Opera developer 47.0.2628.0 update

Adding more convenience to your search pop up

The search pop up has been a principal feature for our browser since the release of Opera 39, creating convenience for users to search and copy any text they highlighted. We later tacked on the currency converter to the pop up in Opera 42, easing online shopping.

Headlining today’s developer update, and prompted by user requests, we have added a unit converter to the search pop up. Now, converting distance, weight, volume, speed and temperature from the convoluted imperial system to the standard metric system – or vice-versa – is as easy as highlighting the value. Yet another reason to forgo your calculator and math skills – Opera will do the work for you.

Here are the units available for conversion (US measures) in the current developer build:

  1. lb ⇄ kg
  2. °F ⇄ °C
  3. oz ⇄ g
  4. mph ⇄ km/h
  5. mpg ⇄ l/100km
  6. gal ⇄ l
  7. qt ⇄ l
  8. fl ⇄ ml
  9. mi ⇄ km
  10. yd ⇄ m
  11. ft ⇄ m
  12. in ⇄ cm
  13. kW ⇄ hp
  14. lb ft ⇄ Nm

You can turn search pop up on or off in Preferences under the Browser -> User interface settings.

Other changes

Additional tweaks and fixes have been made in today’s update, thanks to some user feedback:

  • We extended the ‘Recently Closed’ tabs list limit to 32 from the original 10.
  • The difficult-to-read white text seen on folders in dark theme, with no wallpaper, on the Speed Dial has now been made readable.
  • The radio buttons in settings are made visible again.
  • Windows 7 Aero users should no longer see occasional flashes of background images when switching between Youtube videos.
  • Improved color contrasts in light theme for better readability.
  • In bookmarks, you’ll find the option to export all bookmarks.
  • Dark favicons are now visible in dark theme. Try it yourself by visiting
  • Chromium updated to 60.0.3107.4.

See the list of all changes in the changelog.

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