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The Opera Crypto Browser releases major updates for improved portfolio tracking

The Opera Crypto Wallet lets you view all your assets from various chains at once
The Opera Crypto Wallet gets a new design with better portfolio viewing of NFTs and assets from many chains
  • The desktop browser just got a new wallet design which allows multi-chain asset viewing and NFT viewing at a glance of assets from Polygon, BNB, Ethereum and more 
  • Ape Board integration in the sidebar allows for an even more thorough portfolio tracking

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For too long, cryptocurrency users have been forced to contend with a disconnected market of incompatible technologies — forcing would-be adopters into a situation where they need to implement new wallet software for every coin they wish to use. Worse still is the fact that the exclusive technology of most cryptocurrencies resulted in users picking a single coin to use and sticking with it, effectively creating silos of users who could never benefit from the broader crypto space at large.

Opera is now addressing this problem by bringing access to a wealth of major cryptocurrencies and blockchains under one roof – they can now all be accessed and viewed at a glance in the redesigned crypto wallet offered in the Opera Crypto Browser and additionally, through the new ApeBoard integration in the sidebar of the Opera Crypto Desktop browser. Opera sees this as a natural step towards introducing more ease of use to web3 and a way to simplify the onboarding process for new users.

The History Of Opera Integrations 

The Opera crypto browser launched in January, with initial built-in support for the Ethereum blockchain and its associated tokens, incorporating functionality with the ETH, ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 token standards. While this was comparable to many Ethereum-geared crypto browsers, it was yet to fully realize the multichain vision in mind for Opera.

As a means of propelling this vision forward, native support for an additional eight coins and tokens was introduced in March. With Bitcoin, Polygon and Celo in the roster, in-browser integration was beginning to reach new heights.

In May, support for the largest DeFi blockchain in terms of daily user count was added with the integration of BNB Chain, delivering seamless access to the network’s range of popular dApps such as PancakeSwap, 1inch, and many more. Unlocking access to one of the biggest DeFi ecosystems enabled the browser to push the decentralized and interoperable vision to the forefront for every user.

Now, Opera crypto browser users can access all the supported blockchain networks simultaneously from the browser’s single user interface. Coins and tokens associated with all of the various blockchains can be managed at the same time without having to configure specific wallets or switch between networks. 

What Has Changed? Introducing multi-chain NFT and asset viewing

Whereas typical crypto browser wallets like MetaMask demand that users manually add tokens  and the networks one by one, the Opera Crypto Browser offers full interactivity with every blockchain as standard. With each network already pre-configured into the Opera browser, and the token automatically scanned and added, users can seamlessly view all their funds and NFTs in the Opera Crypto Wallet without wasting time

Every coin a user owns can now be viewed from inside the browser’s integrated multi-coin wallet, meaning they don’t have to switch between network displays as is common with many wallet applications. 

The Opera Crypto Wallet lets you view all your assets from various chains at once

To make this experience more interactive for users, every coin or NFT that a user holds can be viewed from inside of the pre-integrated multi chain wallet. Say goodbye to downloading browser extensions and alternating between a plethora of wallets, as the accessible Opera multi chain wallet has capabilities for all cryptocurrencies and NFTs by supported blockchains. This will make for an environment that is both fundamentally safer and more intuitive for both new users and veterans alike.

However, as well as serving a multi-coin storage purpose, the opera browser also facilitates token swaps in all of the integrated networks as standard – without any additional technical configuration. Within a few clicks, you can simply swap between your favorite assets or easily transfer funds — it’s that easy.

All your assets at a glance with ApeBoard

We understand that your portfolio might be more extensive than all the chains we have integrated so far If you’re one of those people who understands the struggle of managing all their tokens across DeFi and various blockchains, for example managing five lending protocols, eight liquidity pools, and three staking pools, then the new ApeBoard integration in the Opera Crypto Browser is for you. 

By integrating Ape Board into the sidebar, Opera Crypto Browser Desktop users now have a central place to keep track of all their DeFi activities across 375 protocols in the secure environment of the Opera browser. Keep track of your personal crypto portfolio in a single dashboard, without the need to download any extensions!

Opera Crypto Browser users on Android and iOS can also access the service directly from the browser’s built-in crypto wallet by clicking on the Ape Board logo.

Ape Board is a cross-chain DeFi dashboard that enables users to easily link investments across a variety of DeFi protocols on a single dashboard. 

Why Multi-chain Integration Is The Future

The current state of the internet fails to reach the potential promised to early web pioneers due to centralized infrastructure, unwieldy technical requirements for new technologies, and general domination of the Overton Window by a small handful of global mega-corporations. 

This has spurred discussion surrounding Web3 and its capabilities, particularly as the craze surrounding NFTs and the metaverse has boomed. 

Forming a part of our broader initiative to promote the adoption of Web3 technology, the Opera crypto browser aims to bring decentralization, autonomy, and the tools to take advantage of this technology to its users. 

The rollout of Web3 technologies like cryptocurrency, NFTs, and digital metaverses has the potential to revamp the world wide web, and bring it in line with the values of inclusivity, accessibility, and autonomy first envisioned by the creators of the internet.

To do this, however, technical barriers need to be broken down. This is the rationale behind Opera’s Web3 push, and its decision to deliver direct access to the best blockchains and dApps the decentralized web has to offer via its Crypto Browser. 

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