Here’s how you can have fun with all the free WiFi around you!

Sharing photograph of Taj Mahal

Unlimited free WiFi is everybody’s dream come true. Many coffee shops, shopping malls and public locations such as airports already provide free WiFi. The government is setting up WiFi hotspots in many cities and locations with tourist attractions. If you are visiting the Taj Mahal, Dashashwamedh Ghat, Shitala Ghats of Varanasi or Hyderabad’s Charminar, you...

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Opera Mini – the perfect jugaad to go online

Opera Mini the perfect jugaad

Whether you’re struggling with a sluggish mobile network, a phone that doesn’t support heavy apps or a limited mobile-data plan, Opera Mini is the perfect jugaad when going online from your mobile devices. Jugaad to browse the fastest Can’t wait to share your selfie from Mount Everest or have an inherent need to quench your...

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Life hacks powered by your mobile phone

Life hacks - mobile phone

This month, columnist Payal Dhar guest-blogs for Opera. Payal is a freelance writer and editor who writes on computers, technology, books, games and sometimes also fiction for teens. Our mobile phones are more than just tiny little telephones—but that’s old news, right? These days, they’re fashion accessories, on-the-go entertainment centres, mobile offices and more. It would...

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Contest: Share your smartphone jugaads and win gadgets

There’s no debate; our smartphones have become our natural extension. We’re inseparable. Our phones have come a long way since the time we only used them to make calls and send SMS’s (OK, and play Snake, as well). From alarm clocks to connecting with friends on social networks to searching the web for answers to...

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Get Ramadan information easily from Opera Mini

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar marks the beginning of Ramadan. For Muslims, fasting till sunset in this month is a commandment from God. This holy period calls for doing good deeds with increased generosity and giving up on bad habits. This year, we have taken special initiatives for our users to keep you...

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Fight high cost of mobile data with these simple tips

You may have noticed recently how mobile data costs have nearly doubled over the last few weeks. At the same time, there is always so much that we want to do on the ‘net – whether it’s for fun or work. It can seems like a no-win situation: we either pay more or we reduce...

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5 steps to save your water-damaged phone

We all fear a sudden downpour drenching our smartphones or that inevitable spill of coffee over our beloved gadget, no matter how careful we are with it. Although there are many water-resistant smartphones available these days, that extra protection comes along with a hefty price tag. Has your smartphone decided to go for a swim?...

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