Opera desktop gets a crypto wallet upgrade


The Opera Crypto Wallet has been available in our desktop browser since 2018. However, today we are upgrading the stable version of Opera ( 85.0.4341.60) with a new crypto wallet which was until recently only available in the Opera Crypto Browser. The new non-custodial Crypto Wallet will allow you to get a better web3 and crypto experience in Opera on desktop, along with Ethereum and Polygon token and DApp support!

How to connect

With this update, you will be able to connect to the crypto wallet in three ways: 

  1. By Signing up to get a brand new crypto wallet 
  2. By restoring your old Wallet, which is connected to Opera for Android, using your 12-word passphrase (details below)
  3. You can also access any Ethereum wallet you’ve created with another app by providing your 12-word passphrase

For the second option, open your Opera for Android Crypto Wallet by navigating to settings and selecting Crypto Wallet. Enter the crypto wallet menu, where you can view your passphrase under general settings. Use the 12 word phrase in the Opera Browser for desktop to restore your wallet. 

What’s new?

In the new non-custodial Opera Crypto Wallet you have network support for both Ethereum and Polygon. Not only can you buy Ethereum, but you can also buy, send or swap Matic and Ethereum tokens. The wallet also allows you to check your wallet balance and gas fees, as well as display ERC-20, ERC-721 NFTs within your wallet. To top things off, the new wallet lets you connect your Opera Browser directly to Ethereum and Polygon dApps without the need for extensions. 

Should you not see the crypto wallet in your sidebar, you can enable it in your browser’s settings.

If you want to learn more about Opera’s Web3 plans, make sure to follow our updates on Twitter @Opera_Crypto and join our Web3 Discord channel

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