We hope that your summer has been just as splendid as ours. While it’s not officially the end of summer, you may be feeling cooler temperatures (or, if you reside in the Southern Hemisphere, a welcoming warmth), marking a time of transition from one season to another.

To help prepare for the oncoming autumn months, we’ve prepared and enhanced some useful tools and features for you as Opera 48 advances into the beta stage. The highlights are our new converting tools for units of measurement – perfect for, such as for Celsius and Fahrenheit conversions, anticipating autumn and winter travels – and time zones, as well as our snapshot tool.

Today’s beta release also has support for importing bookmarks from Edge and Yandex, improvements for the tabs bar, the ability to remove history suggestions in the address bar, a reorganized O-Menu and sharpened images.

Conversions galore – Convert units of measurement, time zones and currency

Opera’s currency converter was introduced in the 42nd instalment of the browser. Beginning in Opera 47 developer and continuing now in 48 beta, the converter options have expanded to include units of measurement and time zones. Akin to the search pop up tool, these converters are designed to save users the extra steps of opening a separate tab for conducting a new inquiry.

Today’s initial Opera 48 beta build comes stacked with 14 units of measurements and 16 time zones ready for your conversion whims. A simple highlight of the value will convert the value from metric to its imperial equivalent, or vice-versa. With the time zone converter, highlighting a faraway time zone will adjust it to your local time (or your system’s operating time zone).

Further below in this blog are lists of all the convertible units and time zones available in Opera beta, along with a refresher on the 32 available currencies ready to be converted. Go ahead and test the converters with the provided examples. Don’t worry about having to precisely highlight the value; the search pop up converters can recognize a convertible value within a wider highlighted field.

Easy copy of converted values and fraction recognizability

You can easily copy the converted value to your clipboard for later use. Hover your mouse of the conversion to reveal a second “Copy” button, as demonstrated in the screenshot below, and click it to keep it in your clipboard.

Opera 48 beta makes this tool more precise with support for converting fractions. The unit converter can now recognise an array of Unicode subscript and superscript forms, such ½ ft, 1⁄4 mi or even ³⁄₄₇ gal.

Units – As you prepare for future holiday travels or the amount of snow to expect this winter, Opera 48 features 14 unit converters to help you make sense of funny measurements:

1. lb ⇄ kg 205lbs 93kg
2. °F ⇄ °C 39°C 102.2°F
3. oz ⇄ g 1.76 oz 50g
4. mph ⇄ km/h 62.14mph 100km/h
5. mpg ⇄ l/100km 33.6mpg 7l/100km
6. gal ⇄ l 2 ³⁄₄₇ gal 7.81 l
7. qt ⇄ l 4 qt 3.79 l
8. fl ⇄ ml 1.69 fl 50ml
9. mi ⇄ km 60mi 96.56 km
10. yd ⇄ m 239 yd 218.54 m
11. ft ⇄ m 6½ ft 1.98 m
12. in ⇄ cm 72in, 72″ 182.88 cm
13. kW ⇄ hp 700kW 938.72 hp
14. lb ft ⇄ Nm 250lb ft 338.95 N·m

Time zones – Our ever-connecting world allows us to network with people and events all across the globe. This can mean, however, that a faraway time zone will confuse you. It’s never good to be late for an online conference call!

One fix made during the developer phase was the time converter will now work if an extraneous dot or comma is found in the highlighted field. Also, should a date (DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY) be highlighted with a time, it will be reproduced in the conversion as well.

1. PST / PDT: Pacific Standard / Daylight Time 4:00 PST
2. MST / MDT: Mountain Standard / Daylight Time 7:00pm MDT
3. CST / CDT: Central Standard / Daylight Time 2:37am CST
4. EST / EDT: Eastern Standard / Daylight Time 20:30 EDT
5. AST / ADT: Atlantic Standard Time / Daylight Time 11:35AM AST
6. NST / NDT: Newfoundland Standard Time / Daylight Time 3:55 NST
7. GMT: Greenwich Mean Time 8:00 GMT
8. BST: British Summer Time 12:12 BST
9. MET: Middle Europe Time 9:14 MET
10. CET / CEST: Central Europe Time / Daylight (Summer) Time 16:33 CEST
11. EET / EEST: Eastern Europe Time / Daylight (Summer) Time 16:33 EEST
12. WET / WEST: Western Europe Time / Daylight (Summer) Time 16:33 WET
13. JST: Japan Standard Time 23:55 JST
14. KST: Korean Standard Time 1:12 KST
15. IST: Indian Standard Time 0:00 IST
16. MSK: Moscow Standard Time 5:22PM MSK

Your local time is determined by your system’s time settings.

Currencies – Our bundle of converters began with foreign currencies back in Opera 42. Since then, we’ve made some important improvements. Each currency listed below will include its compatible symbol and code which will be recognized for conversion.

To set your default currency, go to your Settings (Preferences on Mac) > Browser > User interface. Next to “On text selection convert currency to” dialogue, choose your currency. Untick the box if you wish to turn currency converter off.

  • AUD – Australian Dollar – $71,52 AUD
  • BGN – Bulgarian Lev – 93,88 BGN, 93.88лв
  • BRL – Brazilian Reals – 178.46 BRL, R$178,46
  • CAD – Canadian dollar – $71.09CAD
  • CHF – Switzerland Francs – 54,64 CHF, 54.64Fr
  • CNY – Chinese Yuan – 376.75CNY
  • CZK – Czech Koruna – 1252,12 CZK, Kč 1,252.12
  • DKK – Danish Krone – 357.03 DKK
  • EUR – Euros – €48, 48 EUR
  • GBP – British Pounds – 43,97 GBP, £43.97
  • HKD – Hong Kong Dollar – 441,61HKD, HK$ 441.61
  • HRK – Croatian Kuna – 355.43 HRK, 355,43kn
  • HUF – Hungarian Forint – 14559,22 HUF
  • IDR – Indonesian Rupiah – 752995,06 IDR, 752,995.06 Rp
  • ILS – Israeli New Shekel – 204,05 ILS, ₪ 204.05
  • INR – Indian Rupee – 3618,91 INR
  • JPY – Japanese Yen – 6174,09 JPY, ¥ 6,174.09, 6174.09 円
  • KRW – South Korean Won – 63899,08 KRW, ₩63,899.08
  • MXN – Mexican peso – 1000,80 MXN
  • MYR – Malaysian Ringgit – 241,42 MYR, RM 241.42
  • NOK – Norwegian Krone – 446,36 NOK, 446,36kr
  • NZD – New Zealand Dollar – 78.10 NZD
  • PHP – Philippine Peso – 2,890.56 PHP, ₱ 2890,56
  • PLN – Polish Zloty -205.184 PLN, 205,18zł
  • RON – Romanian Leu – 220.03 RON, 220,03 lei
  • RUB – Russian Ruble – 3334,29 RUB, 3334,29₽, 3334.29руб
  • SEK – Swedish Krona – 457.45 SEK
  • SGD – Singapore Dollar – 76.84 SGD
  • THB – Thai Baht – 1879,73 THB, 1879.73฿
  • TRY – Turkish Lira – 197,48 TRY
  • USD – United States Dollar – $56.38, 56,38 USD
  • ZAR – South African Rand – 746,35 ZAR

Currency conversion is based on the reference rates reported by the European Central Bank (“ECB”) using EURO as its base currency. You can learn more about the ECB’s policy and exchange rates here.


We are excited to implement a snapshot tool in Opera 48 beta. Inspired by our Opera Neon screenshot tool, you can initiate the beta snapshot tool either by clicking the camera icon in the sidebar or by a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + 5 or ⌘ + ⇧ + 5).

After firing up snapshot, an adjustable frame will pop onto your screen, allowing you to frame exactly what you want to capture. You can also do a quick ‘Capture full screen’ to snap what you see on your monitor.

Once you’ve taken the snapshot, you have the choice of saving the it to your clipboard to quickly paste elsewhere or directly into your system’s hard drive.

Importing from Yandex and Edge

If you’re reading this beta release article via Yandex or Edge, you can now move your bookmarks and contents to Opera. The two browsers have been added to our checklist of supported browsers and their bookmarks and other content. Here is a complete list of where you can import your data from:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Yandex
  • Bookmarks from an HTML file

Removal of history suggestions

Today’s beta release makes it much easier to remove history items suggested in the combined search and address bar. Whether that’s a mistyped search or a page you want to forget about, you can get rid of it with just one click.

Starting for Windows and Linux, deletable search or page URLs will have an ‘X’ on the far right end of the entry in the combined search and address bar dropdown. Previously, you had to dig into your history log to delete it.

Note: Removal of history suggestions is available on Windows and Linux.

Reorganized O-Menu

The O-Menu has been cleaned up with more logical and better organized sections. For instance, all bookmark-related actions such as importing and exporting can be found in the bookmarks submenu. In addition to these changes, we made coming back to recently closed tabs and windows much easier as they are listed in the O-Menu.

Sharpening the view

Today’s beta build has sharpened toolbar icons for Windows and better visibility for dark icons in the bookmark and extensions bars while in dark theme. Colors on the user interface are more uniform across all platforms.

Two new buttons have been added. A “Resume” button is shown in your downloads page when a download was interrupted by closing the browser, and a refresh button for errors in the sidebar messengers is present. Several icons and notifications, especially in HiDPI modes, have been sharpened as well (loading icons, pop up and content blocked notifications and updated plus icon in toolbar).

Other highlights and fixes

Some important things we want to highlight include fixes for seeking and volume control on Vimeo, CPU usage on Google and Yandex maps if hardware acceleration is disabled and crashes relating to bookmarks.

Last, but not least, chromium has been updated to 61.0.3163.49.

Peruse the changelog to see all changes and improvements.

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • xirit64


    oh… and gratz! 🙂

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    This version seems to be available only as 32-bit version. The installer wants to install it in the x-86 folder.
    Operax64 (usually)

    • DMCA

      all fine here

    • Sebastian

      We’ve checked and everything seems to work fine. Perhaps you had some previous installations in this directory?

  • DMCA

    snapshot doesn’t capture vids or live tv

    • Sebastian

      This is known and expected for Flash elements. HTML5 video should be captured.

      • DMCA

        back to postimage app then ))

  • Matheus Bombonato

    Suggestion to improve the currency converter: Add support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Maybe when crypto currencies start being supported by Central Banks around the world, specially the European one what is their sources for exchange rates.

  • jojoPL1987

    Can add basic screenshot editing? Any pencil to mark something, something to erase a fragment, etc.?

    Since last / previous stable version I have a problem copying text in TXT files from Google Drive (I sent the raport about this), someone else has?

  • mikemanger

    Tab preview seem laggy in the tab menu (tried in stable and much better)

    • Lookso

      What OS do you have?

      • mikemanger

        Windows 10 64bit

        • Lookso

          I had submited this in Opera bug wizard

    • Hector MA

      Now you mention it, I wonder if Tab Preview on recently closed tabs would be possible.

      It’d be great to know what I’m bringing back from the dead.

  • Hans Hansen

    1. Is there any reason why you don’t translate shortcuts? https://abload.de/img/screenshot35gcjxt.png
    The problem is that you won’t find anything like „Ctrl“ or „Del“ on a German keyboard for example. It could be very confusing for users not speaking English.
    Furthermore, it would be much appreciated if you could translate „Google Search“ into the target language. https://abload.de/img/screenshot37wfkub.png
    I’ve never heard anyone saying „Google SEARCH“ in my country. Just „Google“ or the German equivalent „Google Suche“ would be much better. I don’t like this mix of English and German language in your browser at all.
    2. Is WebRTC fully implemented in Opera? I tried to open a new bank account via VideoIdent chat, but the call center agent told me that he only could see a blank screen, although my webcam LED was illuminated and I could see myself on screen. Then I switched to Firefox and it worked flawlessly there.

  • LoverOfLife

    1. Can you make top bar transparent, with native buttons (minimize, restore, close) on Windows 8.1 ?
    2. And/or can you make more themes, other then light/dark ? Custom colors maybe ?

    • Nekomajin43

      Having native skins on every supported OS is a must.

    • Cryio

      Native buttons sure, I’ve been crying for this for Windows 10 as well. But … Top bar transparent? On W8.1? The chrome borders of a window aren’t transparent on W8.1.

      • LoverOfLife

        I have transparency with Aero Glass

        • Andrey

          In Windows 8.1 or 10?

          • LoverOfLife


  • Michal

    Thank you for the nice update 🙂

    Suggestion: Right now I need to have enabled both “Enable the search pop-up when selecting text” and “On text selection convert currency to” to convert currencies. Because I don’t really need that search and copy option, it would be better if I could just enable the latter option and only get the currency popup.

    • Thanks we’ll consider that.

  • Nekomajin43

    Can you make a separate page for the conversion tables here on the blog, or better in the browser’s Help page?

  • pauloaguia

    Some things I noticed about the unit conversions:

    1. I was initially trying them on the left side of the list you provided before I noticed you provided much more interesting examples on the right… Although “2. °F” did show me “-16,67 °C”, most of the other ones (like “5. mpg” or “10. yd”) didn’t give me any conversion at all. I know it’s probably because it’s an itemized list and shouldn’t be expected to work anyway, but I thought someone might want to investigate why 2 and 11 worked while the rest didn’t.

    2. The only other example that also worked – “11. ft” – gave me 0,04€ !?!?

    3. When using the samples on the right side of that list, “6½ft” does give me “1,98m”. However, “2³⁄₄₇ gal” displays as “0,06 gal (US) -> 0,24l”. Now, I’m pretty sure 2³⁄₄₇ should be a number bigger than 2

  • JohnBoy

    Maybe when crypto currencies start being supported by Central Banks around the world, specially the European one what is their sources for exchange rates.

    • novainc


      • Leonardo Gomes

        I had seen it. Probably a failed tentative of spam.

  • Gabriel Castro

    What happened to the color management in this version?
    I use an extended gamut monitor (98% Adobe RGB) and all the colors in the browser became muted. Not only the site and image colors, but also some interface and favicons colors.

    • x a

      I wondered, nobody else reported that sooner. It started with previous developer version.

      Can confirm the effect of “muted” colors on Windows/64bit , but not on Linux/64bit!

      • Bruno Medeiros

        Can confirm this on the released opera 48 on Ubuntu 14.04 (linux/64bit).

  • First of all, very nice additions. Thanks!

    Some bugs and problems:
    1. 2³⁄₄₇ gal conversion doesn’t work. Converter cannot recognise “2” as a part of total value, it converts only a fraction ³⁄₄₇ gal.

    2. Sometimes conversion shows excessive precision. For example, 128 oz becomes 3,628.74 g. However, 3,629 g would be enough. If we have the value like 128.0 oz, then precision can be expanded. In general, precision of the result should be equal to precision of the origin.

    3. When we select a word or some words which are a part of link (by mouse click + drag left or right), then Ctrl+Enter and Shift+Enter begin to open this link in a new tab or new window. This is unexpected behaviour (not configured in the Settings -> Browser -> Shortcuts). If we select a whole link, these keys don’t have any effect, as expected.

    4. Still no bugreport option, like recently added to Opera Developer. Or at least I haven’t found how to activate it.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What bug report option? You mean the feedback icon?
      Maybe it’s not ready to leave Developer channel yet?

      • Indeed. Feedback is still kept in developer channel only.

    • 1. That’s bug. Already filed.
      2. Unit converter is just very precise 😉 But seriously speaking example 120 oz is not very typical amount to spot, it’s quite a lot actually -> 7.5 lb. You should rather encounter things like 5 oz in daily life and then the precision is important.
      3. That’s an interesting usecase, how did you encounter that problem?
      4. Each feature reaches beta and stable at its on pace. Feedback still needs some more work. We’re also need to gather some more reports before we decide we can push it to beta (and stable).

      • 1, 2, 4: thanks for explanation!

        3. This can be reproduced even on this page. Look at the last line of the article:
        If we select any word, for example, the first “VIEW” by clicking over the letter “V” and moving cursor to the end of word, then Ctrl+Enter opens the link in a new tab and Shift+Enter in a new window. Please note that at the moment of click the cursor pointer is “hand”, as usually when we point at the link.
        But if we select a whole line or even the same first word “VIEW” by clicking a bit left from beginning “V”, these combinations do nothing. In this case at the moment of click the cursor pointer is “arrow”, as usual outside of links.
        So, I can guess that initial position of cursor before selection (free area or over a link) is counted differently and gets different results for key combinations.

        I noticed this problem accidentally: on some news websites Ctrl+Enter is used to select the orthographic or grammar error and send notification to editors. But if such error is inside a text with link, this feedback doesn’t work as expected.

  • Alexander Stiven

    About currencies, add Colombian Pesos (COP).

  • Zero Kiryu

    Is there a reason why you removed “Capture Full Site” option and added “Capture Full Screen” instead?

    • We talked about it a lot, internally and externally with our users as well (including user testing in our test lab).

      The most common use cases were to take a screenshot of what’s visible, make it slightly bigger to include the whole product or image (that can be done by dragging the selection area). Taking screenshot of whole page while potentially useful was not any close to the top of list. Based on that and problems it causes for instance by endless scrolling pages or pages that have fixed position elements we decided to include “Capture Full Screen” as a shortcut for common action.

      • Nekomajin43

        This is so lame. Capturing the whole page in a handy feature in screenshot extensions. Your current implementation is just another example of the “unfinished” Opera way.

  • FluffyBoyo

    So, are the dev team going to implement extending the dark mode onto ALL the back-end settings and extension/security pages etc. Is this something you can do soon.

    Maybe also add some settings which show once dark mode is turned on.

    Having a full and complete (UI and all settings pages) dark mode UI early on will really enhance the Opera’s appeal. Especially to night owls!

    And then maybe later on down the road try and also implement dark mode onto all drop down and right click context menus, again with settings to turn that off if the user prefers default backgrounds on right click context menus whilst in dark mode UI.

    Settings for all!

  • redfox

    Please add an option to disable inversion of bokmarks bar icons (black to white) when using dark theme. I like to keep icons as they are originally.

  • mikemanger

    Would be nice if extension icons could be inverted for the dark theme as well – I have added the ‘Inbox by Gmail’ one from chrome store and it is basically the same colour as the theme.

    • Nekomajin43

      White rectangles behind the icons would be better.

    • Rudric

      Ext devs can add icon options to the extension settings page…

  • redfox

    Would it be possible to implement multi-row tabs?

    • In a way it’s doing its job. There’s a notification that update is waiting. And it can potentially be important security fix. But point taken. We can have a look at that.

      • redfox

        I’d like to have a possibility to turn off the autoupdate AND the red button reminder, if I want to keep an old version.

        Even if I disable the autoupdater (delete/rename the .exe file) or block it in firewall, the Opera button always becomes red after a while, when using Opera VPN.

  • mrgryzon

    Netflix stopped working in this version on Windows 10 and 7. Every time I’m getting error O7121-1331-P7.
    Guys from Vivaldi said that’s somehow related with Widevine

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve just checked and Netflix is working fine here on Windows 10.

    • mrgryzon

      Removing “%APPDATA%Opera SoftwareOpera NextWidevineCdm” directory helped.

    • So far problem seem to affect users on Windows which for some reason had in their profile folder called WidevineCDM (case does matter here) and is related to implemented VMP since O48. We are currently investigating this issue.

  • Колька Однорог

    Opera closes all tabs even if “Continue where I left off” is checked while pressing red button close. Everything is ok using command+q or Quit line in dock.
    Version: 48.0.2685.7
    System: Mac OS X 10.12.6 64-bit
    Thank you.

    • That’s macOS thing. Red button closes the window not the application. That’s why the setting” Continue where I left off” seems not to work. You’re just closing the windows with all tabs, Opera is still running. But there’s a fix for that as well. In History menu there’s an option “Reopen Last Closed Window” that will bring back the window and its content.

      • Колька Однорог

        As for me it is strange behavior in comparison with Safari for example.
        But thank you Maciek for your advice.

        • Safari works for me in the same way. Red button closes the window not the application. Then I can re-open that window. Is it different for you?

          • Колька Однорог

            Oh, yes you right. Only one difference – Safari reopen pinned tabs, Opera closes all.
            Thank you again Maciek.

          • Right, pinned tabs… noted.

            No problem and have a nice day!

          • Rudric

            I so wish we could somehow if not “stack” then group tabs. And/or have pin groups. Some kind of organizing to satisfy this need: 1) stack/group/glue a bunch of tabs together on the tab bar + 2) and push them as a group for example as “pin group” so that the tabs don’t take much space on the tab bar – but would be there to easily and fast get back to working with them.

            If we could multi-choose tabs then perhaps we could save _selected_ tabs as speed dial folder.

            Tab menu is very limited bare bones can’t do much anything “feature” for tab management – it’s practically a no manage 😀

  • Hetai-Na

    When you sync you email it’s shown entirely in Opera Menu. Now imagine how ugly it gets when you have an e-mail whit more then 30 letters like I do. Please, fix this.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      And what should be fixed? It shows your username; If it has 30 letters then this is what should be displayed.

      • Hetai-Na

        The e-mail should not be shown entirely. Like a tab. Imagine how would it be if a tab had the size of the page title.

  • Кostadin

    Let’s check the 49’rs edition 🙂

  • Ramsey

    Will you guys by adding ‘Reload tab’ in the right click context menu on a tab?

    • That’s not planned at the moment.

      • Ramsey

        Thanks for your honesty. I am, however, surprised by that.

        This shows me that Chrome and Firefox are still the most complete packaged browsers on the market. Their ease of use and basic features that we really need are already implemented. Those basics features make them Browsers, not feature packed applications that have other applications (VPN, adblock, etc.).
        They’re browsers first, with superb Sync features, and no crashes.

        I want to use Opera but cannot.
        I believe Opera should focus on adding the basic features that make browsers easy to use, beneficial and optimized for personal and work, before adding the extra features seen above.

        I have the same issue with Vivaldi, though it has reload tab, it doesn’t have basic features such as right clicking a bookmark that is inside of a folder in the bookmarks bar (no context menu, it just opens the tab lol). No middle clicking on the back arrow’s history menu item to open that in a new tab, etc..

        Both Vivaldi and Opera have great unique features but lack the basic Browser functionality.

      • Rudric

        I like the bigger buttons on FF right click page context menu for key operations… Such as reload (page).

  • David

    Netvibes website (https://www.netvibes.com/dashboard/1) stopped working in this latest beta release. Opera 48.0.2685.7 (PGO), Windows 10 64bit 1703 (build 15063.540).

  • Rudric

    Should I go for beta instead of stable? Mostly I’m concerned about RAM consumption & RAM stability.

  • Rudric

    Does removing history mark through the omnibox also delete/clear affiliated cookie/cache/etc?

    • No. It just removes element from history, that’s why it’s not displayed in the suggestions.

      • Rudric

        Ok thanks.

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera beta 48.0.2685.11 😉

    • Rudric

      Which of these is Opera Beta usb/portable?
      Opera_beta_48.0.2685.11_Autoupdate.exe 31-Aug-2017 11:37 36227664
      Opera_beta_48.0.2685.11_Autoupdate_x64.exe 31-Aug-2017 11:37 41358640
      Opera_beta_48.0.2685.11_Setup.exe 31-Aug-2017 11:37 38335352
      Opera_beta_48.0.2685.11_Setup_x64.exe 31-Aug-2017 11:37 44017544
      Opera_beta_48.0.2685.11-48.0.2685.7_Patch.exe 31-Aug-2017 11:37 2718128
      Opera_beta_48.0.2685.11-48.0.2685.7_Patch_x64.exe 31-Aug-2017 11:37 4389024

      • L33t4opera

        Hi, noone of the above. You can download the portable viersions of Opera beta, using the following links: Windows, and Mac.

        • Rudric


  • Rudric

    I Think I’m gonna swap stable to beta! I’m so exited! And I want features faster… 🙂 🙁 But I’m a bit worried about Beta’s RAM consumption & RAM stability… Hmm.

    Any inputs?

  • Duensch Eist

    The unit conversion doesn’t work if the unit of measurement is written out (aka not abbreviated)

  • Sam Alsmadi

    Some of the measurements are wrong!

    • Which ones?

      • Andrey

        for example –
        1. lb ⇄ kg 205lbs 45kg
        2. °F ⇄ °C 39°C -12°F
        3. oz ⇄ g 128 oz 20g
        4. mph ⇄ km/h 80mph 140km/h

        • That’s what I anticipated. Those are not conversions (which are wrong) but just examples that you can highlight and get conversion. Seems we didn’t make that too explicit. Blog post will be updated, thanks 🙂

  • Sam Alsmadi

    39 C doesn’t equal to -12 F maybe 102 degrees F

    • Przemek Kudła

      Could you share the example where it works wrongly?

    • Values in the blog post were not conversions, but rather examples of different values to highlight and try the feature in action. Anyway that’s fixed now. There should be no further confusion 🙂

  • Ἀστρονόμος

    Does this only work on version 48? Because i have 49.0.2725.39 (PGO) and not work..