200,000 hours of free internet for Opera Mini users on Idea network

  • Are you using a basic phone and haven’t yet experienced the power of mobile internet?
  • Are you not able to finalize a MB-based data plan that suits your requirements?
  • Are you scared of data charges eating away your prepaid balance?
  • Are you consciously staying away from full-time mobile internet plans, but struggling during emergencies?

Idea Cellular is giving away 200,000 hours of free internet access, over the next 20 days, to its users through the web pass service on Opera Mini. For users who have never experienced the internet from their mobiles before, this is the easiest way to shed inhibitions and get online.

Its raining free internet for all Opera Mini users on Idea !

This monsoon season, have a blast on your Idea network with free internet powered by Opera Mini!        Get online NOW! 

To enjoy free internet, Opera Mini users simply have to go to the Speed Dial page in Opera Mini and click on ‘Idea Web Pass’. From here, they can select ‘Free Internet Trial Pass (3 MB)’ from the list of web passes. Users can avail one web pass each during this campaign, which entitles them to one hour of free internet, upto 3 MB, during that day.

The 200,000 hours of free internet are available for the next 20 days. On each day, the Free Internet Trial Pass can be availed by 10,000 users on a first-come, first-served basis.

Idea subscribers who don’t already have Opera Mini on their phones can visit m.opera.com and download Opera Mini absolutely free. Opera Mini works on almost all kinds of phones, from basic Java phones to the latest Android and iOS smartphones. Opera Mini’s unique compression technology shrinks a webpage to almost as little as 10% of it’s original size. So when it comes to viewing webpages, Opera Mini users can browse a lot more of them within a set data limit as compared to other mobile browsers.

Let nothing stop you from experiencing the World Wide Web. Hurry up before the web passes run out! Happy surfing!

How can smartphone OEMs standout from the crowd?

Smartphone OEMs often have a difficult time differentiating their Android devices from those of their competitors. Opera Max, the champion of data and video compression, provides a great opportunity to make a real difference in the daily smartphone usage of consumers.

So what exactly does Opera Max do? Compression. Opera Max is the market leader in data and video compression. Currently, the average user spends 53% of their mobile data on video, and this number is on the rise. The power of Opera Max is that it can be preloaded and therefore utilized to develop brand loyalty, as users will begin to associate their large data savings benefits with the hardware they are using – generating repeat purchases of an OEM’s devices, as well as strong word-of-mouth.

While compression may denote “lower quality”; this is far from the truth. Opera Max optimizes video to provide a better viewing experience, free from buffering and stalling. Videos start quickly, and they play all the way through. It also keeps the user in complete control of their data usage by providing insights into what apps are using the most data, and allows the user to pick and choose which apps they allow to use mobile data. Finally, Opera Max keeps the consumer’s browsing and app sessions safe, private, and secure.

It’s the sort of valuable differentiator that really makes an OEM running Android stand out from its competition.

Need more information? Visit operasoftware.com/mobile-oems for more details.

We made a infographic that helps explain why. We think it’s a great visual representation of how Opera Max can set an OEM apart.

 How can smart phone OEMs standout from the crowd with Opera Max

Idea users more befikar when surfing with Opera & Quikr

Mobile internet has changed the way we surf today. With everything at the tip of our fingers, we can now carry the world with us, wherever we go.  But, unfortunately, for those of us who barely go to a few select websites or surf for very short durations, it doesn’t make much sense to pay so much.

Opera recognized this consumer need and devised an innovative solution called Opera Web Pass. We have already partnered with Idea cellular to bring this service to Opera Mini users in India.

With a web pass, Opera Mini users gain access to the internet for a particular duration or a particular website – simple, convenient and very easy on the wallet! If you want Facebook access for a day or internet access for an hour, you pay as little as just one rupee. Pretty cool, right?

Opera Idea Quikr WebPass

And, now, Quikr has teamed up with Idea and Opera to offer Idea subscribers free internet on their mobile phones. To get this free web access, Idea users simply have to open Opera Mini and click the “Idea Web Pass” Speed Dial entry, then select the Free Internet by Quikr” web pass. From there, users will be able to enjoy free internet access on their mobile phones for an entire day. So, now, Opera Mini users on Idea can stay befikar  while they surf the net, thanks to Quikr – the one-stop destination for buying and selling online!

So, go ahead – enjoy your Free Internet by Quikr” web pass on Opera Mini and have a super browsing experience! Happy surfing!!



Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad gets a makeover

The biggest update for the Opera Mini on iPhone and iPad is here. It comes with a completely new look. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see what a great fit it is for your iOS device. Opera Mini has long been a must for people on the go, roaming to distant places of the world, and, with Opera Mini 8, it takes its place as the all-inclusive alternative web browser.Opera Mini for iPhoneChoose the best compression mode
1. Opera Mini mode is the classic mode, which helps you achieve up to 90% savings.
2. Opera Turbo mode provides a full web experience while still saving you data. It saves you up to 50%.
3. Data savings off is a no-compression mode, straight-to-the-source option, ensures maximum website compatibility.

Discover fresh content
Swipe left from the Speed Dial page and the Discover feature will fetch content from a variety of high-quality news websites, blogs and more for a super-easy overview of what’s new on the web.

Stack up your pages
Opera Mini now shows every tab neatly stacked for a quick overview, so you can handle sites with simple gestures. Swipe left and right to quickly leaf through the open tabs, or swipe up on an open page to close it.

There is so much more in this update, we have to resort to bullet points:
* Bookmark your favorite sites on the Speed Dial page. You can also group them together in bundles.
* Select “New Private Tab” from the menu if you want some privacy. Switch easily between your private and non-private tabs, keeping their open pages separate.
* The combined search and address bar means you can get search suggestions or go to a web address right away.
* The ability to switch search providers easily means more efficient searching. Want to check if that actor was in that movie with that other guy a few years ago? Just enter his name and select “IMDB” as the search option, to get the facts directly from IMDB. This works with providers such as Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia, too.

It’s free. Get Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad from the App Store.



Great news everyone: Opera is now the default browser on Nokia X!

While people worldwide eagerly watched the unveiling of the much-awaited Nokia X2, Microsoft’s latest addition to the Nokia X line of smartphones, we at Opera Software were also watching from the sidelines.

That’s because, starting from Nokia X2, Microsoft has made Opera the default browser on all Nokia X devices. Some of you may remember that Opera came preinstalled on Nokia X2’s predecessor – Nokia X as well, along with the native Nokia browser. But, now, Opera will be the only web browser that will come with the Nokia X platform. We are absolutely thrilled about this news and so happy to be a part of this amazing new range of budget smartphones from Microsoft.

Nokia X Opera

The Nokia X2 is packed with some powerful specs at a very affordable price tag. The phone boasts of a 4.3” screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor featuring a dual-core 1.2Ghz CPU and 1 GB of RAM, up from 512 MB in the Nokia X. It will have a low price point of less than Rs 10k, making it a steal for users. And, with Opera on board, users can expect to get an even better bargain, thanks to Opera’s unique data compression technology. So, if you’re planning to get your hands on the Nokia X2, here’s what you can expect from your new web browsing experience:

  • Get super savings: The Opera Turbo feature employs Opera servers to shrink webpages before they reach your mobile device. This means reduced data consumption, which helps you cut internet costs tremendously. And, conveniently, you can keep track of the savings for yourself in the browser. Also, these lighter webpages load way faster, so you don’t have to wait as long for pages to load, giving you more time for the better things in life!
  • Discover great content: The Opera browser comes with a Discover feature, which brings you a world of great content across categories including Food, Technology and Sports, among many others. Just choose your category and location preferences, and the Discover feature will ensure you’ll never have a boring moment online. It delivers real-time updates from the best news sources and blogs around the world and is a great feature for killing time, especially when travelling.
  • Enjoy one-click access: Why key in a web address when a single tap on your phone will do? Speed Dial was pioneered by Opera to help users access their favorite sites in one step. You can save as many sites as you like on Speed Dial and can even group entries into folders and rearrange them conveniently.

The Nokia X2 hits the Indian market in July. Do check it out and tell us about your Opera experience. Happy surfing!




Opera for Linux is now available

Have you been longing for Opera on Linux? The wait is over! Today we released the Developer version of Opera 24 for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you love trying out new Opera improvements before anyone else, download it from the experimental Developer channel at opera.com/developer/. Opera browser on Linux

With this Developer version, Linux users will be able to test some handy browsing improvements, such as the Stash and Discover features. Both make your surfing much easier by organizing web content. The Stash feature allows you to collect scans of your webpages, so you can easily compare offers, hotels or products, while the Discover feature gathers fresh, interesting articles right in your browser.

For now, Opera for Linux is only available in a Developer version. Opera Developer is an experimental product stream, that gives you a sneak peek of upcoming features that might make their way into a stable version in the future. Help fine-tune this version by reporting any problems here.

Take it for a spin and tell us if anything breaks. We hope you enjoy using it.

Demystifying #OperaCoastSurprise

Life is about the details, the fleeting moments that can make or break your day. We advocate taking breaks, and we will defend precious downtime at all costs.

To make sure that when you waste time you waste it well, we’d like to introduce you to Opera Coast. There’s no better browser to help you pass the time at the bus stop or escape for a little longer to the restroom. Opera Coast looks great,  feels great and is based on intuitive swipe gestures – just how you would normally use an iPhone or iPad. You can download it from the iTunes store. You can also check out this guide to get started.Download Opera Coast

When you are done marveling at its beauty and wondering why you’ve never seen anything like Opera Coast before – you can play with the bag of kinetic sand we’ve sent out, which is an equally awesome way to pass some idle moments. Unlike beach sand, kinetic sand has special properties that make it soft and stretchy. It won’t make a mess (it sticks to itself but not to you) and never dries out. It’s great for goofing off in the office, distracting co-workers, building castles, making shapes and faces, writing messages, reducing stress and building any wacky shape that you can think of.

Check out this video to learn more about kinetic sand:

Opera Coast SandAfter playtime, you can always store the sand inside its black canvas sack and pull up the lock string to keep things tidy.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy using Opera Coast, as well as the sack of kinetic sand we’ve sent. Do share your experience about Opera Coast with us – and we’d also love to see some of the creations made from the #OperaCoastSurprise, as well! ;)

Daddy Cool: Chat up with Alok Nath on Father’s Day

Opera Software India Buzz graphicIts Father’s Day this Sunday and we decided to celebrate the day with a twist. In case you haven’t planned a gift for your father yet, we have the best advice from the Babuji of Bollywood aka Mr Alok Nath himself. This veteran bollywood actor became a sensation on social media after his memes went viral earlier this year.

Opera caught up with Alok Nath to know about his journey from playing character roles of an overtly emotional father in Bollywood movies to the ’Daddy Cool’ of social media. Contrary to his Bollywood image, this man has an insane sense of humor and you definitely can’t miss out on ‘his’ favourite meme:

What was your first reaction when you went viral on social media?
It was a total shock for me and my family. Suddenly, one morning we woke up to these of volley of jokes and memes. The character of a ‘father’ that I have been playing for long in Bollywood stirred youngsters to create funny memes that went viral.  My family suggested for me to play along these jokes on the internet. And soon I realized that it is actually therapeutic when you start enjoying jokes on yourself. And the rest is history.

Quick 5 with Alok Nath

What’s your take on the fun videos and memes that have brought “Sanskars” to the forefront?  
The roles that I have played on television and films are nothing exceptional – an ideal father who teaches the right kind of values to his children and tries to make them into good human beings. I feel that a new side of my personality has been discovered through social media. Youngsters have been introduced to the concept of “Sanskars”. Though they started punning about it, but in a little way they started believing that there is no harm in it. The message has crept into their minds.

Since I played along, they accepted me, and I became a part of them. And, I also feel proud that the “Sanskar” message has captured the attention of youth and ignited their minds. If you have seen some of my recent videos like the Babuji Ka aashirwaad series, you will realize this tongue-in-cheek format has really done well.

Since you are the Babuji of Bollywood, what message would you like to give to all the dads on Father’s day?
Don’t take parenting too seriously, just flow with the tide.

According to you what is the best Father’s Day gift that kids can give to their fathers?
I think the best gift they can give all fathers is a promise to spend their evenings with them.

We really like his advise and if you’re not already spending time with your daddy cool, today is a good day to start. Tell us what other ideas have you thought of to make this Father’s Day special.


Bollywood Trolled!

At Opera, we love the internet. But what we love even more is bringing it closer to people and watching what they do with it. And of late, we have observed an interesting trend in India that we wanted to share with you. Tell us what you think!

Bollywood has come a long way in India. From being a cult pop-culture icon, enjoying an almost larger than life status, it has now become the butt of jokes for Indians on social media. The journey that started with Sanskaari Alok Nath has had many casualties so far, including Neil Nitin Mukesh, Uday Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Alia Bhatt. The latest victim is Tiger Shroff whose looks are being compared to Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Gandhi. Yes, the twitterati can be really nasty sometimes:

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 5.09.18 pm

Bangalore-based stand-up comedians Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath have also started a hilarious YouTube segment called “Pretentious movie reviews” where they tear Bollywood movies left, right and center! Their comic timing is so brilliant that even if you haven’t seen these movies, you will still surely enjoy the reviews. They pick movies from the comments section on their channel and so far have reviewed Gunda, Main Prem ki Deewani hoon, Jaani Dushman and Aapka Suroor. Here’s my favorite:

Imaan Sheikh, a self proclaimed 90’s Bolly kid has also been causing quite a stir with her blog. The gutsy lady has dared to take on some of Bollywood’s most loved films, including Hum Aapke hain kaun, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Kuch kuch hota hai. To some, it almost sounds like blasphemy, but her cheeky memes are quick to dismiss that feeling and make it an extremely entertaining read.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 5.13.30 pm       Opera india bollywood kuch kuch hota hai

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 5.14.01 pm

Interestingly, Bollywood is being very sporting about this new breed of humor. Actors don’t seem to mind these digs and some of them are even picking their favorites. Wow, now that’s a refreshing change I must say.

What about you guys? Share your favourite Bollywood trolls/ memes in the comments section below and win Opera goodies. Let’s hear those wisecracks ;-)

MakeMyTrip. Empowering travelers. Creating memories.

Opera Software India Buzz graphicIt’s summer time, and, apart from the scorching heat, this season signifies the holiday season for almost all of us. Realizing a dream holiday has never been easier. Online travel portals have revolutionized the manner in which travel is researched, planned and bought in India today. For this edition of India Buzz, we interviewed Rajesh Magow, Co-Founder & CEO – India of MakeMyTrip.

Nurtured from the seed of a single great idea – to empower the traveler – MakeMyTrip has pioneered the entire online travel industry in India since its launch in 2005. It is now the preferred choice of millions of travelers. Check out what Rajesh has to say about the online travel industry, changing consumer habits, the impact of growing usage of mobile internet and some interesting travel trends this summer.Rajesh Magow Co-Founder CEO India MakeMyTrip

1] How has the online travel industry in India evolved over the years?
Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have revolutionized the way travel is researched, planned and bought in India today. From starting as flight-ticket sellers, OTAs have diversified into other lines of business such as hotel reservations and holiday packages. We have also witnessed consolidation and emergence of global players.

The popularity of social-networking platforms have led to the integration of user generated content on the OTA website, with information such as customer testimonials, reviews and images of hotels and holiday packages. While most OTAs have focused on diversifying their portfolios, niche ventures such as RedBus have also been successful.

Last year, 2013, was a landmark year as mobile internet finally catapulted to take center stage. With the growing adoption of smartphones, travel search and booking is also making a gradual but perceptible shift to this channel. Mobile will be the channel for growth and new customer acquisition. It is expected to be the fastest-growing distribution channel with gross travel bookings on mobile estimated to grow over 1000% from 2012 to 2015.

2] What are the most striking features that differentiate MakeMyTrip from other travel portals in India?
MakeMyTrip was the first travel portal in the country, with a 47% market-share (as per an independent study conducted by PhocusWright in 2013). Our comprehensive offerings, coupled with the convenience of online transactions and supported with great-value prices, have revolutionized the way Indians purchase travel services.

We have made a number of acquisitions and strategic investments, which have enhanced our supplier relationships, strengthened our technological expertise and increased the range of international hotels that we offer to our customers. We are focused on using our technology edge to build innovative offerings and delight customers.

We cater to customer needs across screens – mobile and web. Our products are built with a mobile-first approach to ensure a flawless, enjoyable user-experience.

3] What are some the most striking travel trends this summer?
Personalization will play in key role this year in all forms of travel. Our goal is to provide travel experiences and services that have a lifestyle appeal, not just specific functional benefits.

Another trend we forecast includes experiential tourism, where travelers venture beyond the usual for richer experiences that connect them with the culture of the destination. Hence the demand for boutique properties and unique destinations is on the rise.

We also predict more traveling to discover, where travelers seek authentic experiences around cuisine, cultural immersion and adventure activities. More and more travelers are asking us for customized holidays to meet these needs.

4] How has the increased usage of mobile internet reflected on the online travel business?
With smartphones becoming more affordable and mobile apps becoming the way we do things, they are changing the way people shop and share experiences. Travel companies also are deploying new mobile device-based services and apps that connected passengers can access while on the move.

Some 20% of our overall traffic is contributed by mobile devices. Mobile is the perfect channel for a travel company to provide real value to the customer and create higher engagement by enabling a convenient travel-booking experience.

5] How have you leveraged the mobile platform to provide a enriched travel experience to MakeMyTrip users?
With household computer and internet penetration continuing to be extremely low, and smartphone uptake predicted to grow >10x between 2012 and 2016, we believe that the future of e-commerce is on mobile. Therefore, over the last couple of years, we strengthened focus on the mobile channel as a growth driver and became the first Indian OTA to launch an iPhone app. Our comprehensive set of mobile solutions range from a WAP and touch mobile site to mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Windows and BlackBerry. Our iPhone and Android apps have received top billings and ratings, and we have hit over 2.5 million app downloads.

Our travel apps not only enable customers to search and book flights, hotels and bus on the move but also offer value-added services such as booking-cancellation, tracking refund status, retrieving e-tickets and vouchers, checking flight status and seeking alternate arrangements in case of last minute delays. They also provide geo-targeted search results, allowing users to easily find dining options near their current location. The information is delivered through an intuitive, interactive interface.

To cater to basic-phone users without a data connection, we have built an assortment of travel solutions available on SMS such as flight search, as well as India’s first SMS-based bus-ticket booking service.Thankyou MakeMyTrip