Opera 111

Hello everyone!

Opera is thrilled to announce the launch of the stable update 111 (111.0.5168.25)!

Let’s look into the main changes in this update:

  • Chromium Update: We’ve bumped up to Chromium version 125.0.6422.142 to boost performance and security.
  • Enhanced Fullscreen: Rounded corners in fullscreen mode have been resolved and are no longer visible.
  • Aria Icon Alignment: Rectified the misalignment of the notification dot on Aria’s icon.
  • Interface Tweaks: Bookmarks bar favicon now accurately reflects the theme.
  • Extension Refinements: Pin icon in the extension popup has been updated to match Opera designs.
  • Installer Improvement: Full package installer link has been fixed for Windows ARM packages.

Moreover users can now disable the ‘Show emojis in tab tooltip’ feature in Settings. This update, inspired by feedback from users, ensures greater customization and control over the browser’s interface.

Enjoy browsing experience with Opera 111!

Here’s the full changelog.

Happy browsing!

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