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Opera Browser and Unstoppable Domains Expand Collaboration with Access to Polygon Domains and Free .nft domain Giveaway 

Crypto x Unstoppable Domains

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Today we’re excited to announce the expansion of our partnership with Unstoppable Domains, a leading platform for user-owned digital identity. You’ll now be able to build and access Web3 websites powered by Unstoppable across all of our Web3-enabled desktop and mobile browsers—including the Opera Browser on Desktop and Android, and the Opera Crypto Browser. Plus, for the first time, you can use Unstoppable Domains to easily transfer crypto via your Opera Crypto Wallet on mobile and desktop. 

Unstoppable Web3 domains like yourname.nft allow you to publish content to decentralized websites, exchange crypto easily with Opera Crypto Wallet, and log in to Web3 apps, games and metaverses. So whether you’re a veteran or brand new to Web3, your digital identity powered by Unstoppable provides a seamless experience for Web3 while letting you stay in control of your data. Coupled with your Opera browser – which have standard features such as a Trackerblocker, an Adblocker, and a free VPN – the partnership enables you to safely browse Web3 without the risk of being tracked.

Unstoppable is one of the most accessible digital identity systems, simplifying the leap into Web3 for millions of registered domain owners globally. Anyone can now use their Unstoppable domain to create a Web3 website, like sandy.crypto or mago.x, visible on all of our Web3-enabled browsers that offer native support for the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). As a completely peer-to-peer network, IPFS support ensures websites are truly owned by you, the user. Unstoppable domains are blockchain assets held in a crypto wallet and fully owned by their creators, so you can rest assured you own the identity and content outright—without the risk of takedowns or DDoS attacks. 

Additionally, human-readable domains like haley.nft can be used to transfer crypto into and out of your Opera Crypto Wallet. By replacing the need for long and complicated crypto wallet addresses, Opera and Unstoppable Domains are enabling a simpler transition to Web3.

With the latest update, we are extending the previously supported resolution for .crypto and .zil Web3 domains to include native resolution support for Unstoppable’s Web3 TLDs (top-level domains or domain endings), including .nft, .x, and .wallet, powered by Polygon across all Web3-enabled products.

In celebration of the partnership, you can claim a free .nft domain to match your Twitter handle by simply verifying your account, checking availability of your free Web3 domain, and updating your Twitter with your Web3 domain name. For details, head to

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