Opera 107

Dear Opera Users,

Exciting news! We’ve rolled out Opera Browser’s stable update, introducing Version 107.

Here are the key highlights from the changelog:

  • Tab Cycler Enhancements: Say hello to animated text in the tab cycler, centered screen tab thumbnails with shadows, and a fade-out effect for long tab titles. These enhancements not only improve aesthetics but also streamline your browsing workflow.
  • Visual and Stylistic Improvements: We’ve updated font colors, shadows (glow) of tabs, and the position of text and tabs when cycling through tabs. These changes contribute to a more polished and visually pleasing browsing experience.
  • Chromium Update: We’ve refreshed the core engine to Chromium 121.0.6167.140, ensuring that you enjoy the latest and greatest web technologies seamlessly.
  • Synchronization Default Change: The default value for synchronization has been updated to ‘Do not sync data’, giving you more control over your data synchronization preferences.
  • Import from Opera Crypto: The import feature now correctly reflects the status of Opera Crypto installation, ensuring accurate feedback.
  • Linux-Specific Enhancement: We’ve addressed the unwanted 1px top border in full-screen mode, providing a more immersive experience.

As we embark on this exciting journey with Version 107 (107.0.5045.15), we invite you to explore the improved features, refined aesthetics, and enhanced performance.

Here’s the full changelog for Opera 107.

Download the latest stable update now and enjoy the next level of browsing with Opera!

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