Fight high cost of mobile data with these simple tips

Using mobile data when camping

You may have noticed recently how mobile data costs have nearly doubled over the last few weeks. At the same time, there is always so much that we want to do on the ‘net – whether it’s for fun or work. It can seems like a no-win situation: we either pay more or we reduce...

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5 steps to save your water-damaged phone

Save your water-damaged phone

We all fear a sudden downpour drenching our smartphones or that inevitable spill of coffee over our beloved gadget, no matter how careful we are with it. Although there are many water-resistant smartphones available these days, that extra protection comes along with a hefty price tag. Has your smartphone decided to go for a swim?...

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Opera Max launched in India and Bangladesh today

Time to celebrate! Opera Max, the free data-management & data-saving app is finally available in India and Bangladesh from today.  It shrinks videos and photos across most apps on mobile data connections and on Wi-Fi – so that you can get the most out of your data plans. Opera Max is loved by users across...

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Get the most out of your Windows Phone, with Opera Mini

Our journey to bring Opera Mini to Windows Phone users has been full of developing, testing, learning and implementing. Thank you to each one of you who helped us in testing the beta version of Opera Mini for Windows Phone. All your feedback is paying off today. We now have Opera Mini for Windows Phone...

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