Changelog for 107

107.0.5045.36 – 2024-02-22 blog post

  • CHR-9416 Updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
  • DNA-114562 Fraud warning page missed animation
  • DNA-115103 Crash at opera::AdjustNavigationParamsWhenIntroductionIsActive(NavigateParams*)

107.0.5045.21 – 2024-02-13 blog post

  • CHR-9604 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-121-5045 to 121.0.6167.160
  • DNA-114167 Crash at TopLevelStorageAccessPermissionContext::DecidePermission(permissions::PermissionRequestData, base::OnceCallback)
  • DNA-114303 Crash at auto std::__Cr::remove_if(auto, auto, base::ObserverList::Compact()::”lambda”(auto const&))
  • DNA-114478 Start Page opening animation refresh
  • DNA-114553 Change search box animation
  • DNA-114723 [Search box] No option to highlight typed text
  • DNA-114806 [Tab cycler] Domain address should be bolded
  • DNA-114846 Translations for O107
  • DNA-114924 Crash at opera::SuggestionModelBase::NavigateTo(WindowOpenDisposition)

107.0.5045.15 – 2024-02-07 blog post

  • CHR-9593 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-121-5045 to 121.0.6167.140
  • DNA-114421 Animate text in tab cycler from the center of the screen
  • DNA-114519 Crash at media::AVStreamToVideoDecoderConfig(AVStream const*, media::VideoDecoderConfig*)
  • DNA-114537 Default value for synchronization changed from ‘Do not sync data’ to ‘Customise sync’
  • DNA-114554 Add shadow to tab thumbnails in tab cycler
  • DNA-114555 Fade out long tab titles
  • DNA-114686 [Import] Import from Opera Crypto is marked as done even when Crypto is not installed
  • DNA-114691 Update font colors
  • DNA-114692 Update shadow (glow) of tabs
  • DNA-114693 Update position of text and tabs when cycling through tabs
  • DNA-114790 [Linux] Unwanted 1px top border in full screen mode

107.0.5045.11 – 2024-02-01 blog post

  • CHR-9576 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-121-5045 to 121.0.6167.57
  • DNA-114154 Crash at sync_bookmarks::BookmarkModelTypeProcessor::AppendNodeAndChildrenForDebugging
  • DNA-114329 30s delay in ProxyLauncher::QuitBrowser when browser was closed in test
  • DNA-114414 The “Move to” workspace submenu from tab strip stays blue when its submenu item is selected
  • DNA-114563 Fraud warning page button ‘Ignore this warning’ doesn’t work

107.0.5045.8 – 2024-01-25 blog post

  • DNA-114430 Multiple tests from parent: TestWindows fail on goth.
  • DNA-114489 Release and update opera:intro extension version in Opera

107.0.5045.4 – 2024-01-17 blog post

  • CHR-9557 Update Chromium on master to 121.0.6156.3
  • DNA-111872 Layout of extension and password manager pages is incorrect
  • DNA-112797 [CRASH] Crash during opening pages form speed dial folder in new private window
  • DNA-113572 [Win][Lin] Horizontal scrollbar is missing inside a page
  • DNA-113781 Lack of keyboard navigation support in “Move to” sub-menu
  • DNA-114128 My Flow notification dot is hardly visible
  • DNA-114202 [Lin] Expandable positions in context menu should have gray color when selected but not hovered
  • DNA-114232 Crash at ui::Layer::SetMaskLayer(ui::Layer*)
  • DNA-114259 Crash at extensions::ArgumentSpec::ArgumentSpec(base::Value::Dict const&)
  • DNA-114320 [macOS] Additional space in suggestion popup
  • DNA-114336 Tabs are moved to another workspace in reverse order.
  • DNA-114408 Promote 107 to beta

107.0.5041.0 – 2024-01-09 blog post

  • DNA-104833 News categories not always visible after enabling news by easy setup
  • DNA-109489 Crash at infobars::InfoBarManager::AddInfoBar(std::__Cr::unique_ptr, bool)
  • DNA-113811 Removing icons in sidepanel heading
  • DNA-113839 Search box click animation triggers on mouseup
  • DNA-114059 [Move to context menu] Workspaces icons always displayed in 1 line
  • DNA-114078 Not all selected tabs land in island after drag and drop action
  • DNA-114119 ‘Find in page’ should copy the same text in a New Tab when press F3
  • DNA-114176 Weather widget ‘Agree’ and ‘Save’ buttons doesn’t match the design
  • DNA-114177 [Drag multiple tabs] move selected tabs to another window’s tab strip WP2
  • DNA-114211 Crash at opera::(anonymous namespace)::Blur(gfx::ImageSkiaRep const&)
  • DNA-114214 [Drag multiple tabs] move selected tabs to another window’s tab strip WP3
  • DNA-114240 Wrong icon in sidepanel heading for Aria, Special Features and Opera Tools

107.0.5035.0 – 2024-01-03 blog post

  • DNA-111917 [Mac][Sidebar autohide] Sidebar panel is not connected with sidebar
  • DNA-113175 Can not merge folders on start page
  • DNA-113278 After an update to the new version, many Opera icons appears in the Dock
  • DNA-113289 Links from Google Meet open as blank tabs
  • DNA-113417 Crash at opera::component_based::ComponentTabDragController::StopViewDragging()
  • DNA-113464 [Mac]Expandable positions in context menu should have gray color when selected but not hovered
  • DNA-113752 Add accessibility title to grid elements of workspace icons
  • DNA-113754 [MAC] Button ‘add new tab’ in tab strip is between tabs
  • DNA-113805 Dangling pointer issue when cycling tabs
  • DNA-113887 Translations for O106
  • DNA-113978 Crash at opera::Theme::GetImageSkiaNamed(int) const
  • DNA-113997 Add mouse support in horizontal tab cycler
  • DNA-114078 Not all selected tabs land in island after drag and drop action
  • DNA-114120 Horizontal scrollbar appears when clicking on a Search Box
  • DNA-114121 Zoom option in OMenu is misplaced
  • DNA-114123 A separating line missed between OMenu and New Tab
  • DNA-114136 Reset option in opera://settings resets wallpaper
  • DNA-114146 Duplicate indicator appears on hovering link for currently active page
  • DNA-114151 Pinboards: when dark mode it shows light mode
  • DNA-114157 [macOS] Mouse support for horizontal cycler not working for tabs not initially displayed in tab cycler
  • DNA-114158 Missing fade out animation when selecting tab with mouse click
  • DNA-114170 [Google Meet][Tab] Links from Google Meet open as blank tabs till change workspace
  • DNA-114176 Weather widget ‘Agree’ and ‘Save’ buttons doesn’t match the design
  • DNA-114189 Settings page not opened from address bar dropdown

107.0.5019.0 – 2023-12-18 blog post

  • CHR-9529 Update Chromium on master to 121.0.6129.0
  • DNA-112467 Shadow on Opera popups
  • DNA-112472 [Win][VPN Pro] Popup breaks when changing connection status
  • DNA-112486 Improve the visuals of dragged island in light theme
  • DNA-113238 Crash at opera::SidebarViewViews::Dock(opera::SidebarItemContentView*)
  • DNA-113289 Links from Google Meet open as blank tabs
  • DNA-113301 [Sidebar autohide] Sidebar panel is not connected with sidebar (frame on the left side)
  • DNA-113349 Lucid mode strength in full settings bar is visible only after change
  • DNA-113575 [Mac] Sidebar panel is displayed in wrong place
  • DNA-113748 Split preview shows on videoconferencing
  • DNA-113772 [Drag multiple tabs] move tabs to an existing island WP2
  • DNA-113837 Enable #startpage-opening-animation on developer
  • DNA-113838 Search box should focus when clicked
  • DNA-113846 [drag-multiple-tabs] Selection does not persist on all selected tabs after drag and drop action
  • DNA-113857 Highlight tab on tab strip using indicator
  • DNA-114053 Crash at opera::content_filter::URLLoaderThrottleFactory::Throttle::WillStartRequest(network::ResourceRequest*, bool*)
  • DNA-114071 [Sidebar autohide] 1px empty space between sidebar and unpinned panel

107.0.5012.0 – 2023-12-11 blog post

  • DNA-112218 Create search box animation
  • DNA-112472 [VPN Pro badge] Badge dialog breaks when changing connection status
  • DNA-112522 ‘Find in page’ option does not show text cursor
  • DNA-113010 [Start Page] Speed up ‘opening’ animation
  • DNA-113171 XBOX Cloud Gaming not working
  • DNA-113252 [Drag multiple tabs] move tabs to an existing island WP1
  • DNA-113289 Links from Google Meet open as blank tabs
  • DNA-113303 [Easy setup] Circle highlight on theme is misplaced
  • DNA-113462 Crash at opera::fcm::FcmRegistrationServiceImpl::RemoveTokenObserverForClient(opera::fcm::FcmClient*, syncer::FCMRegistrationTokenObserver*)
  • DNA-113466 [Win] Bookmarks and Page section have wider margin
  • DNA-113626 [Win only] ‘>’ Should not be visible if user have only 2 WS
  • DNA-113647 Crash at `anonymous namespace”::ReplaceTemplateExpressionsInternal(std::__Cr::basic_string_view, __Cr::basic_string_view::map const&, bool, __Cr::basic_string_view::basic_string*, bool)
  • DNA-113796 [Mac] Floating sidebar background visible after skin change
  • DNA-113818 [drag-multiple-tabs] Crash when dropping a detached island

107.0.5004.0 – 2023-12-04 blog post

  • DNA-106176 Empty subfolder is not deleted after uninstallation process
  • DNA-110481 New window is created by drag&drop the only existing tab in a window
  • DNA-111599 Dragging multiple (selected) tabs to a new window
  • DNA-111999 [Sidebar] Apps icons are blurred after being hovered over
  • DNA-112796 [Import] Import bookmarks and history don`t work
  • DNA-112819 Increase the threshold for similar color to further reduce palette size
  • DNA-113280 Crash at opera::AriaCommandLineController::Hide() – Opera crashes on resize when command line is opened
  • DNA-113292 Extension icons not shown after restart
  • DNA-113313 Dragging active tab out of tab strip should activate next tab (tab island)
  • DNA-113321 Close button missing on tabs when bookmarks bar folder menu is open
  • DNA-113341 Implement ‘special’ menus
  • DNA-113345 Animate opacity when animating text in / out
  • DNA-113346 Animate opacity when tab cycler is appearing / disappearing
  • DNA-113351 ‘Previous tile’ should be the same size as ‘next tile’
  • DNA-113362 Page always moving to the top when back to the tab
  • DNA-113373 [Mac] Block zooming possibility for command line
  • DNA-113376 Register user again after login to opera account
  • DNA-113426 Generate dumps on successful H.264 decoder dry runs in renderer
  • DNA-113443 Crash at opera::ComponentTabCyclerView::HighlightContents(content::WebContents*, bool)
  • DNA-113446 Only check platform H.264 decoder availability if needed
  • DNA-113448 Browser is crashing after pressing Undo
  • DNA-113459 [Tab cycler] Overlay is covering area outside of web view
  • DNA-113460 Crash when cleaning up tabs
  • DNA-113463 [Win] [Lin] Items in History section overlap with Favicons of displayed pages
  • DNA-113465 [Lin] Context menus do not have rounded corners
  • DNA-113467 Prevent generating different access tokens for push api projects
  • DNA-113468 Add new operator to allow pre-mixed opacity colors in build time
  • DNA-113472 Multiple tests from parent: views_unittests fail on goth.
  • DNA-113476 [Drag multiple tabs] move group to a new window
  • DNA-113503 Bump major version on master to 107.0
  • DNA-113504 chrome.addonsPrivate.install tries to install extensions from
  • DNA-113508 Assume VT produces IOSurface-backed images
  • DNA-113525 debug.log in autoupdate directory
  • DNA-113531 Redundant sequence hops in VTVideoEncoder
  • DNA-113533 Extend the daily_wallpapers.json with a schedule for another year
  • DNA-113535 [Mac ARM] Crash loop on browser startup
  • DNA-113536 Have command-line flag to enable using snippets in custom lists
  • DNA-113544 [Sidebar] Apps icons are pixelated between stages
  • DNA-113567 FreedomProxyBrowserTest inadvertently tests “HTTPS by default” fallback
  • DNA-113592 Private mode address bar fonts not readable in dark mode
  • DNA-113598 Incorrect color of heart in empty bookmarks animation
  • DNA-113618 Remove YouTube references from Opera Site Fixes lists
  • DNA-113630 Lucid Mode strength should default to highest (in desktop)

☣ = bugfix

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