#OperaCoastSurprise for iPhone and iPad users

Browsers have been around for 20 years and their conventions can get in the way of your browsing on touch-driven devices. Therefore, we custom-made the Opera Coast web browser for iPhone and iPad devices. It has been appreciated across the globe for its fresh look, design, intuitiveness, originality, unconventionality and functionality. Opera Coast is so refreshing that we feel it is one of the best apps to spend those precious fleeting moments that can make your day.

In the same spirit, we reached out to creative professionals in India who use iPhones or a iPads, with a unique #OperaCoastSurprise to introduce them to Opera Coast. Since creative people are well known to have cracked a big idea while wasting time instead of consciously working on it, we thought Opera Coast would be a great app for them to help them waste time well. We sent across a surprise package of kinetic sand along with the personal note to each professional. Kinetic sand has special properties that make the sand soft, stretchy and non-sticky, so you can make shapes with it on your desk without getting messy.

These professionals enjoyed the combination of kinetic sand and Opera Coast, and they showed their love on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can check out the #OperaCoastSurprise tag board to see some of their reactions from artists, illustrators, a psychological illusionist, a filmmaker, a blogger who writes on parenting and relationships, media & advertising professionals, undaunted entrepreneurs, musicians and many other inspired individuals who acknowledge our efforts.

Here is a video that captures the spirit of the #OperaCoastSurprise.

If you are a iPhone or iPad user, then download Opera Coast from the App Store or at operacoast.com and tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

One lucky reviewer will get a sack of the uber-cool kinetc sand. Get ready for some playtime :)

Opera Mini helps Indians save 2.1 billion rupees in mobile internet costs

At Opera, we understand how precious mobile data is for consumers, and that’s why we make sure our servers work very hard to shrink every bit of data possible for our users. This is especially important for the price conscious Indian market, where Opera Mini has its largest user base.

But, we decided, enough of our boasting about Opera Mini’s amazing compression technology, which shrinks data by 90% and reducing data costs. Let’s get down to business: numbers. And, here are the results:

  • A whopping Rs 2.1 billion rupees saved in just half the year
  • 75% less mobile data consumed by Opera Mini users
  • Nationwide saving of Rs 350 million / month

Small savings add up to big money

You will be amazed at how simply choosing the right technology can help you save money. And, in the case of Opera Mini, this data-saving technology is completely free. You just do what you do every day – surf the web on your mobile phone – and Opera Mini will save you money.

And, these daily savings can really add up in the long run. The 2.1 billion rupees that Opera Mini users in India saved over just half the year could be used for:

Here's what the 2.1 billion rupees saved by Opera Mini  Indian users in H12014 could be used for

Here’s what the 2.1 billion rupees saved by Opera Mini Indian users in H12014 could be used for

How we arrived at these beautiful numbers:

The short version:

(Uncompressed data – compressed data) x data cost = monthly savings

13,793,185 GB x Rs. 155* = Rs 2,137,943,675

*Average cost of 1GB data on a 2G network in India

And, here’s the long one:

From the 6 months of data between January to June 2014, we were able to determine the amount of data that was sent from the websites to Opera’s servers (uncompressed data) and the data that Opera sent to users’ phones (compressed data) after shrinking it. This gave us the total amount of data that Opera’s servers helped save users within the first six months: 13,793,185 GB. Then, to be fair, we used an average of 2G in data costs (@Rs 155) to calculate the minimum amount that users ended up saving. And, voilà, we ended up with that magical figure of 2.1 billion rupees.

For newbies, here’s the lowdown on Opera Mini and its data-saving technology:

Opera Mini’s advanced data-saving technology shrinks webpages down to as little as 10% of their original size, reducing data consumption by up to 90%. This data compression also helps render webpages faster, even while roaming, or in places with poor network conditions, making Opera Mini a great companion while on the go.

Opera Mini is compatible with over 3,000 mobile devices, ranging from basic Java phones to the latest Android and iOS smartphones.

Interested in saving money yourself?

Log on to m.opera.com or just head to any popular app store and download Opera Mini for free, today.

Opera browser now gives you tab previews

We are happy bring you Opera 24, our latest version of our desktop browser for Windows and Mac users. This update includes some cool features that promise to make your browsing experience even smoother.

Tab previews:

Do you want to check if something’s new on Facebook quickly, without losing focus on what you are actually doing? Opera 24 comes with a tab preview feature that will allow you to get a sneak peek of a webpage just by hovering the cursor over its tab. The previews are big enough to get a glimpse of your Facebook tab without actually switching over to it. Having too many tabs open won’t be a problem anymore!

Opera Preview Tab

Tab Preview: Now get a large preview of webpage simply by hovering the cursor over a tab on Opera desktop browser

Private browsing ensures that your internet history and activity are removed as soon as you close all private windows. We’ve made private windows more distinct from normal windows by changing their background color. Now, you can easily pick out and close all of your private browsing.

Improved UI:

Opera 24 also has an improved UI, with enhanced sharpness, thanks to HiDPI support. With HiDPI support, the UI will – instead of being scaled – get the sharpness it deserves. So, Windows users can now enjoy an experience similar to what Opera’s Mac users get on Retina screens.

Give Opera browser a try. Download it today from www.opera.com.


Opera Mini is now default browser for Nokia Asha phones

Getting online with Nokia phones is going to become an even smoother experience. That’s because Opera Mini has now become the default browser for Nokia’s Asha series of mobile phones.

Opera Mini features unique data compression technology, which shrinks webpages up to 90%, allowing users to have a faster and cheaper mobile internet experience.

Opera Mini default browser for Nokia Asha

Got one already? Here’s how you can upgrade to Opera Mini

If you already have a Nokia Asha phone, you will get a notification within the next few months to help you upgrade your phone browser to Opera Mini.

Or, if you don’t want to wait, log on to m.opera.com and download Opera Mini for free, today.

Happy browsing! :)

Download Opera Mini from Mobango

We are making sure that when you recommend Opera Mini to friends, they don’t have to search hard to get it. In addition to m.opera.com and the Opera Mobile Store, Opera Mini is already available on popular App Store such as Google Play, iTunes, GetJar etc.

Now we have added Mobango – the world’s first social application store, to the list of app stores from where mobile users can easily download Opera Mini.Download Opera Mini from Mobango
Download Opera Mini for your preferred OS from the Mobango App or just head to www.mobango.com and download Opera Mini for Android or Java phones.

Go ahead, spread the word :-)

How to get 1 hour of Free Internet on Idea

Idea is giving away 200,000 hours of free internet over the next few days to all Opera Mini users.

Here’s here how you can enjoy your free internet access:

  1. Open the Opera Mini browser on your phone. In case you don’t have it, you can visit m.opera.com and download Opera Mini absolutely free.
  2. Once the browser opens, you will notice two tabs on the top part of the browser – ‘Home’ and ‘Speed Dial’. Click on Speed Dial.
  3. Once you land on the Speed Dial page, click on the entry called ‘Idea Web Pass’.
  4. Here you will see a list of web passes; select ‘Free Internet Trial Pass (3 MB)’.


Free idea internet web pass opera mini


There you go! Four simple steps and you can surf your way through free internet up to 3 MB, for an hour, on that day. But hurry up, only 10,000 users can avail the Free Internet Trial Pass on a first-come, first-served basis each day. So grab those passes before they run out. Happy surfing!!


Stay fashionable with Myntra.com on Opera Mini!

Myntra on SDWe all know some people who are always well dressed. Always, no matter what,while most of us must be content with a mere one or two favorite outfits with which we know we can never go wrong. And, there’s no denying that twinge of envy we feel every time we encounter them, which leaves us pledging to make more of an effort. But, soon after, we fall back into the grind, with busy schedules that leave us barely enough time to relax, let alone plan complicated shopping adventures. Days go by, and we remain stuck with the same old wardrobe year after year.

For Opera Mini users, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore, my friend! Check out the Speed Dial page on your Opera Mini and say “hello” to Myntra.com. A simple tap of your finger will transport you to a world of more than 70,000 fashion items, spanning over 700 fashion labels across apparel, footwear and accessories. Now, you can have instant access to the best of fashion, no matter where you are, right in the palm of your hand. And, thanks to Myntra.com’s all-year discounts, you don’t even have to wait for special sales to expand and enhance your wardrobe!

photo 2 photo 3photo 4

Also, with Opera Mini’s champion data-compression technology, you’ll be able to browse through those thousands of products in no time – and without worrying about your mobile internet bills. So, go ahead and give your wardrobe the facelift you’ve been waiting for! J

200,000 hours of free internet for Opera Mini users on Idea network

  • Are you using a basic phone and haven’t yet experienced the power of mobile internet?
  • Are you not able to finalize a MB-based data plan that suits your requirements?
  • Are you scared of data charges eating away your prepaid balance?
  • Are you consciously staying away from full-time mobile internet plans, but struggling during emergencies?

Idea Cellular is giving away 200,000 hours of free internet access, over the next 20 days, to its users through the web pass service on Opera Mini. For users who have never experienced the internet from their mobiles before, this is the easiest way to shed inhibitions and get online.

Its raining free internet for all Opera Mini users on Idea !

This monsoon season, have a blast on your Idea network with free internet powered by Opera Mini!        Get online NOW! 

To enjoy free internet, Opera Mini users simply have to go to the Speed Dial page in Opera Mini and click on ‘Idea Web Pass’. From here, they can select ‘Free Internet Trial Pass (3 MB)’ from the list of web passes. Users can avail one web pass each during this campaign, which entitles them to one hour of free internet, upto 3 MB, during that day.

The 200,000 hours of free internet are available for the next 20 days. On each day, the Free Internet Trial Pass can be availed by 10,000 users on a first-come, first-served basis.

Idea subscribers who don’t already have Opera Mini on their phones can visit m.opera.com and download Opera Mini absolutely free. Opera Mini works on almost all kinds of phones, from basic Java phones to the latest Android and iOS smartphones. Opera Mini’s unique compression technology shrinks a webpage to almost as little as 10% of it’s original size. So when it comes to viewing webpages, Opera Mini users can browse a lot more of them within a set data limit as compared to other mobile browsers.

Let nothing stop you from experiencing the World Wide Web. Hurry up before the web passes run out! Happy surfing!

How can smartphone OEMs standout from the crowd?

Smartphone OEMs often have a difficult time differentiating their Android devices from those of their competitors. Opera Max, the champion of data and video compression, provides a great opportunity to make a real difference in the daily smartphone usage of consumers.

So what exactly does Opera Max do? Compression. Opera Max is the market leader in data and video compression. Currently, the average user spends 53% of their mobile data on video, and this number is on the rise. The power of Opera Max is that it can be preloaded and therefore utilized to develop brand loyalty, as users will begin to associate their large data savings benefits with the hardware they are using – generating repeat purchases of an OEM’s devices, as well as strong word-of-mouth.

While compression may denote “lower quality”; this is far from the truth. Opera Max optimizes video to provide a better viewing experience, free from buffering and stalling. Videos start quickly, and they play all the way through. It also keeps the user in complete control of their data usage by providing insights into what apps are using the most data, and allows the user to pick and choose which apps they allow to use mobile data. Finally, Opera Max keeps the consumer’s browsing and app sessions safe, private, and secure.

It’s the sort of valuable differentiator that really makes an OEM running Android stand out from its competition.

Need more information? Visit operasoftware.com/mobile-oems for more details.

We made a infographic that helps explain why. We think it’s a great visual representation of how Opera Max can set an OEM apart.

 How can smart phone OEMs standout from the crowd with Opera Max