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Enjoy the fastest browsing experience for free with Opera and MTN in Ghana!

Hello Ghana! 

We are thrilled to share with you that we have partnered up with MTN to give you free browsing up to 50 MB every day when you use Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite.

This means that you can save more money on mobile data and browse for free as much as you want with Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite.

If you are using the MTN network in Ghana, and you have installed any of the three apps,  you are all set to start experiencing the web without spending on data bundles.

Free Browsing with Opera and MTN

The fastest browsing experience 

Opera Mini is a small but powerful mobile browser. It is fully equipped with unique features such as the data compression technology, offline file sharing, and built-in ad blocker.

Opera Mini gives you the fastest browsing experience. The browser is capable of preprocess the information of a website, reducing the amount of data from it, before it reaches your phone. This is all possible thanks to the unique default data compression technology and it’s built-in ad blocker.

To illustrate how much better Opera Mini is at saving data, we tested the twenty most popular websites in Nigeria, measuring the actual data savings per browser under various network conditions. The 2019 data savings test showed that the extreme data compression mode in Opera Mini was capable of saving on average more than 80% of mobile data. Other browsers like Google Chrome can only provide an average of 9% of data savings, functioning only on very slow networks.

Latest news about COVID-19 

With the rapid increases of coronavirus cases  across the African continent, Opera wants to keep you well informed, therefore, we recently added in the Opera Mini speed dial that enables you with quicker access to official information from local government and the ministry of health about COVID-19.

The speed dial is located in the home page of the Opera Mini browser. Once you tap on it, you will be able to get official information about the actual increase of COVID-19 cases in Ghana, recommendations on how to reduce the risk of infection, and the latest governmental statements about lockdowns locally.

Free access to news articles 

As of May 2020, Opera News and Opera News Lite, have become the most downloaded news apps in Ghana according to AppAnnie.

Opera News provides an AI based personalized content stream that serves top news, trendy videos and other daily content from more than forty different categories. Opera News is the news app of choice for over twenty million people worldwide and last year also became the most downloaded news app in the world.

Opera News Lite, is a smaller version of the popular Opera News application. It is designed for devices with limited data storage capabilities and has a download size of less than one megabyte. Opera News Lite is also a fast download for people on limited mobile networks. The app is highly responsive under all network conditions as it minimizes the use of data and resources to deliver content faster.

50MB of Free Data Every Day - Browse more everywhere

Do I qualify for free browsing and how do I use it?

The free browsing package of 50 MB is available in Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite only. Keep in mind that free daily data covers browsing only. This means that video streaming or downloading files from the internet is not included.

Now you have all the information to browse for free with Opera and MTN. Tell which features you enjoy the most from Opera Mini? Which is your favorite news category? We are always happy to hear your comments 🙂

Have any questions for us? Contact us on our social media channels where we will also update on any new countries that will be added to the free browsing campaign.

Happy browsing!


What exactly is the free daily data deal?

If you are an MTN user in Ghana, you get free browsing and news on the Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite apps. The free browsing is capped daily at 50MB.

Am I eligible to use the 50MB of free data?

Free data is available for all Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite users on the MTN network.  If you are a new user you will automatically receive free browsing of 50MB per day.

How can I get the free daily data with Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite?

If you are an Opera Mini, Opera News or Opera News Lite user, you automatically receive the free daily data with a limit of 50MB/day. Just open the app and start browsing to make use of the free data. You will also receive a message in the app with all the information about free browsing.

How can I use the 50MB of free data?

The free daily data covers browsing only. The data package does not include video streaming or downloading files from the internet. You will be charged out of your normal data bundle for this. However, the free browsing applies to browsing which means that you can browse many websites in the browser and also enjoy the newsfeed on Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite.

Does free browsing apply to other Opera applications?

The free browsing promotion applies exclusively to usage of Opera Mini, Opera News and Opera News Lite.

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