Changelog for 102

102.0.4880.78 – 2023-09-29 blog post

  • DNA-110952 Crash at base::subtle::RefCountedBase::ReleaseImpl() const

102.0.4880.70 – 2023-09-27 blog post

  • DNA-105016 Do not open file selector when closing easy files dialog with ‘close this popup’ option
  • DNA-110437 Extensions font color in dark mode makes the text not visible
  • DNA-110443 Crash at EasyFilesView::ShowFileSelector
  • DNA-111231 Amazon Music logo update in sidebar Player
  • DNA-111280 Make import from Crypto Browser to Opera Browser easier
  • DNA-111355 [Sidebar] DevTools is not working correctly in with sidebar panel
  • DNA-111682 [Mac] Splash screen shows two times
  • DNA-111708 Player home page is shown while music service is being loaded
  • DNA-111162 Refresh Player home page
  • DNA-111164 Implement animation in Player home page

102.0.4880.56 – 2023-09-15 blog post

  • DNA-110785 Crash at static void base::allocator::UnretainedDanglingRawPtrDetectedDumpWithoutCrashing(unsigned __int64)
  • DNA-110973 Crash after dragging tab from island to another screen
  • DNA-111199 Disable user_education tests from component_unittests
  • DNA-111369 Crash at views::View::DoRemoveChildView(views::View*, bool, bool, views::View*)
  • DNA-111538 All new open windows don`t have a close button ‘x’ in the right upper corner.

102.0.4880.51 – 2023-09-13 blog post

  • CHR-9416 Automatic tries of updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
  • DNA-110101 [Linux] Maximize/restore button does not work properly
  • DNA-110669 duplicated hints on system buttons
  • DNA-110823 Uninstallation Survey Countries
  • DNA-110881 Scroll bar doesn’t change color in dark mode
  • DNA-110930 Capture mouse events on the 1-pixel edge for DevTools
  • DNA-110935 ChatSonic colors are unreadable in Dark Mode
  • DNA-111034 Dynamic icon does not look good in edit-tile-modal
  • DNA-111035 Removal custom-image should restore dynamic icon
  • DNA-111177 [Start page] Letter in SD is black on light wallpaper
  • DNA-111488 Improve profile migration for desktop-stable-116-4880

102.0.4880.46 – 2023-09-11 blog post

CHR-9416 Automatic tries of updating Chromium on desktop-stable-* branches
DNA-110216 [Sidebar] Straight lines instead of rounded corners
DNA-110539 [LIN] Crash at content::WebContentsImpl::GetLastCommittedURL()
DNA-110631 AB test mechanism for Speed Dial
DNA-110656 [TabStrip] Memory leak for tab group
DNA-111322 Only show splash screen on major version update
DNA-111417 Crash at opera::component_based::TabAnimationController::StartAnimatedLayout(opera::component_based::TabAnimationController::AnimationInfo, base::OnceCallback)
DNA-111420 Update continue on link for euro rtv agd
DNA-111440 Crash at opera::component_based::ComponentTabBar::GetActiveTab()

102.0.4880.40 – 2023-09-06 blog post

  • DNA-111203 Prepare translations for home button in settings

102.0.4880.38 – 2023-09-05 blog post

  • DNA-110476 [Windows] Min/max frame button doesn’t refresh
  • DNA-110720 [Sidebar] Sidebar app increase size every time it’s reopened
  • DNA-110723 Music logo in light mode of ‘Select service’ unreadable on hover
  • DNA-110821 Run-if-alive callback missing in WMFDecoderImpl
  • DNA-110824 [mac] The Opera browser is closed after last tab on workspace is closed
  • DNA-110835 Search/copy popup issues
  • DNA-111038 Disable profile migration
  • DNA-111263 Tab island animation incorrect when tabstrip full

102.0.4880.33 – 2023-08-31 blog post

  • CHR-9411 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-116-4880 to 116.0.5845.141
  • DNA-110172 [BUG] Images inside popup does not get rounded corner
  • DNA-110828 Update build
  • DNA-110834 Crash at opera::component_based::TabAnimationController::StartAnimatedLayout(opera::component_based::TabAnimationController::AnimationInfo, base::OnceCallback)
  • DNA-111144 Enable a new version of the extension.

102.0.4880.28 – 2023-08-29 blog post

  • DNA-109498 Splash screen is shown on every restart of the browser
  • DNA-109698 Test Amazon Music support
  • DNA-109840 Amazon music logo is very small and unreadable
  • DNA-109841 Amazon music logo in player mode is too wide
  • DNA-109842 [opauto] Add tests for Amazon Music in Player
  • DNA-109937 Crash at opera::ComponentTabStripController::SetGroupCollapsed(tab_groups::TabGroupId const&, bool)
  • DNA-110107 Clicking roblox link on page closes the tab
  • DNA-110110 [Tab strip][Tab island] Middle/right mouse click on top of the screen have no/wrong efect
  • DNA-110125 [Win/Lin] New design for default scrollbars on web page
  • DNA-110126 [Win] 1-pixel edge design in maximized mode
  • DNA-110127 [Mac] 1-pixel edge design in full-screen mode
  • DNA-110130 Capture mouse events on the 1-pixel edge to the right of the web view
  • DNA-110514 [Win] “O” Icon changes position on opening O-menu
  • DNA-110586 Shadow is clipped if first tab is selected
  • DNA-110637 Revert removal of start page button
  • DNA-110684 Add bookmarks permissions
  • DNA-110696 [Mac] Traffic buttons not centered in fullscreen
  • DNA-110702 [Scrollable] Pin group is not aligned with address bar
  • DNA-110737 [OMenu] Menu button looks weird
  • DNA-110788 No 1-pixel edge in full screen mode
  • DNA-110828 Update build
  • DNA-110842 [Tab strip] Make ‘+’ button round(er) again
  • DNA-110874 Bring back Home button
  • DNA-110876 Search box on Start page without transparency
  • DNA-110878 Turn on Amazon Music on developer
  • DNA-110905 Amazon Music for all given locales
  • DNA-110961 [WinLin] Remove 1-pixel edge in full screen mode
  • DNA-110963 [Mac] Remove 1-pixel margin in full screen mode without toolbars
  • DNA-111030 [Mac] Web view has 4-pixel bottom margin in full screen with toolbar mode
  • DNA-111038 Disable profile migration
  • DNA-111079 Improve user-profile migration
  • DNA-111092 Disable profile migration flag for desktop-stable-116-4880

102.0.4880.16 – 2023-08-23 blog post

  • CHR-9396 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-116-4880 to 116.0.5845.97
  • DNA-110040 Crash at crash_reporter::(anonymous namespace)::AbslAbortHook(char const*, int, char const*, char const*, char const*)
  • DNA-110315 O-menu opening after pressing alt on site which have action for Alt press
  • DNA-110440 [Tab strip] Tab favicon not cropped when it does not fit in tab size
  • DNA-110469 Move Shopping corner and Loomi to ‘Special Features’ section
  • DNA-110510 [Tab strip] Mute icon displayed over tab title
  • DNA-110526 If group is first the tab bar is not aligned with address bar
  • DNA-110828 Update build
  • DNA-110836 Promote 102 to stable
  • DNA-110892 Translations for O102
  • DNA-110962 Fix ab_tests.json preferences override not working

102.0.4880.10 – 2023-08-16 blog post

  • CHR-9377 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-116-4880 to 116.0.5845.50
  • CHR-9387 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-116-4880 to 116.0.5845.62
  • DNA-110076 [Start page] Developer tools are broken on start page
  • DNA-110110 [Tab strip][Tab island] Middle/right mouse click on top of the screen have no/wrong efect
  • DNA-110225 Replace Twitter logo in Sidebar with the new one X
  • DNA-110425 CoS – no logo for Media Expert
  • DNA-110533 [Tab strip][Pinned tabs] Favicon not centered in selected pinned tab
  • DNA-110581 Implement dynamic icon for Speed Dials without icon available

102.0.4880.6 – 2023-08-08 blog post

  • DNA-108421 Automatic Tests for Aria – part1
  • DNA-109202 Often extension popup is not displayed
  • DNA-109454 Wallpaper customization with remote resource
  • DNA-109655 AI Prompts popup stays visible on the sidebar after sending a prompt when popup overlaps the sidebar
  • DNA-109860 Have Chrome-specific graphics driver optimizations apply to Opera
  • DNA-110024 Smooth corners for address bar buttons background
  • DNA-110244 Translations for O101
  • DNA-110291 Add windowId to opr.browserSidebarPrivate.onItemPanelVisibilityChanged event
  • DNA-110356 Switch to Tab layed over Suggestion when Window size restored
  • DNA-110397 Add suggestion style formatting.
  • DNA-110400 teaser_event_impression counted when user closes baner
  • DNA-110431 Crash at base::internal::BindStateHolder::operator=(base::internal::BindStateHolder const&)
  • DNA-110463 Promote 102 to beta
  • DNA-110482 Suggestions in address bar dropdown are not highlighted on selection

102.0.4879.0 – 2023-08-02 blog post

  • CHR-9368 Update Chromium on master to 116.0.5845.42
  • DNA-95248 [Win] Crash at blink::internal::CrashIntentionally()
  • DNA-109473 Recreate Top Sites
  • DNA-109696 Smooth corners on start page speed dial tiles
  • DNA-109700 Environment variable to disable splash screen
  • DNA-109775 Files_list generated through target=archive_opauto_tests is not valid
  • DNA-109860 Have Chrome-specific graphics driver optimizations apply to Opera
  • DNA-109885 navigations are recognized as silvrrandroid_pl
  • DNA-109895 Add type support for suggestions
  • DNA-109905 [Context menu] Open in workspace should show workspace icons with workspace names
  • DNA-109927 Add tooltips for visual or incomplete items in context menu
  • DNA-109935 Automatic tests for Aria – Flows
  • DNA-110062 [Linux] QT6 dependency issue with .rpm package
  • DNA-110096 Mini menus don’t have have of colour on hover
  • DNA-110138 Support multi-line suggestions
  • DNA-110139 Support keyword specific “tag” suggestions
  • DNA-110174 Enter key doesn’t work with dropdown
  • DNA-110194 Internal pages titles are not visible
  • DNA-110210 Enable #adblocker-anticv on all streams
  • DNA-110213 WebRTC: H.264 L1T1 scalability mode should be supported
  • DNA-110214 [Sync] Fix behavior of SyncBanner’s button
  • DNA-110221 [Sync] open ‘advanced sync settings’ if login was triggered via sync button
  • DNA-110251 opera_webui_resources missing dependency on generate_theme_css
  • DNA-110258 Automatic tests do not download and test the newest available pkg
  • DNA-110271 Add context menu to the Top Sites
  • DNA-110276 Fix race condition in DeferredInstalledWallpapers
  • DNA-110277 [Linux] Browser theme “System” in intro does not select right color
  • DNA-110285 WebRTC should be able to use SVC with external OpenH264 video encoder
  • DNA-110297 InitTimingAndCodecProfiles/RTCVideoEncoderInitTest.SoftwareFallbackForLowResolutionIncludes360p/3 fails
  • DNA-110305 Fix background color of Top Sites
  • DNA-110308 [Top sites] Discard option doesn’t work
  • DNA-110309 Clicking X of suggestion in dropdown reopen this page
  • DNA-110312 Switch to Tab colors are not readable in dark/light before highlight
  • DNA-110324 React type definitions are missing in react web UIs
  • DNA-110329 Display Feedback popup in the right place in the Pinboard popup

102.0.4871.0 – 2023-07-24 blog post

  • CHR-9330 Update Chromium on master to 116.0.5829.0
  • DNA-10898 Scroll position is not synced
  • DNA-91043 Remove opera://speedtest
  • DNA-106446 Remove openEasySetupPanel callback
  • DNA-108457 Colors of some elements change when “Force dark theme on pages” is enabled
  • DNA-108940 Wallpaper fails to display if filename has a parenthesis in it
  • DNA-109470 Recreate Mini Menu
  • DNA-109587 “Show bookmarks bar” checkbox on bookmarks feature (Dark Mode)
  • DNA-109625 Change popup url in Browser
  • DNA-109648 Add suggestion functionalities
  • DNA-109694 Smooth corners on active tab
  • DNA-109695 Smooth corners on web view
  • DNA-109704 Fix wrong height of the dropdown
  • DNA-109813 Use isolated-first instead of isolated snippet implementation
  • DNA-109861 Crash on expanding folder on bookmark bar containing unnamed subfolder
  • DNA-109865 “Open protocol in app” dialog hidden when entering protocol in address field on start page
  • DNA-109872 WMFAudioDecoder reports spurious dry run if initialized during pipeline shutdown
  • DNA-109908 Crash at opera::(anonymous namespace)::AddNewTabToWorkspaceIfCurrent(Browser*, opera::WorkspaceId) (.llvm.13400399341940007321)
  • DNA-109925 Build with specific version of Opera introduction extension
  • DNA-110005 Duplicated tabs indicator is not shown on tab bar
  • DNA-110047 Auth: fix external module version
  • DNA-110050 Clicking on Speed Dials does not have any effect
  • DNA-110100 Add keyboard and mouse navigation handling

102.0.4864.0 – 2023-07-17 blog post

  • DNA-97664 Sort out hover effect for video pop-out buttons
  • DNA-104222 [sync] implement api v3 and align test server
  • DNA-108278 Presubmit-check commit messages in chromium/src
  • DNA-109301 Can’t upload folder to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive with folder picker dialog
  • DNA-109400 Enable #adblocker-anticv on developer stream
  • DNA-109472 Create new service for handling in-dropdown events
  • DNA-109477 Update menu entry is missaligned
  • DNA-109575 Avoid one memcpy() per frame in VTVideoDecoder
  • DNA-109605 Omenu > T click shortcut doesn’t work anymore
  • DNA-109623 Report IOSurface usage in VTVideoDecoder to metrics
  • DNA-109637 Update logic and strings for post mortem cleanup dialog
  • DNA-109647 Fix favicons not appearing for suggestions
  • DNA-109673 Session stat event teaser_tile_click is not sent
  • DNA-109684 ‘New tab in island’ is in separate section
  • DNA-109699 Update list of items to be placed in history to avoid 404s
  • DNA-109711 Impossible to reopen island closed tabs through Search Tabs function
  • DNA-109774 Log when trying to switch workspace while closing browser
  • DNA-109798 Multiple tests connected with Video decoder fail on goth
  • DNA-109799 [AU] Remove default logging
  • DNA-109831 Command Line – Change the initial text
  • DNA-109835 AUTH – don’t EnterAuthError when OperaAuthError::SCOPE_ACCESS_RESTRICTED
  • DNA-109836 Identity API – no need to reset pointer after move
  • DNA-109863 Opening ms-windows-store link in new tab crashes Opera
  • DNA-109897 Session is lost when new session file is created

102.0.4857.0 – 2023-07-10 blog post

  • DNA-98322 Change Pinboard popup size
  • DNA-104841 Create a smooth corner background
  • DNA-108033 Handle sort-sidebar-button flag
  • DNA-108272 Enable periodicSync API for “sticky” websites
  • DNA-108443 AutoupdateTaskFactoryTest.ShouldDropInvalidPerformUpdateMessageAndRespondWithRequestRejected fails
  • DNA-108825 [Mac][NonHiDpi] Context menu on webpages opens in incorrect place
  • DNA-108916 [Mac] Not hiding popup when clicking on location bar causes Location bar not receiving input events
  • DNA-108981 Allow multiple calls at once for operaIdentityPrivate.getAccessToken
  • DNA-109086 Avoid two memcpy()s per frame in WMFVideoDecoder
  • DNA-109127 Create unit test for the BrowserSidebarItemContentViewDockerView
  • DNA-109233 Crash at crash_reporter::(anonymous namespace)::AbslAbortHook(char const*, int, char const*, char const*, char const*)
  • DNA-109235 Crash at chrome::NewTabInIsland(Browser*)
  • DNA-109242 Session unload kDisablePageLoadsOnStartup not working
  • DNA-109310 Broken session files are not automatically recovered
  • DNA-109326 Aria opens in each opened Opera window after sending prompt from Command Line
  • DNA-109381 Island animation issue
  • DNA-109428 When feature is active add pulsation visual effect to make that even more apparent
  • DNA-109429 Add button to access feature from history view in panel
  • DNA-109437 [Mac][Context menu] Too large padding between island icon and tab title in “Move to” sub-menu
  • DNA-109444 [WinLin] Expose “New tab in island” in Opera menu
  • DNA-109445 [Mac] Expose “New Tab in Island’ in “File” menu
  • DNA-109446 Expose “New tab in island” in tab context menu
  • DNA-109448 [AdBlock] Images from ads are missing with AA enabled
  • DNA-109462 Remove #installer-one-version-one-subfolder flag
  • DNA-109463 Recreate Suggestion Lines and Suggestion Groups
  • DNA-109491 Qwant build – url search to be updated
  • DNA-109500 heap-use-after-free in desktop/browser/ui/
  • DNA-109581 Mismerge in
  • DNA-109616 Add API for “pretend I’m already dead” feature
  • DNA-109618 Crash logger RestartAction should be set only after crash
  • DNA-109633 Do not send TabStripEmpty multiple times
  • DNA-109674 Closing the tabs in the workspace in the other window will close Opera
  • DNA-109679 Fix typo in flags schema

102.0.4850.0 – 2023-07-03 blog post

  • DNA-107467 Enable profile manager
  • DNA-108012 [Opera One] Misaligned inner bookmarks menu in Opera Menu
  • DNA-108032 Handle gx-user-shaders flag
  • DNA-108272 Enable periodicSync API for “sticky” websites
  • DNA-108791 Give access to feedbackPopupPrivate
  • DNA-108919 Tab Island ‘Move To Island’ highlight color is the same as island color
  • DNA-109090 [MacOS] Look up functionality should be available in Context menu
  • DNA-109101 [Mac] Currency converter fails sometimes when selecting right to left
  • DNA-109122 Deactivated custom search engine is still active
  • DNA-109129 Crash at opera::component_based::OperaOneIntroductionAnimationController::AnimateHideVisibility()
  • DNA-109148 Allow AI extension to change permissions during update
  • DNA-109158 Launcher is not removed when enabling feature
  • DNA-109172 WMFAudioDecoder fails with #platform-aac-decoder-in-gpu enabled
  • DNA-109182 Please add an event when popup closes
  • DNA-109209 [Tab island][Drag and Drop] Dragged island falls under island its being dragged over
  • DNA-109225 Identity API – Pass scope_access_restricted enum
  • DNA-109228 Reduce size of resources for rotating image
  • DNA-109230 Replace deprecated base::JSONWriter::Write calls
  • DNA-109231 Extended click area does not work for groups
  • DNA-109236 Remove entitlement from Opera
  • DNA-109259 [Linux] Dependency issue with .deb package on Ubuntu 22.04
  • DNA-109263 Version bump to 102.0
  • DNA-109264 [OperaIdentityApi] Provide info about opened tab in startTabAuth callback
  • DNA-109266 Crash at content::WebContentsImpl::SetDelegate(content::WebContentsDelegate*)
  • DNA-109290 Update unittest after DNA-108671
  • DNA-109335 Warning when launching –with-feature:component-based-ui=off
  • DNA-109370 Create flag #address-bar-dropdown-react
  • DNA-109371 Setup initial structure for React dropdown
  • DNA-109387 installer.exe left in ‘installing’ folder after update
  • DNA-109420 Create a list of suggestions
  • DNA-109423 Add histograms to help track #platform-h264-decoder-in-gpu quality
  • DNA-109426 Bump kInstallerBypassLauncher expiry_release

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