Opera Mascot @ Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay

Opera at mood indigo

The Opera mascot has made its presence felt at Mood Indigo, Asia’s largest inter-college cultural festival, organized by IIT Bombay. Here is a collection of photographs posted by students who have come from various cities from India to participate in Mood Indigo.   You can follow the #OperaMini and #MoodiWithOpera hashtags to stay updated on...

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Upgrade to the newest Opera Mini on Java and basic phones

Upgrade your Opera Mini

Still using Opera Mini version 3? Hopefully you saw our notification to upgrade to Opera Mini 4.5. On December 15, we decommissioned the servers supporting Opera Mini 3 and apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We focus on speed and security in our browsers – two major reasons people choose Opera. To provide better security...

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Thanks, Mumbai for cheering up 2014’s last #OperaMeetup


If you’re from Mumbai, you are familiar with the “one hour buffer”. It’s one of those unsaid things. Events, meetings, even a casual evening with friends, are planned with a one hour delay in mind. And, on the heels of Christmas, you’re probably ready to become more generous with that buffer. If you see people...

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Mobile video trends from India

Mobile video was the rising star of 2014. For many youngsters, their mobile phone has become the preferred screen for watching videos. This year, we saw some insane videos going viral: the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge, Ranveer Singh’s #BangBang dare, Tatia Pilieva’s First Kiss and the various spoof videos which spread like wildfire on social...

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2 cool Opera browsers for iOS

So, we have been showering quite a bit of Opera love on the iOS platform lately. Of course, Opera is still purely OS agnostic, it just happens that two of our most advanced browsers debuted with cool updates on the iOS platform recently. And, they are each in a league of their own:    Opera Coast...

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