time
  • DNA-95291 Default favicon in detached Google Meet tab
  • DNA-95489 [Win10] Address bar dropdown is stuck after dragging Emoji popup
  • DNA-95563 Crash at sql::Database::OnSqliteError(int, sql::Statement*, char const*) const
  • DNA-95648 Move webui out of desktop/common
  • DNA-95677 no icon on SD search after first search
  • DNA-95701 Add opauto tests for automatic-video-popout
  • DNA-95703 SessionRestoreTest.RestoreWithNavigateSelectedTab fails
  • DNA-95704 Add cmdline switch to allow automatic-video-popout for a given site/domain
  • DNA-95733 Implement the “Manage” menu in card details view
  • DNA-95735 Implement the button that reveals full card details
  • DNA-95736 Update UI for paused card
  • DNA-95745 Support external info model in copy_from_chromium.py
  • DNA-95746 Enable #reader-mode everywhere
  • DNA-95747 Better way to handle expired funding card
  • DNA-95763 Create feature flag #address-bar-dropdown-categories
  • DNA-95764 Implement initial WebUI dropdown
  • DNA-95769 [AdBlock] Sitekey support without signature verification
  • DNA-95774 Add tests for fast tab tooltip – WP4
  • DNA-95776 Move remaining files out of desktop/common/ui
  • DNA-95779 Crash when sending text from feedback popup to pinboard
  • DNA-95795 Sync banner missing from start page
  • DNA-95810 Fix clash between Desktop and OfA sitecheck protobuf
  • DNA-95813 Move autofill out of desktop/common
  • DNA-95814 Move bookmarks out of desktop/common
  • DNA-95816 Move bookmarks_deduplication to desktop/browser
  • DNA-95822 Add opauto test for DNA-95788
  • DNA-95826 Replace default start page search engine in UA
  • DNA-95833 Find a better way to decide whether to bypass user activation requirement or not
  • DNA-95837 Crash at TabDialogsViews::ShowCollectedCookies()
  • DNA-95844 Windows Debug fails to compile
  • DNA-95859 Move net error game to desktop/browser
  • DNA-95861 Move test files out of desktop/common
  • DNA-95865 Numbers are recognized as emojis

☣ = bugfix


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