It has been a few weeks since we released our new tab-preview functionality. Initially, this feature was created to satisfy the needs of very advanced users, like those of you who read our blog. We would like to revisit how we preview tabs and how the feature is performing. To do so, we are collecting your feedback now that you’ve had some time to test it all out.

Please participate in our anonymous tab preview survey.
Please participate in our fully anonymous survey.


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  • Mister

    Dear developers, please look at the attached picture

    • Don’t post the same stuff over and over again. Especially not in threads that are dedicated to one distinct feature, please.

      • Mister

        You from the Opera? or the user?

        • He is a user partaking in extended testing and who helps us manage community matters like the forums and comments. (Some hundred million users generate an insane amount of comments and feedback.)

  • cgebhard

    Does the second question mean:

    What do you think about the preview’s activation time (that we set as standard) –> too short vs too long
    What do you think about the preview’s activation time (how should it be) –> short vs. long?

    • x a

      I had the same doubt regarding the (intended vs conceived) interpretation of that question.

      Plus: I guess, many of the early adopters of the preview feature tweaked the delay in the settings (you changed it after the first release at least once!).
      I found out I have a setting of 250ms there. I didn’t even remember, whether I scaled that up or down from default – so I checked that your default settings currently seem to be 600ms. So I had to tend to “long” (= “default too long”)… – or wait…?

    • icetom

      haha i came here to post the same question.
      wonder if the creators of the questionaire did not really think about the answers.

  • tafugate

    i’ve been using opera since 4-something (longtime user) and tabbing was the specific reason i use it. the tab preview and tab list view isn’t a big thing to me because i always have the same 17 tabs. and i know what’s going to be on each of those tabs.

    but i still appreciate opera striving to improve. (8

  • FZ10000


    • Post this in build releases, please. This post is about tab preview.

  • ddclm

    Do you use Opera or not:
    * Yes
    * No


  • A. R.

    Why can Opera be original and distinguishable and unique. Imean with the tab bar feature set:

    * Pin tabs
    * Tab previews
    * Tab stacks

    And it’s not even usability gone to the max.

    Why no stacks to this date Opera team?

    • While I also desperately want tab stacking: This is off-topic here.

      • A. R.

        It’s not off topic. Tab preview was suppose to be the ultimate default tab handling feature – which is not anymore.

        Why can’t we have those original, distinguishable and unique feature back?

  • Bolek ze Spychowa

    That’s it? 3 poorly constructed questions is all you need to know about how we feel about preview of tabs?
    For me it worked better in O12 when you had small preview not full screen window that pops up in most inconvenient times.
    Not to mention that I don’t use newest Opera all the time – at first when I chose “no” I didn’t even get to express my opinion.
    Whatever – 1.5 years and 10 versions later and Opera is still not much more than reskinned Chrome.

    • John Smith

      Same here, O12 small tab previews I like better but wasn’t that important when having vertical tabs.

      • Herr Pietrus

        For me, contrary, those small previews were totally useless 🙂 In their current form they are also not used by myself frequently, but still often that previous one. 🙂
        Sometimes it’s hard to please everyone…

      • Lacedaemon


    • gregorweber

      They should have about the same size as Windows taskbar previews. Opera 12 had the right size and also perfectly integrated previews for tabs stacks – if there is any hope of those ever returning.

  • Tore

    There was one question which I felt were missing from the survey:

    “What do you think of the size of the preview?”

    Quite frankly, they activate unintentionally way to often (I answered 5 on that one), but that could be my mistake, as I usually hover my mouse at the window’s top pixel line, or hover it over tabs while choosing the correct tab.

    However, and much more importantly, the previews are too big! When they appear they cover up the current view and are immensely distracting.

    Switching tabs is an extremely fast procedure, so the huge preview doesn’t hold much value as a “preview” IMO. It is nice to be able to see what’s on the tab to identify the tab one wants to switch to, but for that purpose a smaller preview (i.e. same size as the graphical bookmarks) would be just as useful, and much less distracting.

    In any case, a smaller preview would greatly reduce the distraction of an unintentionally activated preview, and it would be appreciated if you could at least implement an optional setting for this.

    • RX-3200

      “What do you think of the size of the preview?”

      let us set width and height in settings
      and so close this question

      PS: current size is fine with me

    • oic

      exactly, I feel that this tab preview implementation is redundant, useless. Its not really a preview if it takes up your entire screen. I prefer the previous opera previews where they’re small and not distracting

      • dzek

        i agree.
        putting something in fullscreen is not a preview anymore.

        i liked old previews – there were just right

      • Veger

        It is a preview when you look at it this way: You hover over a tab without activating it and still see (fullscreen) its contents. When move away you get back your original tab/view back.

        Previewing is *also* looking at something without activating it!

        • Leif Roar Moldskred

          Sure, but what’s the point in not activating the tab you’re viewing?

          To me, the whole point of a graphical preview goes out the window when they only show _one_. I’d want to use the previews to navigate through the open tabs with — but then I’d need to see _at least_ the next and previous tabs as well, so I’ll know which way to tab. As it is, it just seems pretty pointless.

          • Veger

            It saves you a few clicks if you move your mouse over the available tabs and see the previews of these pages until you found the page you wanted to activate.

            Besides that, there does not really seem a point I suppose…

          • David_Gould

            I currently have 244 tabs open. It takes several seconds to find the original tab, even with preview and the tab preview extension.

            I don’t get why people complain about the size of the preview. Are you trying to compare the contents with the current tab?

        • Herr Pietrus

          That’s right! And I really like it.
          I understand many people’s dissatisfaction, but I hope that Opera’s devs will figure out something to satisfy both groups…

      • Eric83

        I agree. I like the idea of previews, but I ended up finding them so distracting that I turned them off.

    • Yro

      I cant find a way to post my requests so here we go..

      1) Today’s tab prview is useless and it uses a lot of resources that could be used in something more relevant for users. Or remove it so we get a lighter opera.

      2) The side menu with the favourites is a waste of space and resources. There is no need for “featured image preview” of favourites. Please, consider removing that crap side menu (or atleast make a option to hide it forever) and bring us the possibility of having a button for easy acces on favourites in side linning texts (like all browsers in the world do).

      • Veger

        About point 1: why does it take a lot of resources? The tab is already (pre)loaded and rendered into a buffer. The tab preview only needs to show the contents of the buffered page… It just reuses the resources that already were spend!
        Quite an efficient way of reusing, if you ask me.

        • knuthf

          Flunked: It may be little code, but the little that is needed has a bug in it. You rely heavily on resources in the graphic processing now, use transparency and wrapping so it looks great, but then every now and then Opera just restarts. To me this is evidence of a missing signal handler: The hardware sends a trap that you do not catch. When you manage to squeeze a bug into something you claim is simple: sodd off and get lost! Never ever claim something to be “simple” when you manage to get it done wrong!

        • NoName

          The image itself might not take a lot of resources.
          But the way the image is shown certainly does.

          They disabled previews on HiDPI screens for this reason.

    • Yro

      Another request (and a big deal for me as a user and i guess for a lot of users): Consider making a Opera Light edition, with only this kind of features:

      * Speed dial;
      * Favourites;
      * Tabs.

      Remove some technologies that the normal users commly dont use and we can have a great lighter opera.

      • Eric83

        For months, users have been complaining about the features that Opera didn’t have. And now you want a lighter edition? If people want Opera without features, that’s what Chrome is for.

    • Opera, plz

      Suggestion for the devs: add a keyboard command, like Ctrl+Shift, Alt+Shift, Ctrl+Alt or whatever, so that the previews only show when you’re holding the keys.

    • senna_4ever

      an option to set the preview size between small or big (like now) would be good
      i don’t see problem with the currently preview, but it’s better to offer an option like this

  • kokolo5

    Tab preview and tab list are both very useful for me (:

  • iG0Lka

    more useful to make a vertical list of tabs open.

  • icetom

    The question about the size of the previews is missing. It is one of the – if not the – most often critisized thing about your new tab previews.

    also like others have mentioned, the 2nd question (answer) is not really clear.
    It is good that you ask us, but the questionaire seems rushed and not very thought out properly.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Is’t that survey too simple? 🙂

    BTW I dont know whether it was your intention, but I found previews useful not only for distinguishing websites in tabs, but also checking their content without switching directly to them. Previews in Opera can serve as these previews in windows which appear when you hover your cursor over thumbnail that pops out after indicating an icon on the bar. And sometimes it’s really handy.

  • I think shrinking the size (maybe to Opera 12 size) would help in preventing the accidental previews from getting in the way. I know I accidentally opened tab previews in Opera 12 all of the time, but they usually didn’t get in the way.

  • Gloriam

    I’d like to see Opera 12 and before style of preview back, and with that Sidetabs, being able to place tabs on the right or left side with a small preview in it, that slowly gets smaller when more tabs are there.

    What you have now is a good start though. 🙂

  • XypherCode

    For the last question, Yes. Sometimes I do activate the preview unintentionally. It’s not really a bother but it could use some work. Maybe pressing a key while hovering the mouse cursor on the tab could be one solution.

    • The idea is that you’re hovering while deciding between multiple tabs or reading through the tab bar … . So it should ideally pop up only while you’re trying to decide between multiple choices and not while you are just trying to position the cursor on the correct tab.

      • Emanuele

        but the problem is when the user habits bring him to move its mouse outside of the page and this activate the tab preview that cover what he was reading… very annoying if I’ve to tell the truth

        This is my specific use case… And for what I’ve seen some other users too have this problem.

      • Vux777

        Maybe the whole concept is wrong
        you did excellent job fetching previews of background-never-opened-tabs, that’s not easy (I guess, I would render it on canvas, not sure how you did it, chrome API can fetch only current tab), but….
        Previews are too big (cluttering current page), they definitely affect performance, and most annoying thing, they pop up always when NOT needed.

        If I’m hovering the tab, it’s much faster to click and see the tab than wait for preview. That’s in case when I actually want to see/swipe through tabs…. and if I don’t want to see previews (just reading the page, and mouse is on tabs bar) they pop’s up anyway.
        Avoiding that click is simply not beneficial enough compared to waiting and, like xa called it, “false-positive” annoyances.
        Those cool previews would be much more beneficial if they are ALL on single page (iframe), triggered by some easy gesture/shortcut, and then user to choose where to go (real-time update of pages, like FB, twitter and so on, is really not that important in previews)

      • Onno Willems

        The time a user needs to decide to which tab to go is not a constant. It depends on the reaction speed of the user, the number of open tabs, distractions, etc, etc. Since you cannot read a users mind, showing a preview with a fixed timeout will always get it wrong. Furthermore, since the popup showing up is something in which the user is not in control, frustration occurs.

  • ayespy

    For my purposes, they are actually too large. They cover essentially the entire page and one is reflexively tempted to click on the preview to change pages rather than on the tab.

    • Pim

      I agree, I think the previews are a bit too obtrusive right now because of their size. It’s almost the same as switching tabs.

  • Petr Huřťák

    What we really need is option to have big tabs with preview inside of them –

    • Herr Pietrus

      I think that people who like vertical tabs don’t want them. 🙂 So much vertical space wasted on modern 16:9 23″ monitorssss….

      Oh, I don’t want them too, for the same reason, and I’ve got 16:10 display 😛

    • ABDX

      no i don’t think so, its just a waste of screen space

      • ahoj1234

        not if vertical tabs are used. (though, they are not here…)
        this (“big tabs”) was one of my most favourite feature in O12

      • Nope since you could place it in a vertical position and that saved lots of space in a 16:9 screen.

  • gregorweber

    They should have about the same size as Windows taskbar previews. Opera 12 had the size right and also perfectly integrated previews and access to stacked tabs, if there is any hope of those ever returning. With smaller previews right below the tabs, it would no longer be necessary to darken the entire screen.

  • Jürgen

    I am missing tab stacking in Opera 25 very much. Usuallly in Opera 12 I have about 120 tabs opened, grouped using the tab stacking feature.

    The previews in O12 had the perfect size and delay.

    Missing of tab stacking is the most important reason why I am not moved to O25 yet. Missing of the Mail client as sidebar is the second reason.

    In Opera Mail 1.0 the feature of closing tabs using mouse gestures is missing. Hope there will be an updates in the next few months.

    • Sorry for having to prune your comment so drastically, but please don’t post off-topic stuff in posts that are dedicated to distinct features.

  • Deus Ex Vino

    Survey is faulty – it only allows to participate if one chooses “yes” on regularly using Opera24. What about “part time users”? I have O24 installed, but my main browser is still O12 until you have reached RC on the new version ( i consider O24 alpha version due to lack in funcitonality). You should be ESPECIALLY inrterested in those who have tried new Opera, but for some reason didnt like it – those who like ti already wouldnt bring many suggestion i guess.

    • You are allowed to lie. The question is really about “do you use a version of Opera with tab preview regularly?”

      • oic

        the questions give opera the false impression that users are happy with small tweaks when in fact we want the opera 12 version of previews and based on most of the comments here everyone is voicing that same opinion

  • So Tab preview is meant for “very advanced users”? Then why not give them options in the preferences to adjust this feature (and many more features – of the few which are in Opera now in comparison to O12…)?! Like reaction time or size (for O12 fans).

    • We didn´t actually have all those options in O12 either, wish we had them. At least from 2008 to 2013 I never knew about any option in regard to visual tabs.

      We now have control over the time, but yes more is needed.

    • Emanuele

      in this specific case, O12 had no options indeed… I really wanted an option to reduce the activation time of tab preview for example

  • Lacedaemon

    As long as you can define the milliseconds delay anywhere in the settings this survey is useless. Just don’t think about forcing something to us.

    Also what does “Do you find tab previews useful?” mean, of course tab previews are useful is how you implement which is absent from the survey. You should provide some options there. Personally I liked the O12 previews more.

    Also as stated many many times by everyone… Visual tabs >>>>> tab previews

  • SLR

    It’s working fine for me and I can disable it whenever I want. No complaints here.

  • Appleland

    I think Opera 12 did an excellent work when dealing with tab previews. We had 2 options: To enlarge the tab bar to see all the current open tabs thumbnails or to hover on a single tab to get its small thumbnail. The current implementation may be a little intrusive sometimes, but I actually find it VERY USEFUL when using TAB CYCLING (so you better let tab cycling as it’s right now 😉 )

    I feel the key to improve tab preview is to make it less intrusive when hovering on tabs, mainly because we users do it too often to get the web site hidden by the preview. I would like to see instant tab previews of the same size as default speed dials

  • Vux777

    I’m sorry to say, but you are cluttering the browser with this, and not in the right/beneficial way like before (ppl actually liked Presto features, this is so-so…some like it, many don’t)
    Since tab previews, new speed dial, your bling-bling bookmarks (seriously, what’s wrong with tree view?)… Opera is getting choppier with every new build…in the beginning, I thought it was me only , but from other comments, seems like lots of users experiencing the same

    Strange, how come old speed dial with page previews was faster than this one with M&M’s? 🙂 😛

    • escruting

      True that.

    • netmain

      I first thought it was my computer, as opera takes many secs to open in cold start, or even after a simple restart.
      the “speeddial 2.0” and the “new start page” take extra secs to load content, and that’s really annoying!
      I’m sorry to say, the “new opera” is already getting bloated, but with “less features” compared to the good old opera 12. it feels the best way to use the new opera is to not have more than a bare bone browser with 3 or 4 extensions and a bookmarks bar!
      The new preview is “cool” and beautiful, but not much useful ! same goes for the new bookmark manager and the new start page. I personally prefer the old one, small, useful, and less distracting.

      • knuthf

        Before you say more: How many “extensions” do you use?

        Every extension causes the code to go singlethread for a while as the “extension” is executed. So, while multiple pages in different tabs in theory can be updated in parallel, the use of “AdBlock” forces one at a time – also on Chrome and Firefox, but they have a smooth way of handling “extensions” and may allow these to run on their own. If you want speed, disable extensions!

        • netmain

          well, before I answer how many extensions I have, I have to say that when you have a “clean and simple” UI the opera have now, you have to rely on extensions, that’s why we were asked to do many times:” use this extension for this and that one for that … etc”. So, the browser should be able to handle all that, but with the decision of going all with JS and HTML for the internal pages, things aren’t going well!
          now, I have always between 10 and 15 extensions, I tend to disable few from time to time when I don’t need them like: chrome extensions downloader … etc.

          • Lacedaemon
          • knuthf

            Then the performance issues you have is related to all your extensions, and not to Opera or Firefox or Chrome.
            When it comes to Opera 12 and Chromium, it is all up to you if you want to stay and dream about “everything was better yesterday” or move on. The world has chosen to make small changes to the markup language. This requires extensive coding, and instead of everyone doing it “their way” – they elected to do it the same way all. Pretty smart as far as I am concerned. “Chropera” and “Presto” is in your imagination only, as is your geeky new world. Sorry, but this is reality.

          • Lacedaemon

            You are so naive, your reality is in your head only. Does Snowden, NSA, ring any bells to you?

          • knuthf

            It is time to stop, and also consider what Snowden claims the NSA is capable of. One is to transmit more than 200Gbps on a fibre link that cannot take more than 2Gbps, and that without anyone noticing anything. There are nations on islands that have just one link to the rest of the world, we know the NIX, we know the technology, we pay for transmission/ leased lines and rate every bit that is transmitted. So I have studied well and come to that now his serving another master. HTML5 is open for anyone to study. Stop this racket about “spying” – at least if you still use Windows. Stick to the topic of this discussion – and never assume that you know better. There are “experts” around here that know more than you – also how to spy on you.

          • knuthf

            Opera used to be one huge piece of code, that has decades of maintenance and bug fixing history. It is time to move on. The new is a break from Windows clunkyness to explore the possibilities in the open world – on Linux (both Android, Ubuntu, Mint etc), Unix (as BSD and MacOS, iOS), Symbian (similar to Linux) – Windows is shrinking.

  • niknoliktwiddle
  • I want controls on it, I want it resizable too. The one we have is cool, but takes too much space, is like we want you so bad to look at what’s behind that we entirely prevent you from seeing what’s in the front.

  • Nekomajin43

    I don’t see the point of this survey. We told you many times what we would like. And noone else will answer these questions, just the advanced users.

    • Wolf-2

      Even here, the so called “advenced users” have different opinions. Maybe a survey will show, that the people who shouting loudest a the majority or not.

      • Nekomajin43

        OK, then why don’t they ask actual questions? In this form, the survey is nonsense.
        Anyway this is exactly why I always tell them to give us options. Even a simple feature like this is dividing the users, because they want to solve every problem with one magical solution. And they always fail.
        They want us to give feedback, we do, then they say it’s not relevant, because we are only a small fraction of the userbase. What the hell?

        • Emanuele

          Nothing more to add. You said all 😉

  • Kamen Minkov

    I’m utterly sure these (and the non-mentioned preview size) can be implemented as user-customizable options.

  • BS-Harou

    I must admit that even though I like the feature I usually end up disabling it. For me it is faster to just click on the tab and get “full preview” with possibility to immediately react if anything needs my attention. Then just pressing ctrl+tab (with most recent cycling enabled) to get back to my work.

    • Joana Silva

      Same with me, is a needless feature, I disable it, takes too much space.

    • escruting

      Yes, but ctrl+tab is also worse thant with Opera 12, here you have to release the CTRL key to change tab. Its so slow this way. The old way was excellent, quick and convenient

    • NoName

      I do the very same.

    • Izer0

      I am using Speed tabs extension from Chrome store and it is easy to find any tab in my 347 tabs currently opened. Love it absolutely. Thumbs disabled, too big, to bad usability.

  • rabe85

    How should the tab preview look, if tab stacking is implemented? Do you have a plan for it? It doesn’t make sense to discuss about it now and remake everything in a few month (or whenever it is implemented).

    • Lacedaemon

      Well, that’s a good point revealing that tab stacking won’t ever return.

    • Lacedaemon

      True that with the way the previews work now the return of tab stacking isn’t likely to happen.

  • Joe438

    I only got one question to answer :/ The answer is no because I regularly use Opera 25 for computers.

    • Joe438

      I’m a moron. When it asks me if I use Opera 24 for computers or newer it is referring to Opera not devices. Dumb misunderstanding.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Damn, It’s strange feeling to be, perhaps for the first time, on the other side of the barricade than dedicated opera users, and defending current implementation and size of previews… 😉

  • Pesala

    I have never used Tab Previews in Opera and don’t intend to start now. The fact that they disappear when you try to select them is really annoying. The obvious thing would be to focus that tab if the user hovers over the preview to click it.

    The extended tab title on mouse-over in Opera 12 is adequate to identify the content of a hidden tab. If you’re still not sure, just focus it. It’s still quicker than waiting for a tab preview.

    Please listen to your experienced users, and stop wasting development time on features that take so much time and energy. The years are going by, and you are still nowhere near to having the features of Opera 12 or earlier.

    • x a

      I’m a veteran, ie experienced, Opera user, too. And while I agree that Opera 12 was great, I don’t share your fundamentalist rejection of “new Opera”.

      Change to things you learned to love never comes easy – that’s probably a common human trait: The-Good-Old-Times™.

      While I don’t like Opiums the lack of UI customizing features, or not being able to define my Opera 12 mouse gestures, that doesn’t constitute a reason for complete rejection of Opium. There are things I even miss more severely: nicknames for bookmarks, eg. Or things I had to hack around: custom search engines.

      But then again there are big pluses: The Chromium extension API, for example.

      Regarding the tab preview: Like you I didn’t use Opera12’s tab preview, as more often than not the previews popped up exactly when they shouldn’t – plus, they didn’t offer a lot of bonus over the tab title.

      But new preview really lets you have a sneak preview of the current/live stat of the tab with one “mouse aim” and without a mouse click – that in contrast to a quick switch of tabs, which involves two clicks with aiming the cursor at tab positions two times (unless you switch back using the keyboard). Thus I think the feature provides “good value for the learning curve”.

      On the other hand: people are different. For me a delay of 250 ms is just right: I’m too impatient to wait the default 600 ms and would rather click, then; a too short delay leads to too many “false positives”, occasions where the preview shows unintentionally. But to find my optimal delay value, I had to patiently use each setting for a few days to give myself a chance to adapt.
      TL;DR: • I’m an experienced-user™ feeling mis-represented by people claiming to speak for experienced users. • Humankind always skeptical of change. • I like tab preview at my optimum delay of 250 ms.

      • Lacedaemon

        “always skeptical of change” Yeah previous browser was using 500 MB of memory with tons of features compared to this one which needs 3 GB for nothing, previous browser was 99% native coded, and full customizable, this one has no customizability, is 99% coded as a Web App (= worse performance) thus a need for further BLOATing the browser and its memory footprint with tens of extensions, and it’s humankind’s fault…

        • x a

          Previous browser had an engine that required an entire team of talented coders just for the core, nevertheless struggling to keep pace with their challengers of rival engines. Notwithstanding, they had a herd of angry users of their free product, that complained about “Opera not working” on this or that page. Now they have angry not-paying-for-anything users complaining about the footprint.

          And sadly, the angry ones are always the most vocal.

          BTW: Extensions are quite slim, if authors cared to implement them as event pages rather than background processes.

          • Lacedaemon

            Trying to find excuses? As i’ve said it’s only some CEO’s and investors’ fault and not humankind’s who is afraid of changes. And you are paying for the browser indirectly, and all the other browsers are “free” as well, so that is not an argument/excuse.

          • x a

            If you want to make business decisions – well, have a business! Yes, it’s their decision you call “fault”. But the fact, that many can’t come to terms with the new, changed product – that may well be the human fear of change.

            And if you as a user pay indirectly, then you are free to use your (indirect? ,p) market power and boycott new Opera.

          • NoName

            “that may well be the human fear of change.”

            For some, sure. But I also see a lot of people on this blog that give back constructive criticism. They explain why it’s bad for them, in their use case.

          • Lacedaemon

            Humans are not afraid using something inferior, they just skip it and move to something else.

          • Pesala

            I never had an issue with the change from the Presto to the Blink rendering engine. I realised that it was necessary to keep pace with Opera’s competitors.

            I would be OK with using Opera 12.17 or 11.64 to manage my email while using the new Opera as my primary browser.

            However, until I can customise the gestures and shortcuts, that is never going to happen. No matter how many web sites break in Opera 12.17, I will still use it as my primary browser, while opening troublesome sites in Firefox because it launches faster (5 seconds) than Opera 25 (13 seconds).

            The developers are wasting way too much time on eye-candy. Perhaps it is the code bloat like Tab Previews or Discover that make it so slow to launch?

          • x a

            I share a great part of your resentment. But below the line I come to another conclusion.

        • Izer0

          Add this parameter at the end of command line in opera shortcut: –renderer-process-limit=25 … fixed lot of my problems with Opera, including problems with noncloseable processes (now is limited). Now working perfectly.

  • Anonimo

    What the heck, this is not a survey, you ask conveniently for what you want to know. We can’t give a honest opinion in this way. Fuck I’m struggling with Firefox for more than 2 years! I want side tabs!… There is a chromium fork with bookmarks sidebar (Slimjet browser), but no sidetabs yet. I’m hoping they will make some vertical tabs soon. They are more open for suggestions unlike big companies like Opera or Google.

  • David_Gould

    Tab previews are fine, just hurry up with Tab grouping (currently have 227 tabs, all about 5px wide). Also, colour-coded tabs for those grouped would be nice — user selected colours probably.

  • Bruno

    The tab preview is very useful for me, very good job guys. Also the list is a cool thing.

    • NoName

      It seems odd to me, that a user with 1 comment suddenly have an overly positive opinion than most people in here. It’s almost as if an employee wrote this (or someone else, who wants positive feedback posts on this blog).

      If Bruno is an actual person that created an account, just to tell how great the tab previews, then no disrespect.

  • Elzo Lubbers

    Most of the time tab preview activates by accident for me. While I like the feature, the tab preview is to large to just quickly hover over several tabs to see which one you needed.

    I would like a smaller preview (preferably under the tab), where I can still see the tab I have open at that moment and where it is not completely overshadowed by the preview image. This would make accidental activation less of a problem because it won’t block you from reading your current tab.

  • Guest

    Tab preview is intended for us – the heavy users. Heavy users do have many tabs open. Sometimes so many that you can’t even read their title because it’s just too small.

    How about a behaviour similar to the mac os dock? You scroll over the tabs and they get bigger (following your mouse) so you can see what’s behind them:

    I attached a mockup how it could easily be done without the fancyness of mac os dock. The preview pane should scroll in accordance with the mouse position over the tabs.

    BTW: I hate that I have to use disqus and am unable to post without login.

  • mobilsein

    Tab preview is intended for us – the heavy users? Heavy users do have many tabs open. Sometimes so many that you can’t even read their title because it’s just too small.

    How about a behaviour similar to the mac os dock? You scroll over the tabs and they get bigger (following your mouse) so you can see what’s behind them:

    I attached a mockup how it could easily be done without the fancyness of mac os dock. The preview pane should scroll in accordance with the mouse position over the tabs.

    BTW: I hate that I have to use disqus and am unable to post without login.

  • mobilsein

    Tab preview is intended for us – the heavy users. Heavy users do have many tabs open. Sometimes so many that you can’t even read their title because it’s just too small.

    How about a behaviour similar to the mac os dock? You scroll over the tabs and they get bigger (following your mouse) so you can see what’s behind them:

    I attached a mockup how it could easily be done without the fancyness of mac os dock. The preview pane should scroll in accordance with the mouse position over the tabs.

    BTW: I hate that I have to use disqus and am unable to post without login.

  • izobr

    The biggest problem with current previews is that they are not connected to the tab I hover. To find a right tab I need to move mouse at the top of the streen, but I have to look at the center of the screen to see the preview, so I actually have to move my mouse blindly. And because I dont see where my mouse actually is the preview behaves as showing big random pictures. The pictire changes, but it does not move reflecting different position of tabs in the row, that’s why the preview looks so dead, not lively.
    And of couse it distracts so lot when you occasionaly hover some tab. It behaves as I’m a half way to switching to the hovered tab. No I didn’t mean to go to another tab, I just wanted to spot what it is about or just occasionaly moved the mouse over it. The initial preview delay is too long when I actually want to see the preview, but at the same time whatewer long it is it does not prevent from completely hiding you current context when you occasionaly hover a tab. On the contrary, with the big delay when the preview springs out in front of me I can’t instantly connect what it was caused by.
    Summing up: the issue with the preview is not in that it is too big. The issue is it behaves unpredictably, does not look like a preview and dont have a clear connection with what I’m doing with my mouse.

    • Izer0

      Absolutely agree … place thumbs to tabs like O12 and give us settings for timeout and size, so people will setup their opera by their needs. I suggest Opera guys this settings: height, timeout to show thumb, show thumb in center or under tab.

    • x a

      The biggest problem with current previews is that they are not connected to the tab I hover. To find a right tab I need to move mouse at the top of the streen, but I have to look at the center of the screen to see the preview, so I actually have to move my mouse blindly.

      I agree to that observation. An easy visual indication hinting at the tab currently pre-shown could help.

  • GoustiFruit

    Ditch Tab Preview and bring back Visual Tabs !!!

  • Emanuele

    As other users said, the current implementation is a bit useless for a good part of people… it’s cool but useless and intrusive (that is why I disabled it and now I’m a bit more happy when I test “ChrOpera”)

    So if you ask me, All the implementations of O12 (posted in some images in this discussion) were way better than your current implementation… small thumbs on hover, thumbs in the tabbar, thumbs/tabbar on the side: all are a lot more useful than the current one… less “cool”, I admit it, but A LOT more useful

    I will not beg to have them again as they were because I know you don’t want do it, but if you ask my opinion as an user here it is 🙂

    However I can live without tab prevews, so you can make them as you want ’till I can disable it

  • I don’t care either way about the previews bring back proper tab pinning!

    • escruting

      Hear hear, and stop this nonsense about needing “continue where i left off” enabled, because this makes the pinned tabs remember every page you visited on that tab for months/years, that sure isnt very good for performance.

      Has been like this since “pinned” tabs was introduced on the new Opera. Does Opera care? No. Because all the features are implemented half-baked and with half-working usability. Just like set custom columns on the speed dial, why no custom rows? Is this something difficult to think or develop? Maybe i should be a developer or software advisor.

      Thats the problem, if you start seeing things from other perspectives or a bit more negative thant the blogposts/weather reports where opera sells these new features, you can find a lot of examples of poorly implemented/thought design.

  • Izer0

    This superbig preview is absolutely useless, and have bad usability, it’s hard to looking on tabs on top of window and then looking on preview somewhere in centre of screen (specially on big screens), my eyes cry. Then I need look back to top to find another tab… Absolutely wrong usability. O12 with thumbs below tab was excellent.

  • Snow of March

    I cannot get the reason why the preview size is not customizable. By introducing this setting, both side people will be satisfied.
    I think that former Opera has consider that numerous customize way is important for user. However recent Opera seems to consider that uniform UI is important. Also it often seems to extinguish old way before new and better way is determined.

  • Onno Willems

    Whoops, that was a rather comical survey. 3 closed questions that do not let you indicate whats good or bad with preview at all. As can be read in the lots of comments, the current preview concept is flawed in many ways, while the previous concept (in O12) is hailed by most users as very good. Mmmmh, now what would be a good way forward. You guys have so much tough decisions to make…

  • cgebhard

    In my opinion the previews as they are implemented now aren’t too bad. I actually like them. They were handy in legacy opera but they are handy now as well! It’s just a matter of individual taste and preference…
    oh, speaking of preference: Why not give users the option? You introduced the hidden superuser settings, but the last time you actually added something to set there feels like long time ago.

    I also wonder why you aren’t interested into the latency time in ms the users here set after several weeks, when they found out what works best for them.

  • knuthf

    Is it possible to disable the feature on Mac? You mess with timing and cause a segment violation – and reset the browser. I know this is beta, but when it is so easy to reproduce and Chrome does not suffer from this: Get rid of it, and move back to the old, not-so-fancy tab preview.

  • knuthf

    Where are the Widgets? – like notes you could make and save things on, a simple calculator, history, would like a translator (to match Chrome) – simple things that once made Opera different. Sorry, I use Chrome to write this, but it is stable, reliable and fast. Opera is big and bulky.

    • David_Gould

      Err Opera pretty much IS Chrome now.

      Widgets were abandoned in favour of extensions. You can use most Chrome extensions in Opera now.

      • knuthf

        I prefer Chrome extensions in Chrome. Opera had some advantages with the widgets in that you could extend functionality by silly but useful things. That Firefox and Chrome does not go down this road just made Opera different. If the intent of Opera is to be a variant of Chrome, it is doomed to fail. The only way to survive is to be different and unique.

  • Lacedaemon

    There’s a big fundamental difference between the old preview and the new one. Old Presto preview was thought for finding the right tab amongst many by just looking at the thumbnail (worked nice with tab-stacking too), while this preview is thought for having a peek into one tab without switching from the current one. Decide what you want to do and what is most important. In my opinion, the first is more important and much more useful.

  • Previews are nice because they allow us to quickly (without clicking) walk around open tabs. But they would be much more convenient if you add new “Tab List” to page context menu with a bit “smaller” but “instant” previews. Tabs are too narrow for quickly visiting without accidentally going out of them, specifically when my eyes are focused to big full screen previews. Tab List button is a nice addition but it’s too small and too far away from my pointer 😉

  • Kari Ikonen

    Those previews worked best way for me to by… turning them off. 😐

    Clearly there is different kinds of advanced users, since this feature wasn’t fitting my territory (*)

    (*) Waiting still to get back advanced opera 12 features like actually working CTRL + TAB (and tabs) 🙂

  • niknoliktwiddle

    Please, allow your users to choose the level of opacity.

    • Why? Give us a compelling reason to do so.

      • niknoliktwiddle

        Because most of the websites have white background and their content is in the middle of the screen. There is a significant deifferance between 80% black opacity (of the preview) and clear white background of current website on modern sreens (above 20 inches). So, the human eye must adapt to higher difference between the levels of light.

        • David_Gould

          He might have a point.

          Can you increase the opacity a bit eg 10-20%? There’s a balance point between what he said and the background being distracting.

    • alayli


  • Daniel

    Really disappointed about this bad survey. If you’re not interested in the details that are done well – and the many more things that don’t satisfy me, for that matter – then I don’t see much of a reason to ramble on here in the comments.

    The tab preview is yet another feature of the new Opera team, which was a nice idea with a bad execution. The bookmarks manager is another, where all kinds of user feedback seems to be ignored.

  • shucream0808

    Tab list is very useful, I think.
    The preview from tablist needs enable tab preview.
    But I don’t need the preview when mouse-over of tab (activation time is short for me), so I would like to want settings to enable/disable the preview from mouse-over/tablist, respectively.

  • Courtney Miles

    I don’t use tabs to preview “what is happening” on another web page. I use to identify that I’m switching to the correct tab, before I switch to it. So, for me, it’s an aid to help me switch tabs.

    I don’t mind the new previews, but I think I would like it more if it also showed neighbouring tabs.

  • A. R.

    why no tab stacks?

  • floief

    I like tab previews and will keep using the feature. However, for my taste, they’re too large. The first time I brought one up it startled me. An option to have small, medium and full size previews would be nicer.

    And, while I’m nagging, “Guest” on another blog sparked an idea I can’t shake. For all the work the team has put into the speed dial/start page/bookmarks idea…I tried to like it…..I tried to use it….in the end….with a couple of extensions, I killed it. Well, more like locked it up. Is this relevant to the discussion?….sort of. Along with the GIANT tab previews, the new start page/bookmarks/discover feature is, for me, too big. It gets in the way. “Guest” said why can’t we marry the old with the new? Put the bookmarks, in a nesting folder tree, in a side panel which could be expanded to a tab to view site snapshots if the need arose. But, I thought, why couldn’t there also be a viewer in the bottom of the panel where we could “preview” a snapshot of the bookmarked site once highlighted? We would have organization, site snapshot previews and the whole thing, in a panel, could be closed and tucked away out of sight but easily re-opened.

  • AS

    Why Opera 25 opening in smaller window? Fix this to Opera will open in normal big window.

    Why did you remove some options from installer?

  • raczg

    I just want one thing: right click + mouse wheel = tab switching with a small preview. Thats all. Please. Thanks.

  • Basarium

    “tabs preview” should work along with “delay loading background tabs”, that means, if not loaded then load on preview

    anyway, this feature is great!

  • pedralm

    So about the “tab preview”…
    I would prefer that instead of a GIANT (pre)view, as someone said, if it was more of a row of thumbnails directly under the tab list so we could see many at the same time. That would allow a random access search rather than an iterative search like we have now. (if memory serves… didn’t we have this in some Presto version?)
    And please, bring back the right-click + mouse-wheel !

    About the survey… it really doesn’t serve much detail. Where is the basic question “are you satisfied with the current implementation of tab preview”?

  • Robin Harding

    …i seem to have lost preview, how can i get it back?…

    • Vux777

      enable it in is off by default

      • Robin Harding

        …i would if i could find it…what’s it called and whereabouts is it?…cheers

        • Vux777

          scroll down a little bit

          • Robin Harding

            …thanks, all is back to normal…much appreciated…