Hello everyone,

After a slight delay this week, we’re publishing version 82 of Opera developer. Here are a couple highlights:

Automatic video pop-out

Video conferencing pop-out has become very popular, so we are bringing this improvement to YouTube videos too. Videos are now popped-out automatically when you open a new tab, so you can continue watching easily. Let us know how you like it.

Snapshot Memes

When you open up the Snapshot tool (Ctrl+Shift+5) (⇧+⌘+2 on macOS), you’ll find a doggo icon there, and the button opens up a meme generator. Have fun creating your own memes!

This update is based on Chromium version 96.0.4664.9.

EDIT: Opera is crashing when opening Easy Files.

Check out the changelog and enjoy this new version.

Installation links:

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