How to manage multiple wallets when browsing Web3 with the integrated Wallet Selector in Opera Crypto Browser

New Wallet Selector feature in Opera Crypto Browser

If you’re a true Degen with multiple wallets, but you’ve been using a standard Web2 browser, then the following scenario should be quite familiar. 

You go to visit a Dapp and you’re suddenly assaulted by popups from the wallet extensions installed in your browser competing with one another to connect to the Dapp. How can you fix that now? You basically have three ways to do so in your Web2 browser: Either uninstall one of the wallet extensions, manually disable a wallet whenever you visit a Dapp and then switch wallets every time you go online, or you have to deploy a code. 

This is not the Web3 experience of the future one hopes to see. 

To address exactly this problem, Opera’s Web3 Crypto Browser has introduced a brand-new and industry first solution of it’s own – the Wallet Selector. 

New Wallet Selector feature in Opera Crypto Browser

How it works

If you have more than one wallet installed in your Crypto Browser, you’ll see the Wallet Selector in the address bar. When you go to a Dapp, just click the Wallet Selector and choose the wallet you want to use there. The Wallet Selector will remember your preferences for future interactions, and you can switch them any time. 

Supported wallets

Any wallet extension based on the standard EVM Web3 interface (EIP-1193) can be added to the Wallet Selector. This includes:

The best of all worlds

Opera’s integrated non-custodial Crypto Wallet is there by default, and there are multiple ways to add wallet extensions to Opera Crypto Browser. 

  1. In Opera Crypto Browser, click the three-dot icon at the bottom of the sidebar and select the wallet you’d like to install.
  2. Go to the Opera Add-ons store > Extensions > More > Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and download the wallets from there.
  3. Install the Chrome Extension Installer in Opera, and download any wallet extension from the Chrome Web Store. 

While we’re constantly adding support for additional wallet extensions, there are a few which are currently not supported. These include Non-EVM Wallets such as Phantom and Polkadot, and Non-EIP-1193 wallets such as Binance Wallet and Mask Network. 

So if you haven’t already, download the Opera Crypto Browser here.

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