Today, as a test concept, we have introduced a new download section on dedicated to software we consider essential for people to have on their PCs. The reason we are doing this, as we have observed, is people are increasingly struggling to find trustworthy software for their computers.

Opera Apps Hub

We find many app store web pages are made to disorient users with misleading download buttons for unwanted programs, annoying ads which cover most of the page and are also littered with adware or malware-like “bonus applications.” Additionally, an overwhelming number of applications with various, even outdated, versions gathered in one place makes it hard for users to find what they need for their computers.

Considering all this, we thought we could do something about it and make users’ lives easier.

Based on Opera employees’ preferences, software popularity and quality, we have selected and gathered apps into one place for your downloading convenience. Unlike other hubs, here, and without ads and hidden obligations or downloads, you will find a catalogue with clear, simple previews of fundamental apps we trust.

The Opera Apps Hub fixes all the above by providing you with a selection of the essential applications for your PC. This allows you to easily download quality software straight from its developer. We have decided to limit application selection for each category and we have spent a lot of time thinking what to keep and what to keep outside to make your choice a lot easier, so you could start working on your computer almost immediately with apps that help you perform your daily tasks. For this same reason, we want to keep the total number of apps as low as possible, too.

The Opera Apps Hub is available for you at

Test it out and please share your experience and your thoughts about the software recommendations. Anything missing? A category or an app?

Let us know!

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  • tomaasz

    great idea!
    I would add
    – XnView
    – FreeCommander
    – TotalCommander
    to the list

    • BK

      I actually do use TotalCommander myself from time to time:)

    • what about CCleaner=?

  • Eurock


    • ratamies

      For what purpose? Temp folders and updates can be cleaned up using Windows internal Disk Clean-up tool. Other stuff can be removed by CCleaner, but it is tricky – programs may work not as user expects if he doesn’t understand the purpose of checkboxes. Besides it is really worth doing only if you have limited storage drive like in old netbooks.
      Also have you read the recent news that CCleaner was hacked and spread malware?

      • Eurock
      • Nekomajin43

        Any software can be hacked to spread malware. They fixed it.

        • ratamies

          Yes. That is why you shouldn’t install software that you don’t need.

          • Nekomajin43

            Why do you want to decide what other people need? CCleaner is a handy software.

          • ratamies

            It is handy for a small amount of users with advanced knowledge of computer and limited storage on their machine. For others it may be harmful. As you see from description of The Opera Apps Hub it is not for advanced users, that is why I suppose that they don’t need such tool.

          • Nekomajin43

            You still don’t get it.

  • Nekomajin43

    Why don’t spend your resources on developing the browser?

    • Mike

      Not sure this will take resources away from the developers working on the browser. But, all it will do is open a can of worms with people wanting things included (look at the comments already…) then when they’re not, people will be asking why and then soon the money thing will be brought up even though no money is involved. Google (and other search engines) are already doing a decent job at keeping proper sites at the top…

      • BK

        It’s not like you don’t have other ways to make the job done, and Opera suddenly opens up the world to the ability of installing software. But question is how easy it is for you.

    • Notepad++

  • Eurock

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2017

  • Hans Hansen

    VLC Player

  • jojoPL1987

    Added category office package? I suggest adding free alternatives for Microsoft Office, examples: LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice.

  • jojoPL1987

    Added Audio and Internet radio players? AIMP 3 (is no longer developed), AIMP 4.

  • Eurock

    Your K-Lite Codec Pack is out of date. Actual version is 13.5.5

    • BK

      thx, will fix.

  • ratamies

    Arguable list if user uses modern Windows operating system (8.1 or 10).

    Addons: NET Framework will be installed either by software that needs it or by Windows itself; Java Runtime is not needed for most users and is a constant security vulnerability; Adobe Flash also contains many security vulnerabilities, however it is still used and modern browsers (including Opera) will explicitly suggest to download it if page contains Flash content. Please remove this section.

    Multimedia: K-Lite Codec Pack is not needed on Windows 10. MKV, H264, FLAC, embedded subtitles – all is supported out of the box. Besides modern players (like VLC or MPC-HC) contain all required codecs internally, so you don’t need any codec pack even on Windows 7.

    Drivers: These “boosters” and “driver updaters” are what you mentioned in the article as “unwanted programs”, but you still added them to the list. Disappointing. Windows 10 will download all the needed drivers itself, no need for any other software, unless it is an updater tool from manufacturer of your laptop. Please remove this section.

    • Andrey

      Adobe Reader also safe software? )

      • ratamies

        There is no safe software (even if you code it yourself). Human may make errors.

    • BK

      There are many things supported out of the box on Windows 10, agree.
      But many users still prefer to use different application than what Microsoft provides. Myself I don’t like build in video player on Windows, I also appreciate extensive codecs configuration K-Lite provides.

      • ratamies

        External players can use these Windows provided codecs too. But as I mentioned they mostly use their internal codecs and doesn’t depend on the Windows.
        As for codecs configuration that K-Lite provides: it can be good (like to have 5.1 or 2.0 sound correctly configured), but it is also a potential source of problems with unnecessary codecs installed with the pack.

      • Eurock

        “But many users still prefer to use different application than what Microsoft provides.”
        Absolutely 😉 By the way, how about Light Alloy? I think it’s the most configurable player ever.

  • Nekomajin43


  • Hans Hansen

    Adobe Reader is linked to the Polish version, not everyone lives in Poland. 😉 The same with WinRAR..

    • BK

      Thanks, will fix 🙂

  • Vux777

    paint .net

  • Office
    Sumatra PDF reader:

    Sublime Text:

  • Preacher Tim

    Never heard of NiNite?

  • Search engine:

  • Good list for the start, but some improvements can be made as usual 🙂

    First, about Adobe Flash: it is phasing out from web pages, webmasters are advised to use HTML5 tools instead. Right now Flash is still in use, but not for too long, maybe 2-3 years. You have honestly written this on its page, that’s good. I also support an idea to add Total Commander, very good file manager which is in constant development. In Multimedia section I would suggest VLC media player. From my practice, it’s a good addition to almost any newly bought PC. Communication section can also be expanded.

    I also suggest to add the backup section. Among free programs, my choice is Macrium Reflect Free, but it’s personal and other people may have different preferences. Anyway creating a full system backup about once a couple of months or more often is a good idea for almost every PC user.

    • BK

      thanks a lot for suggestions 🙂

  • novos7

    -G Drive,
    -Windows Firewall Control
    -IObit Uninstaler
    – and some email clients

  • Regnas

    Graphics: Blender:

    • Hetai-Na

      Nice add

  • PlonPlon

    I think this is a nice initiative, but what if you want to download an app in a language other than English? It would be nice to be able to choose the language. Or did I miss something?

    • babylongreece

      Might just as well go to official site for more download.

  • PlonPlon

    I think VLC player would be a desired app to add.

  • Alexs

    A very good software list is on

    • Andrey

      runtime error on link

  • Aokromes Prometevs
  • Юлия

    First a suggestion: never go the CNET way, with custom installers/downloaders, so-called “installation managers”, boundling PUPs, toolbars and other cr.p

    Now, my list of programs:
    CCleaner (portable)
    Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET)
    Everything (search locally for files, very fast)
    Far Manager
    FastStone Image Viewer
    GParted (live)
    Http File Server
    HWMonitor (by CPUID)
    Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE)
    Process Explorer (Sysinternals)
    Tor Browser
    Total Commander (paid, but I see you already have WinRAR)
    WinHasher (on GitHub, though the dev does not seem to be active anymore there)

    Since you posted NET 4.7, a redistributable, you could also post the VC redists: 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017 (2017 supersedes 2015). All have x86 and x64 counterparts. It would be very useful.
    And DirectX9.0c from June 2010 since M$FT doesn’t bother including all its components in their OS (7, 8.1, 10).

    Note that NET 4.7 to be installed on Windows 7 you first need this update:
    Windows6.1-KB4019990-x64.msu or Windows6.1-KB4019990-x86.msu depending on architecture
    Find it here:

    • Paul

      I like your list of apps in general, but if you had to choose say 8 of them as your most essential, what would they be? Also, I notice you haven’t included an anti-malware app. Which one do you use?

      • Юлия

        I don’t use any antivirus/antimalware. I only rely on my own skill and backups 🙂

        Here’s a top 8 favs:

        CCleaner (I should mention: the portable version)
        FastStone Image Viewer
        Process Explorer
        Tor Browser

        7-zip would have been in my list too, but it’s already there, btw

        • Paul

          Good list. I personally use 3 out of your 8. Plus I use 7-Zip.
          Skill & backups, no matter how good, are these days sometimes no match for things like drive-by infections & downloads. 🙂

    • Hetai-Na

      Handbrake is very interesting to be added to the list.

  • Paul

    I’d replace K-Lite Codec Pack with VLC Media Player.
    I’d add Kaspersky Free Antivirus ( to the Security category.
    I’d add the category “Password Manager” and include KeePass Password Safe and LastPass in it.

  • Good list! My suggestion is please do not listen to any of the suggestions that people are posting on here.

    • Hetai-Na

      Why? Are you really suggestion for a company to not listen to their users?

  • Hector MA

    I will never leave Vuze, no matter how hard you try.

    Cool, now release Opera 48.

    • BK

      planned for tomorrow.

  • gld59

    I’d add my “vote” for VLC – it may not have the prettiest interface, but it’ll play just about anything. (I see someone has also recommended MPC-HC, but that project appears to have ended.)

    If you add a “Password Manager” category, I’d suggest Password Safe ( It was originally designed by Bruce Schneier, and there are ports for Android and iOS/MacOS.

    There are all sorts of other apps *I* consider essential – WnBrowse (file viewer), Exact Audio Copy (CD ripper), Attribute Changer, etc – but you may not want your list to get *too* big. 🙂

  • oic

    did you know avast antivirus program blocks opera’s VPN

  • oic

    Its a good list. I use most of the apps there as well. You forget ccleaner.
    qbittorrent is the best torrent program imho at moment. Used to be utorrent until it became adware

  • Ricardo J. Barberis

    I’m not a Windows user myself but it’s a nice addition 🙂

    What I need to ask is to please use a phrase other than “Free software” (“Free apps”?, “Free of charge”?) so as to avoid confusion with the Free Software movement.

    (I actually went there thinking I would find FOSS applications but most of them are propietary software).

    And since I’m asking, you could also list the license in the section on the left, alongside version, manufacturer, etc. 🙂

    • Слоупок

      Free Software movement should change the name.

  • Hetai-Na

    I think you should add the date when the software was last updated. You are missing the information about if the game is 32 or 64 bits too. I miss some software on that list, like VLC, Libreoffice, Evernote, Teamviewer, Sketchup, Kodi, Openshot, Avidemux, Inkscape, Whatsapp, Viber, iTunes, Dropbox, and some others.

    • BK

      Thanks, we will review.

  • firuz_u7

    PotPlayer! very good player and without advertising from the former creator of KMplayer who mired in advertising

  • Szwagron Szwagron
  • ShintoPlasm

    Not sure why WinRAR is included, if you’re describing this section as ‘Free Software’.

  • Vachhani Bhavik

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  • Renat Matveev

    Why? Who needs this?
    In 2017 there are repositories for Linux systems, Microsoft store + Chocolatey for Windows systems, AppStore for macOS. They are updating software automatically.
    Opera hub looks like homepage from 1990-th with “My favorite software”. Dead project.
    Opera my favorite browser since version 3 till now. Please, do best browser, not THIS.

    • Renat Matveev

      Also, old version with Polish language of WinRAR looks ridiculous

    • babylongreece

      Microsoft store????????. You must be KIDDING ME. Each time those thing try to open, i close instantly without “it” having a chance to fully load.

      • Renat Matveev

        I’m not using MS Store, but it’s finely update AUTOMATICALLY all standard Windows 10 apps. Many free applications are already there, like Kodi, Irfanview, Plex, several Linux distros, etc. If you don’t like Store – Chocolatey, also updates automatically to latest versions.
        What’s here? Bunch of old software on one page, made by some junior in Opera. Such pages were good 25 years ago, not in 2017

  • Michal

    Awesome, thanks!

  • Hector MA

    Why do I still get the 32 bit version at Opera dot com in Win 10 x64?

    BTW it’s out.

  • 1) The Adobe Reader logo and version you link to are EOL after next month
    2ish) does have similar or the same malware that they have in their macOS installers (it hijacks many browsers)?

    3) Auslogics Disk Defrag Free is a really good disk defrag program (the defrag and optimize might take a while but it is worth it), they can a portable version that can be run from the machine without needing to install anything.

  • bill trandy

    I’d add Discord to the Communications category and qbittorrent for the File Sharing category. Other people have already voiced their opinions on VLC Media Player. Thanks for the list.

  • Alberto

    Great Opera, thanks for the initiative. But there are only a few software, i miss VLC, and it’s only for Windows, but that’s true that for Linux or macOS it’s not quite difficult as Windows to install software from a trusted source.

  • babylongreece

    Please don’t call apps. Apps is for mobile. Program or software is more suitable

  • Ghirahim

    1. Disqus login
    2. Login window opens
    3. Opera CRASHES

    I also experienced that on 4chan. If you want to report a thread, new window opens. Instant crash.

    Posting from MS Edge because I can’t login in Opera anymore. Fix it!

    • BK

      Hi, which Opera version?

      • Ghirahim


      • Ghirahim

        Updated to 50.0.2729.0. No more problems.

  • Cqoicebordel

    You are missing Vivaldi…

    • xirit64

      Hah that was so mean but so gutsy that I had to respond 😛

    • Browser wars are going hot nowadays. Can’t complain, competition makes good even better!

    – Malwarebytes
    – SUPERAntiSpyware

    – Filezilla
    – WinSCP

  • Gustav Ekner

    Vivaldi? 🙂

  • Manpreet Kaur

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  • Opera browser is supern, i think i am going yo write about it om and do a perfect review about this wonderful browser.

  • Your missing Filezilla in the tools category 😉

  • website 99

    Opera is awseum

  • Sin

    Skype for seriously? (╯•﹏•╰)

  • jedy123

    You should add Libre Office to the Office category.

  • Cool Versi

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  • R123

    _ Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    _ Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.
    _ Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.

  • Patel Sonal

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