We are getting closer to releasing Opera 31 as a stable build, but before that we wanted to give you another beta build, to ensure that everything is OK. There were two Chromium updates since the last beta build, and the current version is 44.0.2403.89. This build also has two crashes fixed, updated translations and some other improvements/bug fixes. For the detailed list of changes, check our changelog.

This is last blog post from us this week, so have a happy weekend!


Full changelog

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Marcin, for this Opera Beta build 31.0.1889.92 update !

    The changelog is rather short and that can mean that we are close to a Opera 31 Stable version release.

    • Lacedaemon

      You give to arse-licking a whole other dimension…

      • SuperTommy

        I find it fascinating how people can be bothered so much by one comment.

        • muratservan

          nanana1 always post comments like this. So this is not a “one comment” bothering.

          • ayespy

            You guys crack me up. Your capacity to get bothered about things is really quite remarkable.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Everybody – chill out. It’s Friday, let’s sail gently towards the weekend.

          • No 2 or 3 builds over the weekend 🙂 (yes I remember when that happened)

            This one the relaunch button worked on OS X to install the update from previous build

          • muratservan

            People come here to comment after reading the article or whatever you call it. As you can see almost every reader comments about issues or about what article includes. I am sure that nanana1 reads title and scrolls to disqus section. (Look at her/his previous comments if you are interested to). And please don’t tell me flag her or block her, you can find these kind people on all web sites. This is what makes us bothered.
            At this point your capacity to being reckless is quite remarkable.

          • Vux777

            maybe nanana1 is just some polite lady and comes from environment that this kind of behavior is expected…
            not every one has to be trolling kids spilling cynical and rude comments just to sound smart…and there’s too many of them (on net in general)
            I remember one older Japanese gent that was thanking devs on every new build/blog post, just like nanana1
            I’m not seeing him anymore, but I think that was cute

          • muratservan

            Your behaviours must fit to where you are in, not where you are from. C’mon guys I am not expecting extraordinary comments from users, I just expect comments about article from users who actually read the article.

          • Vux777

            Your behaviours must fit to where you are in, not where you are from.

            …and in this case, that would mean…?

          • András Ács

            Yeah, “nimu_chan”… I thought it was cute too.

        • Lacedaemon

          Oh so you never heard of irresolute fanbois = zealots = no personal judgment but only blind faith = sheeps = the perfect “beings” for manipulation throughout history… nanana1 is the perfect sample of it, in the dev stream she… thanks for the build that removes the bookmark share feature… but since you endorse it, to whom am I explaining it…

    • Rafael Luik


      Quote from blog post:

      We are getting closer to releasing Opera 31 as a stable build

  • Trevor Gough

    Opera remains the only browser on my laptop (Windows 7 32-bit) that cannot play many videos: see this link for discussion of this topic.–> https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1866418/lingering-problems-with-videos-in-all-branches-of-opera-releases-on-windows-7-32-bit-system#Item_19

  • Gloriam

    Will Opera beta support windows 10 on it’s release? (I’m asking this because the scrollbar and some elements are in classic mode-ish style from W7, this was a week ago so you guys might have already adjusted it, if so.. sorry! :P)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Eventual changes in order to support Windows 10 will most probably come in developer stream first.

    • Momfer1

      I run the final release of Windows 10 Pro (yes, it’s already available for Windows Insiders like I am) and Opera 30 and 31 beta are running excellent. Opera’s gui is fitting beautifull in that of W10.

      • Gloriam

        Hmm, then it was probably broken on my side, I’ll see how it works on the 29th. 🙂

      • Nachiketa Ramesh

        No it isn’t. Look at the UI for the scrollbar and the buttons in the settings. They look like they are straight out of Windows 98.

        • Momfer1

          Yes indeed! Now I see it. It’s ugly!

  • Thank you very much.

  • Anton Belyaev

    Since 31.0.1889.74 build can’t play many youtube videos with html5 player, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO59tfQ2TbA
    Same problem with audio, e.g. https://vk.com/wall-27895931_1807607

    After downgrading to 1889.50 build everything is fine.

    OS: LMDE2 x64

    • Akira Kazama

      I can confirm this.

      I’m using Linux Mint 17.2 64-bit

    • VictorP

      Same thing here – Debian 7.8

    • TomEk

      the html5 player shows an error on Opensuse

  • Ven Exoland

    Скорее бы вышла версия с синхронизацией паролей на стабильном канале… Но чую, что до и после выхода Windows 10 этого не произойдёт…Будут теперь месяца 3-6 пилить. А до идеальной синхронизации – расширений, темы оформления – еще вообще надо дожить.

  • Jorton

    Will there be a Opera 30 update with ending 128 ( this will be supposed to have Chromium 43.0.2357.134 )? Are you guys planning jump directly to Opera 31?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess that most probably the next stable release will be Opera 31.

  • Piotr Fokt

    Pytanie z innej beczki. Czy planujecie rozwijać Opera Mail. Bo od dłuższego czasu nie było żadnej nowej wersji?

    • Apocalypse

      Daj sobie spokój człowieku i nie używaj tego trupa (Mail). To jest zrobione na Presto a ten silnik już nigdy nie będzie używany, więc nie będzie aktualizacji Mail. Popatrz raczej w kierunku Vivaldiego.
      A tak w ógóle to:
      English here please :-).

  • 59er

    Does not open on my Windows XP pc. Freezes with ‘out of memory ‘ error.

  • Protectorone

    Where can I find the Opera x64-bit version ? Current and stable x64-bit I need. We love the opera.

    • Sidney Moraes

      There is only Opera 64 bits for Linux (deb) and OS X.

  • ng wang

    still can not play the video on mac website, the one on the left bottom corner, WWDC2015 video. please have a check. thanks.


    this one.

    • Radek Rzepecki

      DNA-41446. Just fixed, so it will arrive with next developer release.

  • Opera 30 & new Flash Player sometimes does not work. Flash is not loaded.

    • Radek Rzepecki

      which OS? can you give some examples?

      • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. But at IE 11.0.21 all fine works.

    • nanana1

      This comment was deleted.

  • jho

    Opera crashes when trying ti open a new private window. It happens when sidebar extensions are enabled. E.G. “Site specific settings” or the “V7” extensions.

    I created also a bug entry: DNA-41712

    • Венедикт Штилле

      Thanks for entry. I can confirm this issue. Although I use Stable v.30, it doesn’t matter (Beta or Stable), because crashes are the same. So I’m very-very displeased. Before Opera Stable had been upated to 30 version, it never wholly shut down in incognito mode. As I often use private windows, this bug is causing me significant inconveniences.

    • Vux777

      I can confirm this too
      to be specific, it will crash opera, when opening private window, if any TWO OR MORE sidebar extensions are enabled to work in private windows
      If just one extension is enabled, no crashing
      tested on combination of
      Tab Sidebar
      Web Panel
      Site Settings Sidebar
      …and all V7 sidebar extensions

    • Marcin Mitek

      Thank you for your report. It’s been fixed internally. Expect the fix in the coming builds.

      • Jan

        Cool 🙂

  • Bala7

    Latest version of flash beta is not recognized by Opera. Keeps prompting to upgrade (?) to All other browser work fine with flash betas. All others!!!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s the ppapi one?

      • Bala7

        No, I find extensive buffering using Google flash on some poorly coded websites.
        Whereas Adobe flash works with said sites. Perhaps this is why Adobe flash is so terribly insecure. Personally, I hate Flash but I have customers who require flash to play some old games.

        Games; such a waste of precious time…
        Beta flash update to ver today with the usual assortment of never-ending security fixes.

        • Lacedaemon

          Games; such a waste of precious time…

          you can say that for any human activity, that means nothing just personal bias…

          • Bala7

            Lacedaemon, I have to strongly disagree with your opinion here and I don’t mean to be insulting. Simulators such as airline flight school provide a means to an end but casual gaming? Can you provide an instance of gaming for pleasure improving ones circumstances on life?

            “any human activity” No way! That is a terribly subjective statement and encourages moral relativism not to mention intellectual laziness.

          • Lacedaemon

            Sorry I won’t get in that discussion, I find it a waste of precious time.

          • Jan

            Hm, human beings are playing games because it makes fun. And if something makes fun, the human being is happy.

          • Lacedaemon

            Are you sure you replied to the right person?

          • Rafael Luik

            In a kind of nihilist universe, does it matter?
            Do any human activity matter if in the end we are getting extinct and our planet will be drowned inside the sun of our solar system?

            See, personal opinion.
            Whether casual gaming is a mean to an end it just depends on your “end” objective. What if the objective is having some fun before you die and can’t feel anything else…?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You need to use ppapi flash in Opera as Chromium dropped support for npapi plugins.

        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          There is no ‘Google Flash’: the PPAPI version of Flash is also developed by Adobe.

          In any case, you can download PPAPI beta versions from here: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer.html

  • Ali Usof

    Now need my account feacebook adjust please?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      And the problem would be….?

      • John Boehner Vaegina

        Clearly he needs his account feacebook adjust now.

  • sgrandin

    I use 12.17 primarily and have an “InOP” icon in the address bar to open pages in the latest beta when needed (which is more and more often). From the first version of Opera webkit until recently, it worked fine. But over the last two, three or four versions, many pages are not loading. That is, the URL shows in the address bar but it never completes loading, the page remains blank. Copying the URL into a new tab invariably opens it. I don’t know if there is something here weird going on, just like the frequent out-of-memory problem I reported recently, or there’s something about recent versions that is gumming up the works. I also have “InFF” and “InIE” on the address bar that I use with some frequency and there hasn’t been this kind of problem with them.

    • Cryio

      Honest question: How can you still use 12.17? Isn’t the internet breaking left and right ?

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        I decided to test it again after long time. Facebook works, many other sites works. Presto was very good and 12.17 is still usable.
        But nowadays everyone (me included) just like to install latest version – is there really good reason or not. Of course new technologies and standards can cause problems but still. Current Opera still lacks basics of what used to be: tab stacks etc.

      • sgrandin

        12.17 is fine with the good majority of websites. Some sites, especially the ones with the “modern” graphic style formatting, can get slow to load or a little jumpy. And a few just don’t work at all, but that’s always been the case with Opera, and remains so even with the new Opera (yes, browser sniffing or whatever it is is still alive and kicking). But that’s why I have those alternatives up on the address bar.

        I’m disappointed with the new Opera, not out of principle or that it doesn’t have some good things going for it, but because the current management and staff have failed on some basics:
        – no user control of tab bar placement or ability to modify the address bar;
        – lack of user/extension developer control over thumbnail size in the Speed Dial, along with those awful Metro-style thumbnails;
        – lack of a list of closed tabs, a la 12.17; and
        – the half-baked job done on the print module, specifically the failure to provide the second most important element: on the fly, viewable print scaling (its absence forces a switch to FF or IE to preview and print most everything).

  • led9ru

    Moderators, do vote for visitors –

    1. I want to have the ability to disable / change your innovations in the flags
    (ie, not to remove the flags, as work on a new crap-option is over, in the words of your moderator)

    2. I do not want to have this opportunity – you know better than me what I want, I do not pay you the money, you’re better than me, plus you do not force me to use your product.

    • It does help with the flags and votes about content and spam (sadly some are abusing it and posting scams (I have reported a few via the flags and votes))

    • It’s very hard maintaining two code paths. So I’m sorry, but no, never removing flags is quite impossible. We wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore. Some features do get options in settings though. And for some things, it will be much simpler to maintain two code paths if they are independent.

      My experience is mostly with the bookmark manager, and I will be doing a very happy dance when “#trees-in-bookmarks” flag can be removed (and just be on for everyone). Then we can remove *a lot* of code that goes into supporting bookmark manager without any trees.

  • Daha güncel tarayıcı modülü ve Opera gerçekten güzel kendi web sitem içinde sürekli ayrıca operadan takip ediyorum standartlara uyumluluğunu…


    en son bu sayfam da kontrol etmiştim.. Sıkıntı yok gayet başarılı…

    • Marcin Mitek

      1. Please use English. So everyone can understand you. Maybe even help you.
      2. Now I don’t know what’s wrong with the site you linked. If it’s about the playback – I have the bad news. It works for me with latest beta build and latest Pepper Flash (

    • Moskova Rehberi…
      Moskova Rehberlik – Tercümanlık – Taksi ve Transfer Hizmetleri.

  • http://www.dota2.com/watch/

    All “The International” streams have a weird defect in sound. It is a constant crinkling sound while commentators are talking. This is bug related to Opera because this does not happen in Steam client or in Chrome. This bug is present in all branches of Opera on Windows.

    EDIT: All of “The International” broadcasts begin at 9:00am PDT and go on for about 12 hours if anyone wants to test this.

    EDIT2: This specifically has something to do with how sound from commentators is parsed to the browser. Other streams that have no commentators have no such issue.

  • L33t4opera

    New update for the Opera beta 31.0.1889.98 😉
    The change log, and the announcement.

  • Gloriam

    Looks like Opera 31 hasn’t been updated to work correctly with Windows 10 yet, scroll bar still uses classic-style graphics, and some of the pop-up stuff like for signing into Disqus (with google) has black bars around it, most likely due to border bars having less width.

    Could this be looked into?

  • Moskova Rehberlik
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