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Opera Crypto Browser Unveils Industry-First Web3 Wallet Selector ahead of the Merge; Integrates Metamask

New Wallet Selector feature in Opera Crypto Browser

Hey readers!

Whether you’re already a crypto enthusiast or you’re just now considering getting involved, today we are rolling out a feature that will make your lives infinitely easier! Launched earlier this year, the Opera Crypto Browser now includes a major, industry-first upgrade: a “Wallet Selector” that will allow you to quickly and seamlessly toggle between your various wallet extensions, managing your assets and accessing dApps with greater efficiency than ever before.

As Susie Batt, Crypto Ecosystem Lead at Opera, put it, “The development of the world’s first Crypto Browser is a realization of our aims to provide the tools that enable open access to Web3. Not only have we provided a gateway into Web3, but we’ve also simplified many everyday processes native to the crypto space that may previously have confused the average web user. The Opera Crypto Browser is currently the best, most comprehensive portal into Web3 for new and experienced users alike.”

Now we’ve gone ahead and simplified the crypto space even further. How? Well, managing your crypto assets usually requires browser wallet extensions, which are essential tools for exploring Web3 – they allow you to explore and interact with various decentralized apps (dApps) and services. However, not all wallet extensions are created equal. Many only support specific networks, and some offer different features such as in-app swaps and staking. This means that to explore multiple networks, crypto users have tended to need several browser wallets, which, as some of you may know, is often confusing and messy.

Today we’re changing this: if you’re understandably tired of dealing with competing browser extensions, this update is for you! In an industry-first development, now you can choose your wallet directly in the browser address bar. Apart from Opera’s native wallet, Metamask, TrustWallet,  and hundreds more wallets are supported which are based on the standard EVM Web3 interface. The Wallet Selector remembers your preferences, making the Crypto Browser the ideal platform to navigate the crypto ecosystem ahead of the upcoming Merge.

Apart from the Wallet Selector, this update includes some security enhancements to protect you against hacks and phishing. The phishing detection feature, for example, blocks you from entering blacklisted phishing sites.

Besides security, Web3 should also be about fun! Continuing a partnership with YAT, we’ve engineered it so that the Opera Crypto Browser now resolves human-readable wallet handles such as  🚀🕸️👀 or ​​☠️🐙☠️  allowing you to make cryptocurrency transactions using words or even strings of emojis! Just try highlighting them in Opera and see what happens. You will also be able to send money to FIO Crypto Handles such as jane@Opera.

Our latest upgrade also overhauls the Crypto Corner. You can now check out a Hot Tweets section to stay on the pulse of crypto trading, while the popular BNB Chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) app, PancakeSwap, has been integrated into the Crypto Browser’s native wallet. This allows you to trade tokens directly from within the wallet without the hassle of connecting to an external dApp first. If and when you do need to connect to a dApp, however, we’ve also partnered with DappRadar to provide you with access to more than 11,000.

Finally, we’re also updating the mobile version of the Crypto Browser with a new navigation and added private mode, so you can confidently trade assets while on the go.

Opera’s Crypto Browser is an all-encompassing browser product offering you a window into the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3. You’ll have access to multiple blockchain networks including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, BNB, and others, as well as tens of thousands of dApps and protocols built on top of them. The browser also includes a built-in crypto wallet, as well as a series of privacy-enhancing features including a secure clipboard, a built-in browser VPN and ad blocker. You’ll also have direct access to key platforms and messengers, including Twitter, Telegram and Discord directly in the sidebar, so you don’t have to reach for separate apps. So if you haven’t already, boss the Merge by downloading the Opera Crypto Browser here for your one-stop Web3 window.

Happy browsing!

*The Wallet Selector feature supports standard EVM web3 interface-based wallets (EIP-1193)

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