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Opera premieres deep NFT analytics tool DegenKnows, releases NEAR, Elrond, and Fantom support in the Opera Crypto Browser

DegenKnows is Opera's new NFT deep analytics platform
DegenKnows is Opera's new NFT deep analytics platform

Hey all!

We’re so excited to announce today a suite of new features for the Opera Crypto Browser as we solidify our status as an industry leader in Web3 innovation. Topping the list is the launch of, our new NFT analytics, and exploration tool that helps you seamlessly discover, and verify digital collectibles. DegenKnows is the latest example of our next-generation tools dedicated to helping you explore the decentralized web.

Next, we have integrated NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Elrond (EGLD), as well as Fantom (FTM) blockchains, adding to the many networks already integrated that include Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BNB Chain, and others.

And finally, we’ve made Web3 even more accessible by allowing you to register human-readable handles (username@opera) for your crypto wallets via the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) – for free!

DegenKnows provides deep on-chain and off-chain analytics 

Whether you’re an NFT guru or a newcomer to the Web3 experience, DegenKnows has tools to help you analyze both on-and-off-chain data so you can explore and discover NFTs before they gain mass appeal – or even before they are minted! You can, for example, monitor the “On Sale and Upcoming NFT Projects” section in the “Recommended” page and study charts to understand the popularity of various projects among the wider Twitter and Discord audience. That way, you can get the insider’s insight on the most popular NFT projects, learnedly gauge hype and popularity, and follow the trends of key collectors and opinion-makers in the NFT ecosystem. 

Degen Knows analytics of NFTs tool screen

Worried about scams? Well, in addition to on-chain data, DegenKnows provides you with off-chain data from social media sources, as well as an analysis of the team behind the NFT project. You can see aggregated insights into the project’s team info, including the number of social media followers, active member number, and total mentions over 24 hours. DegenKnows also offers you a curated content feed for each project so you can catch the most important posts right away – we’ve literally done the research for you! So informed, you can tell right away whether a project’s community is genuine or consists of bots. Not only that, but DegenKNows tells you which key opinion leaders in the NFT space are following a given project, so you can not only see what’s real, but where the big fish are swimming.

You can follow the whales by leveraging the platform’s “Smart Money” functionality, which allows you to follow a number of filtered and trustworthy wallets that DegenKnows have selected for their high-profit performance, such as wallets holding BAYC. The tool can also be used to divide such wallets into three categories: Smart Traders encompass wallets that excel at gaining profit by trading on the secondary markets; Smart Minter shows wallets that are best at profiting off minting and selling; and Smart Holder, specializing in holding onto NFTs for a longer period to generate value.

Once you’ve browsed DegenKnows to filter out the scams and find the NFT projects that you find most compelling, you can then harness the platform to set reminders for raffles and mints! With DegenKnows, you’ll be right at the head of the queue when the drops that interest you go live.

Deeper analytics essential to the understanding of the NFT market 

Millions of new traders are flocking to the NFT marketplace, and it’s getting increasingly important to not just get involved, but to do so from a position of knowledge and security. With the advanced tools of DegenKnows, you can confidently navigate the burgeoning sea of collectibles and keep abreast of recent NFT trends.

As part of the launch, you (so long as you already use an Opera browser!) are granted Premium access to DegenKnows for free. If you haven’t yet joined the millions-strong network of Opera users, a limited free trial that will be available until the end of 2022

Elrond is currently supported in the Android version of the Opera Crypto Browser, with multi-device support coming later this year. The Opera Crypto browser currently supports NEAR tokens with full Web3 support coming later this year.

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