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Celebrating 2M activations milestone for MiniPay 

Hey readers!

We have something exciting to share today: MiniPay, our non-custodial stablecoin wallet built on Celo, has reached 2 million users across Africa! The news comes less than three months after MiniPay hit over 1M users, and only six months since we introduced the platform in September 2023. 

A blockchain-based dollar wallet, MiniPay was designed to provide mobile users across Africa with a seamless, intuitive, and inexpensive method of conducting peer-to-peer transactions. MiniPay facilitates transactions in less than 5 seconds with sub-cent gas fees, and requires just a phone number to sign up and your Google credentials to log in afterwards. 

Taking up just 2MB, MiniPay is a lightweight option for the data-conscious. It is furthermore integrated directly within the Opera Mini browser, which features unique data compression technology that enables users to save up to 90% of their data while browsing. When combined with Opera’s free data campaigns, users can complete transactions via MiniPay – sending and receiving both locally and across borders – without using any of their mobile data. 
So if you are curious about trying MiniPay yourself – download Opera Mini, and start using MiniPay today!

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