When Opera Mini was launched in 2005, we brought the internet to your phone, giving you access to the same web that was available for desktop browsers, not the reduced experience that was offered to the people at that time (WAP, i-mode anyone?).

Today, as Opera Mini celebrates its 10th anniversary, smartphones have gone from being an expensive gadget to an almost universal device. They’re the main computer for most people, one in five people in the world are carrying smartphones, and the web has evolved from simple pages to bringing you music, video, animations, rounded corners, etc.

We have evolved, too, to give more choices, so you can access the internet on your terms, with a choice between two compression modes, high and extreme.


Switch to High-compression mode for richer experiences and to see webpages how they are supposed to look, without the effects of the hefty compression you’ve seen in the past, while still gaining excellent data savings.

With a quick tap of the screen switch back to Extreme-compression mode, you’ll experience the data compression you expect from good ol’ Opera Mini. This mode is perfect for those of you on expensive data plans or unreliable connections.

Your browser, your choice, your chance to do more on the web.
No matter where in the world you are, what kind of connection you have or what you want from the web, Opera Mini gives you more.

Got a question about our Opera Mini? Check out this handy FAQ, comment below or come say “Hi!” on Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

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  • Rinne Tensei

    You should have used android’s native webview at very earlier, anyway its never too late.

  • kraju

    It would be nice to have a button “always load this page in high (or extreme) mode”. Like for facebook I could be always in extreme mode (since visiting it often and its compatibility is good), but for general browsing where compatibility matters I can use high mode…

    Same – the ability to switch modes depending on the connection, like go into high mode when in WiFi range, otherwise use what was chosen (or always extreme).

    • Ruth_opera

      Hi Kraju, thanks for your feedback! This is actually something that has been discussed 😛 We want to make it as easy as possible for users to find the right mode for their browsing style. Unfortunately at this time we’re unable to implement such a system but we’ll keep working hard for you /Ruth

  • Deepro Bhattacharyya

    This is a great move. But I must also add that it invalidates the requirement for Opera for Android browser.

    • Rafael Luik

      That leaves Opera working with outdated Chromium/WebKit versions on pre-Lollipop devices. And the WebView version is more limited in term of features apparently.
      Vanilla Chromium is not very good anyway, for example Opera for Android used to be better it had Fast Back implemented on it but it isn’t working anymore AFAIK.

  • NoName

    So, what’s the diffrence between Turbo mode in Opera for Android and High mode in Opera Mini?

    • Angela Wang

      They are powered by the same engine 🙂 so they compress webpages in the exact same way.

      • max


  • Cristian Otegui

    I <3 Opera Mini

  • Niklas Poslovski

    It works,but why do I need this?
    If I use Opera Max and the default browser it’s exactly the same.
    I don’t use Opera Mini because of slow internet.
    I use it because it works great on my slow phone.
    If I use it with the Android rendering engine,it is also slow.
    In the first test the high mode was fast.
    I’m interested in the speed after some weeks.
    I think it won’t be so fast then.
    Edit: Where is the user agent setting?
    I have seen that it is gone.
    Please bring it back.

  • max
  • güler Kitap
  • Is Opera Mobile still being developed? I prefer that over this version of Opera Mini because of the better video player. :/

  • Nelson

    how to install extensions for opera mini on android mobile

  • Nelson

    any suggestions

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