Opera releases Alteon LaunchPad, inviting anyone to mint NFTs in real-time

Alteon Launchpad to mint NFTs in Opera Crypto Browser

You can now mint NFTs in just a few clicks from the Opera Crypto Browser, with no platform usage fees.

If you always wanted to try to mint your own NFT and wondered how, we’ve got great news for you! Anyone can now mint NFTs quickly using Alteon LaunchPad, a new tool exclusively available on Opera Crypto Browser. This groundbreaking tool demystifies NFTs for mainstream content creators, even those with little to no Web3 experience, allowing them to mint NFTs in just a few clicks. 

There are no platform usage fees or special requirements: simply drag and drop your files into Alteon LaunchPad, found on the browser’s sidebar, to preview your NFT and review the details of its smart contract. You must pay a nominal minting fee (standard gas fee, costs may vary as prices fluctuate with market conditions) to ETH when publishing to the blockchain, and need to ensure you have sufficient Ethereum in your Opera Wallet to complete the minting process. Once approved, LaunchPad uploads the file to a blockchain, and you can view the NFT natively within Opera Crypto Browser. You will then be able to share these media files with anyone you like (through dApps) or sell them on private marketplaces. 

“Opera’s mission continues to be facilitating access to the emerging technologies of the Web – this includes Web3. We’re thrilled to be enabling direct NFT minting within the browser, with never-before-seen ease,” said Danny Yao, Senior Product Manager at Opera.

Alteon LaunchPad was created by, an all-in-one ecosystem for content creators whose mission is to democratize the creative process. With its comprehensive cloud-based content management system, proprietary media transcoder, desktop upload tool and array of other products, Alteon is leveling the playing field for creatives by delivering world-class tools that were once prohibitively expensive for anyone outside of large enterprises. 

Alteon LaunchPad fits into that broader ecosystem by breaking down the barriers between traditional creatives and the Web3 creator economy, letting experienced artists and media professionals explore the burgeoning world of Web3.

“We wanted to capture the feeling of discovery and wonder that fueled the early days of the internet,” said Matt Cimaglia, co-founder of Alteon. “When minting an NFT is a simple process, it opens up new possibilities, new ideas and new opportunities for everyone. We’re excited that the team at Opera agrees—and we can’t wait to see what the community creates with Alteon LaunchPad.”

Despite the crypto winter, support for NFTs remains strong. Opera users can also track and explore NFTs using DegenKnows, an exploration tool that helps users discover and verify digital collectibles, launched in November 2022. Around the world, crypto hub cities—including Miami, Dubai, Tel Aviv and Singapore—are seeing boosts in NFT and cryptocurrency interest, as enthusiastic investors and supporters understand the long-term value of Web3 technologies. In the art world, leading museums have continued showcasing—and minting—their own NFTs, normalizing the technology’s presence alongside traditional artists. 

To download the Opera Web Browser and try Alteon LaunchPad, click here.

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