Create the first in-browser game for Opera GX Mobile and save millions of gamers from the nightmare of no mobile data or WiFi

Image announcing Opera GX Mobile offline game jam with hands holding mobile devices with Opera GX on them
hand holding phone with Opera GX Mobile with a placeholder for the new offline game
  • Opera GX is offering a unique opportunity for artists and game creators to make a game for the mobile browser’s ‘No Internet’ page that displays when your mobile data or WiFi is out or the connection is dreadfully slow
  • Creators of the best five games to win cash prizes from a $36k pool 
  • Operius, the offline game created by a community member for GX desktop, has already clocked up millions of plays  
  • Opera GX is the only browser actively co-shaped by its community


You might know Operius, the in-browser game that appears whenever Opera GX goes offline on your computer. It’s time to look for an equally cool or even better game for the mobile version of Opera GX.

 Many of us live in fear of our mobile data running dry whilst being nowhere near a WiFi connection – or of the connection slowing down, making it impossible to check Discord, Tiktok, or Instagram. While some mobile browsers offer prehistoric solutions to the slow-internet or no-internet nightmare, isn’t it time we had something more inspiring? 

On a mission to make offline boredom extinct once and for all, Opera GX, the world’s first web browser built specifically for gamers, today announced the launch of the Opera GX Mobile Game Jam. The event offers a golden opportunity for developers to create the ultimate in-browser game, that will go on to be played by millions of players across the world whenever their mobile device goes offline or their internet speed becomes frustratingly low.

This is what Maciej Kocemba, product director at Opera said about the upcoming Game Jam: “All the other in-browser mobile games were created ages ago, behind closed doors. But as the only browser built specifically for gamers, we’re incredibly excited to be putting this awesome opportunity to create the first Opera GX offline mobile game into the hands of our passionate community of game developers and users. After all, they’re the ones that are going to be playing it when the nightmare of no data or WiFi strikes”.

Web browsers often feature simple offline games that can be played via the application when the user’s internet connection drops. Those games include a prehistorically simple dinosaur game and a not particularly thrilling surfing adventure. Opera GX is out to change this and offer a thrilling alternative made, like its browser, for true gamers. In 2021, the desktop version of Opera GX ran a Game Jam to create its first offline game. The competition was won by Operius, the first thrilling offline game, which has already been played millions of times. Now, the team set a bounty to find the best mobile offline game and to offer it to Opera GX mobile’s vast audience.

Hosted in partnership with GameMaker – the fastest and friendliest cross-platform game development engine – the Game Jam, running from (October 4th, 2022), is offering $36,000 in total prize money, with $10,000 going to the ultimate winner. The remaining prize money will be distributed between the top 5 runners-up, with a portion going to titles that receive the most plays. 

The voting process will begin with an internal review by Opera, after which the chosen titles will be put up for a vote on social media to select the top 10. This makes Opera GX the only internet browser that is putting the future developments of their service into the hands of the community. 

Opera GX is the only browser designed for gamers, as it offers a myriad of customization options, including color themes, sound effects, background music, as well as CPU, RAM, and Network Bandwidth limiters designed to leave more of the computer’s resources for gaming.. Opera GX Mobile is its mobile version available on both Android and iOS.

This latest Game Jam comes off the heels of multiple previous events held by Opera, which, in addition to the current title available in the desktop GX browser, have also seen over 1,900 unique games built and submitted for inclusion.

To submit your game, follow this link.

Let us know when your game is ready!

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