Changelog for 111

111.0.5168.61 – 2024-07-04 blog post

  • DNA-116816 Emoji is shown behind tab island handle
  • DNA-116912 [Win] [Intro] During the intro, when hovering the mouse, emojis appear at the top of the window
  • DNA-116956 [Tab art] Emoji on tabs dissapearing on restart/update
  • DNA-117076 [Player] Background of the icons has changed and the Tidal icon is now missing

111.0.5168.55 – 2024-07-01 blog post

  • DNA-116749 Unnecessary icons in the advanced sync settings
  • DNA-116930 Sort out deprecated CGDisplayIOServicePort on macOS
  • DNA-116961 Evaluate #vtvd-as-platform-sw-decoder in the field
  • DNA-117003 #vtvd-as-platform-sw-decoder is not registered in media unittests

111.0.5168.43 – 2024-06-25 blog post

  • DNA-115228 Adblocker is blocking ads when turned off
  • DNA-116313 [Win] Crash at opera::component_based::AnimationData::OnChildViewRemoved(views::View*, views::View*)
  • DNA-116605 Crash at opera::BrowserContentsView::NonClientHitTestPoint(gfx::Point const&)
  • DNA-116855 Cannot close tab island’s tab when popup was hovered
  • DNA-116885 Add chrome.cookies api permission to Rich Hints
  • DNA-116948 [Linux] Theme toggle in settings is not working

111.0.5168.25 – 2024-06-12 blog post

  • CHR-9754 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-125-5168 to 125.0.6422.142
  • DNA-116089 [Win/Lin] Fullscreen view has rounded corners
  • DNA-116208 The red dot on the Aria’s icon is misaligned
  • DNA-116693 X (twitter) logo is not available on opera:about page
  • DNA-116737 [Bookmarks] Bookmarks bar favicon have light theme color in new window
  • DNA-116769 Extension popup – pin icon is replaced
  • DNA-116850 Fix full package installer link
  • DNA-116852 Promote 111 to stable
  • DNA-116491 Site info popup is cut with dropdown opened
  • DNA-116661 [opera:settings] IPFS/IPNS Gateway box has the wrong design
  • DNA-116789 Translations for O111
  • DNA-116813 [React emoji picker] Flag emojis are not load correctly
  • DNA-116893 Put ‘Show emojis in tab tooltip’ in Settings
  • DNA-116918 Translations for ‘Show emojis in tab tooltip’

111.0.5168.15 – 2024-06-06 blog post

  • CHR-9731 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-125-5168 to 125.0.6422.61
  • DNA-116395 [React emoji picker] Not all emoji load correctly
  • DNA-116690 Make chrome://emoji-picker attachable by webdriver
  • DNA-116753 Emoji picker does not follow browser theme
  • DNA-116755 Record tab emojis added / removed
  • DNA-116777 Enable #tab-art on all streams
  • DNA-116787 Emoji sometimes shown behind tab title
  • DNA-116794 The active tab is unresponsive and will not close when the close button is clicked

111.0.5168.10 – 2024-05-29 blog post

  • DNA-116256 Crash at TabHoverCardController::UpdateHoverCard(opera::TabDataView*, TabHoverCardController::UpdateType, bool)
  • DNA-116511 When Search Box hidden Continue On can not be expand/collapse/closed
  • DNA-116517 Bump FFmpeg version required in Snap connection to 115541
  • DNA-116566 Crash at autofill::AutofillBubbleHandlerImpl::ShowIbanBubble(content::WebContents*, autofill::IbanBubbleController*, bool, autofill::IbanBubbleType)
  • DNA-116569 Twitter in Panel loading for the first time opens two Tabs automatically
  • DNA-116665 Crash at __crt_stdio_output::output_processor::process()
  • DNA-116706 [gpu-crash] Crash at SkGpuShaderImageFilter::onFilterImage(skif::Context const&)

111.0.5168.3 – 2024-05-21 blog post

  • CHR-9717 Update Chromium on master to 125.0.6420.3
  • DNA-113399 [Mac] Traffic lights always drawn as hovered
  • DNA-114787 Crash at views::View::DoRemoveChildView(views::View*, bool, bool, views::View*)
  • DNA-115640 Tab island is not properly displayed after drag&drop in light theme
  • DNA-116236 [Win] [Address bar] Impossible to highlight typed text using mouse
  • DNA-116524 Promote 111 to beta
  • DNA-116543 Twitter migrate to

111.0.5167.0 – 2024-05-16 blog post

  • DNA-115802 [Installer] Warn user when trying to install in localization of different desktop product
  • DNA-116268 Update color of opera://settings toggle buttons and radio buttons
  • DNA-116298 [Mac] In full screen bar with buttons (close, minimize, fullscreen) is too high
  • DNA-116364 [Mac] No hover effect on bookmarks bar in light mode
  • DNA-116415 Crash at base::ObserverList::~ObserverList()
  • DNA-116418 Crash at opera::AriaCommandLineController::Show()
  • DNA-116419 Crash at opera::SidebarItemIds::IdToName(opera::SidebarItemIds::Id)

111.0.5159.0 – 2024-05-07 blog post

  • DNA-116088 [Mac] Address bar dropdown unexpectedly closes after second click in address filed
  • DNA-116220 High CPU usage for Browser and GPU process while showing sidebar animation
  • DNA-116293 Crash at void base::ObserverList::~ObserverList()
  • DNA-116310 Multiple tests from parent: WorkspacesTabCyclerControllerIndexInCycleOrderTest fail on goth.
  • DNA-116315 Chat GPT in Sidebar Panel doesn’t work

111.0.5151.0 – 2024-04-29 blog post

  • CHR-9705 Update Chromium on master to 125.0.6382.3
  • DNA-115713 `Ask Aria` button should have adjusted colors in the private mode (light and dark themes)
  • DNA-115738 Crash at extensions::ExtensionRegistry::GetExtensionById(std::__Cr::basic_string const&, int)
  • DNA-116000 Crash at opera::SidebarViewViews::Dock(opera::SidebarItemContentView*)
  • DNA-116042 Not possible to click on don’t show again checkbox in private window
  • DNA-116053 [Settings] Show memory usage on tab hover preview option does not work
  • DNA-116085 [Easy files] Button image corners not rounded
  • DNA-116128 Crash when drag and drop all tabs from a window to form a new window
  • DNA-116132 Tab dragged out of tab strip (from collapsed island) is not visible until being dropped
  • DNA-116171 Music service icons in sidebar should be same size as other icons
  • DNA-116172 Music service icons should animate like other icons
  • DNA-116210 Missing buttons on opera://extensions
  • DNA-116215 Crash at opera::network_requests::NetworkRequestManagerImpl::MakeOngoingRequest(std::__Cr::unique_ptr, base::OnceCallback)

111.0.5145.0 – 2024-04-22 blog post

  • DNA-115781 New window position after tab detach is wrong
  • DNA-116009 [Easy files] Thumbnails are too small
  • DNA-116037 Gap between address bar and sidepanel when unpinned
  • DNA-116053 [Settings] Show memory usage on tab hover preview option does not work
  • DNA-116101 Crash at opera::PageContainerView::UnsetWebContents(std::__Cr::optional)

111.0.5138.0 – 2024-04-15 blog post

  • DNA-114737 [Search box] It`s getting blurred when click on it, also lower corners are not rounded sometimes
  • DNA-115878 Gap between address bar and sidebar when unpinned
  • DNA-115937 [Context menu] “Copy Link to Highlight” option is disabled on Mac
  • DNA-115993 Make the gradient outline only visible when playing music
  • DNA-115994 Gradient outline looks bad in light mode
  • DNA-116008 [Win] Scrollbar buttons are not visible
  • DNA-116011 Expand web contents full page screenshot to make it possible to take screenshot of only visible part.
  • DNA-116020 [Bookmarks] Bookmark dialog is blank

111.0.5131.0 – 2024-04-08 blog post

  • CHR-9696 Update Chromium on master to 124.0.6356.6
  • DNA-115042 ‘+’ button is not responsive when 30+ tabs opened
  • DNA-115153 [Recover] After ‘Recover’ with ‘ Reset my data and Opera settings’ new profile is created
  • DNA-115438 [Drag multiple tabs] Tab island created by drag and drop of tab from the left side is in wrong place
  • DNA-115460 Crash at logging::LogMessage::HandleFatal(unsigned long, std::__Cr::basic_string const&) const
  • DNA-115463 [Pinned tabs] Add tab in island button appears for pinned tabs
  • DNA-115501 ‘Review your payment’ native popup has wrong colors
  • DNA-115505 Broken animations of island handle when dropping tab to create tab island
  • DNA-115562 Crash on closing tab from island handle tooltip
  • DNA-115633 Translations for O109
  • DNA-115639 [Version 109][Detached window] Missing functions names in light mode
  • DNA-115657 [Settings][Privacy protection] Broken formatting in Allow Acceptable Ads description
  • DNA-115682 Crash when dragging tab with tab grouping turned off
  • DNA-115741 [Sidebar][Custom sites] Custom sites don’t update icon in sidebar panel
  • DNA-115743 Aria toolbar visible after disabling it in settings
  • DNA-115764 Crash on drag and drop multiple tabs between windows and back
  • DNA-115784 [Linux] Black boxes in and around Address bar appear on Linux
  • DNA-115786 Browser fails to launch automatically immediately after setup
  • DNA-115794 Enable wallet selector by default
  • DNA-115797 [Flow] Never ending loading while connecting to flow
  • DNA-115800 Crash on opening opera://settings
  • DNA-115801 Crash at syncer::SyncUserSettingsImpl::SetSelectedTypes(bool, base::EnumSet)
  • DNA-115832 Advanced sync settings button not displayed in opera://settings
  • DNA-115840 Crash at EMPTY: no frame data available when trying to enter easy setup for old ui
  • DNA-115861 [Snapshot][Mac Sonoma] “Capture visible page” does not work
  • DNA-115863 Crash at opera::SidebarPlayerServiceItemView::Layout(base::NonCopyablePassKey)
  • DNA-115900 MacOS installer – text is not readable
  • DNA-115940 [Tab islands] “New tab” option in tab context menu opens a new tab inside an island
  • DNA-115956 Bump major version to 111

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