Opera 107.0.5035.0 developer update

Hello in New Year 2024!

Opera’s recent developer update (107.0.5035.0) brings a series of enhancements and fixes aimed at refining the browsing experience. Here’s a concise overview of the key improvements:

  • Interface Enhancement: Addressed issues like unlinked sidebar panels and the inability to merge folders on the start page, ensuring a smoother browsing interface.
  • Visual Refinement: Resolved issues such as excessive icons post-update, inconsistent menu item colors on Mac systems, and various design discrepancies for a more visually cohesive experience.
  • Functional Improvements: Fixed crashes, added mouse support in horizontal tab cycling, and fine-tuned several functionalities, enhancing overall usability.
  • Aesthetic Adjustments: Corrected OMenu options, placement of elements within menus, and design inconsistencies, refining Opera’s visual appeal.

This update is a part of Opera’s ongoing commitment to refining and improving its browsing environment. Stay updated for more enhancements as Opera continues its journey towards an even more refined browsing experience.

Here’s the link to the full changelog.

Happy browsing!

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