Adding more convenience to your search pop up

The search pop up has been a principal feature for our browser since the release of Opera 39, creating convenience for users to search and copy any text they highlighted. We later tacked on the currency converter to the pop up in Opera 42, easing online shopping.

Headlining today’s developer update, and prompted by user requests, we have added a unit converter to the search pop up. Now, converting distance, weight, volume, speed and temperature from the convoluted imperial system to the standard metric system – or vice-versa – is as easy as highlighting the value. Yet another reason to forgo your calculator and math skills – Opera will do the work for you.

Here are the units available for conversion (US measures) in the current developer build:

  1. lb ⇄ kg
  2. °F ⇄ °C
  3. oz ⇄ g
  4. mph ⇄ km/h
  5. mpg ⇄ l/100km
  6. gal ⇄ l
  7. qt ⇄ l
  8. fl ⇄ ml
  9. mi ⇄ km
  10. yd ⇄ m
  11. ft ⇄ m
  12. in ⇄ cm
  13. kW ⇄ hp
  14. lb ft ⇄ Nm

You can turn search pop up on or off in Preferences under the Browser -> User interface settings.

Other changes

Additional tweaks and fixes have been made in today’s update, thanks to some user feedback:

  • We extended the ‘Recently Closed’ tabs list limit to 32 from the original 10.
  • The difficult-to-read white text seen on folders in dark theme, with no wallpaper, on the Speed Dial has now been made readable.
  • The radio buttons in settings are made visible again.
  • Windows 7 Aero users should no longer see occasional flashes of background images when switching between Youtube videos.
  • Improved color contrasts in light theme for better readability.
  • In bookmarks, you’ll find the option to export all bookmarks.
  • Dark favicons are now visible in dark theme. Try it yourself by visiting
  • Chromium updated to 60.0.3107.4.

See the list of all changes in the changelog.

Installation links:

Maciej Kocemba

Product Manager, Opera for computers. Previously Product Manager in R&D department and Opera Mini for iOS. Joined Opera over 11 years ago. Still passionate about coding, mountain / road biking when not working.

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  • Eugene B.

    DNA-61403 “[WebUI] Custom search engines added twice”
    Still not fixed. 🙁

  • nanana1

    Nice update to the search pop up feature in this new Opera Developer 47.0.2628.0 build release!

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Maciej, thanks for the update and fixes 😉
    "In bookmarks, you’ll find the option to export all bookmarks."
    Finally it's here! about time, I bet it will be well appreciated for many users.

    • That’s a first step. There are however some issues when importing that file… We’ll handle that in the upcoming updates.

  • Are imperial volume measures US or UK? You say that mpg uses the US gallon but the the others are ambiguous.

  • mikemanger

    The dark favicons are a nice touch. Does it invert black ones or is there a meta variable I’m missing?

    • No meta information, pure code only. Later we’ll describe in a greater details what are the steps we do.

      • Nekomajin43

        I don’t think messing with favicons is a good idea. Why don’t you just put a light square background behind the icons like Vivaldi does?

        • We didn’t think it looked good enough.

          • Nekomajin43

            Would you be happy if someone messes with the colors of the Opera icon?

          • We mess with the colors ourselves a lot already, silver, silver/red and red 🙂
            But seriously speaking if you look closely only icons that would not be visible are “touched” and that doesn’t happen so often as favicons tend to have more colors.

          • Nekomajin43

            I still don’t think it’s a good idea to change the favicons in any way, because those are part of the pages, not the browser itself. But the ultimate solution would be a switch in the theme settings to mess with the colors, or use a light background. Pretty please?

  • FluffyBoyo

    How about tab row scrolling left and right like firefox. But with Opera’s own flavour. To accommodate 100-200+ tabs. And see large tabs with full fav icons when using 100+ tabs.

    • ive

      Like in Opera 12 and earlier, right-click + scroll? I really miss that feature.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        I guess it would be more like a rolling tab bar.

        • ive

          Ah totally didn’t understand what he meant. Not sure how I could misinterpret it that much, but I got it now, thx.

  • Hans Hansen

    I’ve got another suggestion concerning the pop up:
    If you select a web address (without a hyperlink to click on) I’m missing the “open the selected address” pop up like in Opera Mobile. Now you have to paste it into the address bar and press Enter. An integration into the pop up menu would be much more comfortable (besides “search” and “copy”).

    • Leonardo Gomes

      ‘Go to web address’ doesn’t work?

      • Hans Hansen

        No. At least not for me. 🙂 Can you tell me how to use it?
        Edit: Ok, found it. Right-click. However, a pop up would be a better solution imo, but this works, too. Thank you very much!

        • That’s not so common use-case, that’s why it’s not promoted into search pop-up.

  • Angry Penguin

    Any news about Hardware Acceleration H264 decode in Linux?

    • Ari

      You mean if they fixed it instead of having to copy the ffmpeg library manually?

      • Angry Penguin

        Nope. I mean about hardware decoding. Now thanks to use ffmpeg library we can watch h.264 videos in browser but decode it only via software decoder. On Windows most browser (also Opera) allow to watch h.264 via gpu decoder (hardware accelerated decode) but still not for Linux… In Chromium is still code to allow it, but this is disabled by default and you can’t simple allow it via browser settings because is force disabled. You can enable it in compiling time by flag but for this manuall compiling code is needed. So you can’t use it for Chrome or Opera (we don’t have source) but is possible to use it in Chromium. We have also PPA for Ubuntu called Chromium DEV with enabled this flag so we have chromium with hardware acclerated gpu decoding on Linux! But still not in any other browser… but this is possible.

        • Ari

          Hmm… good to know I thought that with the library it was already done the acceleration through the GPU. Thanks for the insight m8, it would be great if they enable it

  • Tratsing

    Why there is an extra ,,copy” on a unit converter that comes active when cursor is on the converted unit?

    • Hans Hansen

      …to copy the converted unit (and not the selected text/unit).

  • inDigazzZ

    Ugly font of search pop up

  • Alexs

    The Pop up from the “Translator” extension is very small.
    No Problem with Opera Stable, Chromium or Vivaldi.

    • Robert

      Same here

    • Gordon Freeman

      The same with the extension “FreeStyler”.

    • Thanks for reporting.

  • kesha2000

    We extended the ‘Recently Closed’ tabs list limit to 32 from the original 10.

    That’s great, but when we finally would be able to collapse ‘Open Tabs’ section in tab menu? There’s a lot of us who are using only ‘Recently Closed’ and vertical tabs section just eating space! Now that’s even more crucial. Give us a choice, please.

    P.S. Also, there is a little graphical glitch, when you hover with cursor under ‘Recently Closed’ caption in tab menu, the little arrow on the left disappears.

    • Thanks for reporting the glitch. As it goes for request I added it to the list.

  • Marek

    Can’t watch video on this site: Works fine in Chrome.

    • Hans Hansen

      no problem here, Win 10 x64 v1703

    • no problems for me either, macOS Sierra

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The video plays here on Windows 10 however the share buttons appears in the middle of the screen.

  • shellye5

    Still no Turbo option in”o menu”

    • Turbo was moved to settings.

  • oic

    Could you remove “Open Tabs” from Recently Closed and change the recently closed icon to a trash can. I don’t see the point in “open tabs” being there when I could just see the same tabs, left of it

    • I’m not sure we should go as far as removing it, but possibility to collapse is a valid solution.

      • Nekomajin43

        It has been asked since the initial release of the tab menu to collapse the open tabs section. I hope you will finally implement it.

        • As you can see things are getting implemented, so I would be optimistic about it 🙂

          • Nekomajin43

            In the last few months we spoke about a lot of things, and nothing is done, so let me be pessimistic. This is a good step though.

          • Now you’re a bit too pessimistic 🙂 If you look at contents of this developer update, nothing reminds the requests?

          • Nekomajin43

            Well, the tab menu, but it’s still half way without the option to collapse the open tabs section. OK, bookmarks export too.

            I am a little bit less sceptic.

          • …and unit converters in search pop up 🙂 Yes, tabs menu is one step closer. I’d rather we keep introducing those things in little updates than keep you waiting, especially that your feedback is very useful. We can adjust things on the way.

            I’m glad you’re less sceptic now 🙂

      • Leonardo Gomes

        How about moving it to the sidebar and add an option to hide tabs bar?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It can be useful if you have lots of tabs opened.

      I think it could be moved to the side and an option to hide tab bar could be added.

      • oic

        you could move open tabs to the side bar. Its basically vertical tabs

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Yep, that was the point of my comment. Many people have been asking for vertical tabs and it could be a way to implement it.

  • Nekomajin43

    I don’t think that messing with the favicons is a good solution. They may represent brand colors. Vivaldi does much better. Although, there is still problem with the extension buttons.

    • Extension buttons will follow, we won’t leave them as is.

  • Nekomajin43

    I still can’t read the white text in the speed dial if no wallpaper is selected.

    EDIT: Screenshot from an other user, but still shows the problem:

    • Fix was for “The difficult-to-read white text seen on folders in dark theme, with no wallpaper”. What other problem do you see?

      • Nekomajin43

        OK, misunderstood then.

        If I use the default/light theme with no wallpaper, the labels of the speed dials are white. On a light grey background. It is barely visible.

        • I can’t reproduce it:

          • Nekomajin43

            OK, I can see the problem now. I have a light grey wallpaper. I definitely did not create that, and I thought it is a no-wp wallpaper.

            Issue is closed. 🙂

          • Good 🙂

  • Nekomajin43

    Guys, I’d like to ask you to fill a survey to somehow quantify the feature requests:

    We are closing to 150 answers.

    I know it’s not representative, but it may help to show the trends and the top most wanted features. We’ve got some positive words from the devs, no promises though.

    If you find anything missing from the list, please comment here or in the forum:

    • Nekomajin43

      We are almost there! Time to bring some friends, everyone! 🙂

  • Great feature is the currency converter.

    But I have a suggestion: Currently if I select an currency value, only then appears the currency section in the search popup, otherwise only the search and copy sections. It would be very useful, if I could set, that shall appear only the search and copy section, or only the currency section, or together. Why? Because I would set only the currency section. So if I select a text, then I would get the IM Translator bubble, but if I select a money value, I would get the currency section, that although covers the IM Translator, but by a money value I don’t need the IM Translator bubble.

    • Nekomajin43

      Huge +1

  • loligans

    It would be super helpful to be able to access the Address Bar and Tabs in Full-Screen mode. Could a feature be added to Un-Hide the Address Bar and Tabs in Full-Screen mode when the mouse “pushes” the top of the Full-Screen window? Here is an example of what I am talking about.

  • x a

    In this and the last build ”Cast…“ to Chromecast is not working: Selecting ”Cast…“ (or cast icon on YouTube) pops up an empty (just plain white) device selection box (in earlier builds my devices used to appear there – in even earlier builds, direct Youtube casting used to work).

    [Opera/64bit on Win10/64bit]

  • Balcis

    this is clever. can you please add (prepare yourself for these) lbft -> Nm. Thank you.

  • C.C.

    there’s still that annoying space between tabs and the top of the screen: the screenshot doesnt show it fully as it is higher (approx. 1mm)

    it’s as I would have the option to “hide top border” unmarked but it’s checked…

    i reinstalled browser and still nothing

    Windows 7 x64 (it’s been happening since two or three builds ago)

    • Marek

      I don’t have that space, same system, maybe it’s resolution related.

    • wolkenspalter

      same here on 2 machines with different OS and screen resolutions. Checking/unchecking the border option doesnt make any difference.

    • Daniel Schaf

      Activate “Advanced Settings”, go to “Browser” within settings and activate “Disable tab bar’s top spacing when browser window is maximised” => The spacing is gone

      Personally, I love the spacing, because one can quickly grab the Opera Window and drag it anywhere. You don’t even have to aim at anything, just move the mouse up and click.
      Without the spacing, instead of grabbing the window, you will grab a tab and move that around.

      • C.C.

        it’s not the problem of the option, in fact is does nothing for me in my system, no matter whether it’s checked or not, and i hate the spacing 😛 when i have several tabs opened i can’t click go to the one i want without looking accurately where do i have to click, it’s a pain

        • Daniel Schaf

          I see, your point of view is as valid as mine 🙂
          Do you have any flags related to the UI or themes activated or changed?

  • Muhammed

    Hi devoloper;

    I want sidebar more Messaging application and open multiple accounts.

    I want slide sidebar.

    I want more browser customize and themes
    I want change color window bar

    I want translate.

    I want better loading page image and better special dial (Opera neon design is best.).

    I want torrent files download in opera.

    I want download manager in opera (Download speed limit, Scheduled download in browser.).

    I want night mode. (Add blue screen filitrer and settings website brightness.).

    Have a good days….

    • Leonardo Gomes

      If the video is html5 based and the site allows downloads, you can right click on it and save the video.

      • Muhammed

        Very nice. İ learn now. Thanks…

  • beBoss

    Crash on login in this site:

    • Kornelia

      Seems to load fine here Adblock/ VPN on? You’re on macOS right?

      • beBoss

        On login not on loading. The problem was on the previous ver as well.

  • Regnas

    Nice update.. BUT why is Opera turbo super hidden in the advanced settings?
    I don’t get it, since it’s the primary reason I and many other people use Opera….

    • Arturo Martínez

      I would like to know too

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess not that many users keep turning it on and off all the time so it doesn’t need to be on menu.

      Or maybe the idea of using Turbo is to enable it once and keep using it.

      Anyway I guess it was discussed already in the last update.

      • Regnas

        We need answers…. 🙂
        Turbo is the signature of Opera, without it, isn’t Opera anymore….

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It may be Opera’s signature for you but it’s not for me and, as it seems, also not for many others.

          It’s even something very promoted to be even considered the signature of the product.

          Something like Turbo may be interesting when you are in a place where there is a server nearby otherwise your connection will be slower than it already is.

          Anyway, I don’t think they will explain their decisions here.

  • Rodrigo Wander

    Whatsapp,Telegram and Messenger in Opera DEV start’s to blinking

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t see it happening here.

      • Rodrigo Wander

        i will post a video to you see it happening 😀

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, It doesn’t seem to be happening here.

          • Rodrigo Wander

            After uninstalling and reinstalling i conclude.

            Or i found a bug
            OR i found a
            Technical graphic error in my notebook

            (but, it’s not happening in older version..)

  • Ariane Lu

    Extension and alert box still blurry on Hi-DPI screen, please fix it before release into stable

  • Hector MA

    Release O46 already.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Soon I guess.

  • ga_pechorin

    i love the conversion pop up, i thought the unit converter was a good idea and opera is great listen to their users.
    now, another idea: time zone conversion, maybe it is tricky, but there is no way to know the local time without 3 or 4 steps to doi it.

  • Игорь Князев – forum tags [spoiler=spoilername][media]youtube_video_url[/media][/spoiler]
    don’t work properly. player doesn’t show its controls and video 🙂

  • Mateusz

    Is there are any way to make title bar smaller verticaly when window is not maximized, there is like 16 pixel of unused space that is tbh just annoying.

  • Nekomajin43

    Can you make the number of recently closed tabs adjustable? Even with a scrollbar, a few hundreds of elements can be handy sometimes.

  • Nekomajin43

    I can’t upload a video on Facebook with the latest stable. The progress bar does not move a pixel for minutes. Tried it with adblock on and off. It works with Chrome. Can anyone confirm?

  • Marek

    Opened tabs in background with embedded youtube video eat 50% of the processor each, two tabs and there’s 100% of processor usage, the same happens on stable.
    Edit: same happens on vivaldi/chrome

  • Izer0

    “Improved color contrasts in light theme for better readability.” – Which elements get a higher contrast? Tabs still badly visible on my 300+ tabs, separator line is as high as the icon, so on 200+ tabs there is no visual separator, only one big line of icons. This is unusable UI design, need full size separator lines in tabs 🙁 You can simply test this UI design by opening 250 tabs (with startpage, you does not need to load any website to test this). There is no reason why to degrade UI (tabs) by this small separator line. So I still stand on O44.

    • ManOnTheBorder

      200+ open tabs is pretty extreme (I’d even say it doesn’t make sense – that’s what bookmarks are for), so I doubt there’s many people that care about this.

      • Izer0

        Uf. Am I comment your use of Opera? Read my older comments, if you want know why I have 300+ tabs and 6000+ bookmarks.

        Anyway, this little UI improvements is not for “many people” and they will not be affected.

  • Nachiketa Ramesh

    I’d like to request a fully black theme, rather than a dark theme if possible. My mom recently bought an oled screen thinkpad and would really appreciate this.

  • Hector MA
  • Herr Pietrus

    Great idea with that converter. All these ridiculous US measures will be understandable now!

  • Spiryts

    Opera keep closing new tabs open from link or mice scroll.
    Win 7 x64

  • Alex

    I’ll just leave it here.

    • Nekomajin43

      This is the grey wallpaper I was talking about!

    • Nachiketa Ramesh

      Opera devs, plz look at this image. This is NOT how to do HiDPI

  • Regnas

    I thought Opera developer was the first version getting the new features but now I see the Opera stable getting stuff first, like APNG support, how is that possible? 🙁

    • Marek

      Uhm, developer has it for some time already.

      • Regnas

        Now that’s weird because I opened this apng demo page and all the others animated formats are working but the apng… And I’m using this last dev version…

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Works here.

          • Regnas
          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Which OS and Opera version? Have you tried to open Opera with a new, empty profile? Switching hardware acceleration on and off?

          • Regnas

            I found the culprit, it’s the Opera turbo. When enabled, apng doesn’t work, which is bad, cause I have it enabled all the time…….
            But thanks for the suggestions anyway…

          • Jalamb

            Do you still have the Opera Turbo mode? I’m on latest stable version (47.0) and I don’t know where Turbo mode is now.

          • Regnas

            Go to settings -> browser and scroll way to the bottom, you’ll find opera turbo there…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          All 4 demos on all tests work here.

  • Daniel Schaf

    Is lazy session loading broken or did you change the behaviour?

    A few releases ago, one could make Opera only load tabs on start, that are visible. Opera would start with a session of many tabs, but it would only load a tab, when I clicked on it.
    When I start Opera now, it will load all tabs one by one. This uses up a lot of memory right from the start! Since session and tab management is terrible in Opera these days, the old lazy session loading behaviour was very helpful.
    I have “Lazy session loading” and “Only auto-reload visible tabs” enabled. Afair, there was another option available, which is now missing?

    • Nekomajin43

      The behaviour was changed to a smart algorithm to automatically load background tabs based on previous usage and importance. You are not the only one who wants lazy loading back, though.

  • L33t4opera

    The first Opera developer 48.0.2636.0 😉

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  • M Arafat

    please bring back vpn button & turbo mode button.
    it’s very inconvenient to use them them going deep into the settings.
    And the lazy mode should be as per user wants it.
    preferably suspended till selecting it.

    • Jalamb

      Where is the turbo mode? I’m on Opera 47.0 (Linux) and can’t find it anymore.

      • M Arafat

        you have to go to the setting. then you can either search for it or scroll down.