Another round of improvements is coming to our Next channel. This build includes Chromium updated to version 37.0.2062.94 and a couple of bug fixes. Warnings for unresponsive plugins were often mentioned in the comments as a source of annoyance in the previous build, so we changed the timing and now they should appear less frequently. Let us know in the comments if it works better now.

More details available in the full changelog.


Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac

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Opera Next for Windows (installer)

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Marcin Mitek, for this Opera Next and Beta Build 24.0.1558.51 update !

    Small changelog but this is a mysterious one :
    DNA-25224 Rename Opera Next to Opera beta – request from the autoupdate beta stream

    • NoName

      It’s probably so the auto updater looks for “Opera beta”, and not “Opera Next” in the future. So this might be the last Next we see 🙂

    • L33t4opera

      I must admit, that for me, one of the most important changes in this version is that it includes the Chromium updated to version 37.0.2062.94 😉

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Marcin, thank you for the update, and fixes 😉

  • Mister

    Dear Developers, what features are you currently making?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Developers usually don’t discuss about upcoming features.

      • Mister

        It’s no good ) Because it is interesting.

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          If you check out the flags in developer and what’s not completely finished that should give you an idea maybe? 🙂 *hint hint* bookmarks!

          • Mister

            Of course, bookmarks, this is the main theme now)

          • LoverOfLife

            Waiting for a long time to Import/Export boomarks feature (as html) :))

    • Read the changelogs! Its a log of mostly everything we work on that is published with every release.

  • Iger

    Hey, Opera team!
    Is there any chance to reintroduce right-click+mousescroll for tab switching together with the tab list as in the old Opera?

  • Stanislav Stratil

    Will there be any improvements to tab preview feature? Or is it already “finished”?
    Because i dont like the current state of it in dev version.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What exactly you don’t like in tab preview?
      Just saying that you don’t like something is kinda useless, it’s always better to explain the reasons for which you don’t like it

      • Stanislav Stratil

        Im not using it. I just tryed how it works, and it just didnt feel right compared to tab peek from v12… It is slow and I think it will be just annoying to have it turned on.
        And I guess it was already said on this blog what is wrong with this “preview”. Im just asking, if there are any plans for improvements…

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          It’s probably not completely 200% finished, but I don’t think they will work a lot more on it either as bookmarks are in the main focus at the moment. But minor improvements are made in every little update 🙂

          • So you want us to reimplement it to reach 200 %? Or how exactly should we get to twice the completeness of one feature? 😉

          • Look at the screenshot above, you’re biting the dust.

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            I hit the wrong button ._. I meant 100%, completing something twice is unnecessary, but improving it is always worth the effort :3

      • Should be more featured, Opera’s been outinnovated by others.

    • Jonathan Aanesen
  • ammodytes

    HIDPI bug (feature) still not solved????

    • You will have to be a bit more specific.

      • ammodytes

        Hi Daniel, problem is with my laptop (15.6 inch full hd), everything looks bigger now, text is good quality, but graphics (images etc) looks like low quality (not too much, but doesnt looks pleasent to eye), i need to zoom out to have nice view (like in 023 or older). Dpi is set to 125% in windows settings, i use w7

        • sgrandin

          I commented about this with the last build of Next, giving specifics on how much more screen space Next is taking up vs. 12.17 on the same pages (Windows 8 set to 115% dpi).

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, try this workaround, maybe this will help, also in your case 😉

          • ammodytes

            Sadly this dont work for me 🙁 I hope google and opera will fix this mess…

  • ayespy

    Smaller updates closer together. One would almost suspect that Next is getting ready to go Stable.

  • AlexBrtn

    The error remained. Problem of hangup of the browser: processor loading by the browser of 100% as hammers all random access memory. Frequency of appearance of a problem: once in some days.

    • tdudziec

      Could you give us some steps to repro for it ? Do you remember what actions were you doing during those ‘anomalies’ ?

      • AlexBrtn

        operacrachreporter sends permanently reports

      • AlexBrtn

        I don’t know what steps. As usual youtube surfing of the news sites, etc. I set plug-ins AdBlock DisconnectDownload Chrome Extension(it is disconnected), DuckDuckGo for OperaGoogle Publisher Toolbar(it is disconnected), LastPassRSS DetectorSmart RSS помощник(it is disconnected), Search by Image (by Google)Xmarks Bookmark Sync(it is disconnected)

      • AlexBrtn

        sometimes it occurs when you close the browser, and processes remain and load the processor for 100%. It is necessary to kill processes of opera.exe or compulsorily to reboot

    • SQL

      I’ve faced this issue twice too. My problem was that i couldn’t kill the opera.exe*32 processes. Tried forcing them as well as i could but one always stayed open. Had to restart the whole computer to fix it.

  • Dark Magician

    Stash managing, also a missing feature, when is it coming?

    • tdudziec

      We are going to abandon stash soon . It will be transformed into bookmarks in near future

      • Fhury

        any chance of keeping the way of displaying bookmarks like stash does as an (display) option?

      • Nick Schaedel

        Could it not be easily repurposed as a ‘reading list’ for high turnover saving of links? You could do something like Safari and have an infinite scroll that opens the next link at the bottom of the previous article.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski


      • Howard Dean

        …well that sucks I’m glad majority got their damn bookmarks but anyway making it option to keep stash intact?, really loved the visual slider for for certain pages

      • plague

        I really don’t see why you can’t have both?
        Unsorted bookmarks = Stash.
        Just call that bookmark section Stash, hide it from the Bookmarks manager and keep the Stash page. Done.

        What’s really annoying about Stash becoming “unsorted bookmarks” is that the Bookmarks submenu will get very cluttered very fast with all those unsorted bookmarks.
        Also, the viewing settings of the Stash page were quite good and are nowhere to be found in the Bookmarks manager.

        So again, keep both. Unsorted bookmarks would be Stash and would be hidden from the Bookmarks manager and Bookmarks submenu and only be accessible through the Stash page.
        When saving a Bookmark, you choose if it goes into the Stash/Unsorted bookmarks, or if it goes into a regular Bookmark folder.

        It’s a simple solution that would make everyone happy and would look and work well.

        By the way. You first introduce Stash, make a very big deal about it and at the same time make a big deal about how unimportant Bookmarks are.
        Then you introduce Bookmarks and backtrack completely, downplaying Stash entirely and all of a sudden Bookmarks are king.
        That’s not a good way to promote your product.

  • Yet Another Opera Lover

    Just as I’m getting a Chromebook, just as I’m switching to Chrome as my main browser, suddenly Opera has EVERYTHING I could want.

    Ctrl + Tab – It’s BACK, baby, and it’s even better than before! (especially with the last minor update)
    Bookmark manager – A REAL, honest, bookmark manager

    Plus Pepper API and PDF.js incomming?! I’m getting excited about Opera again! =D

  • Is there any chance that you’ll ever take the training wheels off and let us pick our own search engines as default? FWIW, the black bar is still drawn across the URL window upon launch, Windows 8.1 x64.

  • Shion

    Don’t know if it’s the same here, but 23rd Stable Opera doesn’t remember dropdown menu choices in password forms. Should it be that way? A bit inconvinient to login with right password into wrong domain (ex:

  • Alex Parker

    Will you ever fix the bug with flash players on various sites? Example – Player controls are supposed to appear when you hover your mouse over the playing video. Oftenly, they don’t. This bug has persisted for many, many, many months. Maybe its finally time to fix it, no?

  • Geza

    Any chance that you can integrate a text search field, next to search field? Or at least enable such an option. I know about Ctrl+F, but this would be a much better solution.

    • You could get a button on the toolbar to open the inline-find toolbar using the extension API.

      • Vux777

        Opening Chrome/Opera native inline-find feature?
        … or recreated through some extensions toolbars mimicking original feature?

      • plague

        That would be jumping through some extra hoops for the same feature that exists with two keystrokes.
        a Searchbox on the toolbar would make the feature available with one mouseclick, saving time, but having to first click on an extensionbutton in order to open the searchbox negates that timesaving.

        It may seem like nitpicking, but if it’s a feature used very often, it adds up.

        I really, REALLY, want to be able to place custom search boxes on the toolbar, like in Opera 12. It would save me alot of unnecessary time compared to having to wrestle with the Omnibox (which fails to recognize some URL’s and instead make a Google search for it, which puts the exact same URL as first result and which I cannot edit the search engines in any meaningful way) or having to first click on an extensionbutton in order to open a custom searchbox.

  • This new 24 version still has the flag plug-in monitor ? Some one see it in flags ?

    And could not let us change the timing of the unresponsive plugins ?
    I search a lot on the Internet about this timing change and right now nothing found 🙁 But you change the timing so this should be possible, but probably is not in the opera options or settings ?

    And this is now fixed: “DNA-24995 [Win] Flash plug-in slowing the computer” ?

    • OK i updated and plug-in monitor flag is still here.
      It will be cool if it come back in developer this flag to…
      And to change the delay for it to…

  • And 1 more bug using 2 displays makes opera show the Opera menu in the other screen 🙂 strange…

    • Go to display propierties and in screen resolution select:

      1. Duplicate displays if you want to have same content shown on both.
      2. Extend displays if you want ONE desktop across.

      Opera menu will show in your primay display.

      Not a bug.

      • Yes it shows on the NR:1 dispaly but this is my secondary display. You tried out to see ? on my 2 displays the menu is show in the secondary display and I use opera in the first display that it is NR.2.
        But you need to put your nr1 display up right and your menu will to to the nr.1 display that is for now my secondary display.
        What I say is that the menu is not show up in the same window of the Opera I use and the menu will show up in the display that i do not have any opera use there…. strange…
        Do you think that opera menu should show in the other display that it is second or first it dose no matter it should show up were opera window it is no ?

  • DDX777

    Developers can make to the downloaded files can be dragged from the download directly to a flash drive or desktop?

    Разработчики могут сделать чтобы скачанные файлы можно было перетаскивать из загрузок сразу на флешку или рабочий стол?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s already possible but you need to click on “show more” or go directly to Menu > Downloads.

    • Vux777

      you are from the old DD series? ๏̯͡๏

  • And it will be not more better for the plug-in monitor to not show up like a pop-up ?
    Or could you make the browser to be not be bind with the flash player so when flash get stuck or slow downs the pc to keep it only for flash so the browser will not get stuck and to make it still work ?
    Like if we have 2 browser installed one for flash and the other with no flash this way if the flash stops or has a problem it will just block the browser with the flash this way other browser will have no problem no ?
    If you get this what I want….

    • There is a technical reason. A plug-in can cause the main window to hang. Which is why the warning comes in a separate window. Otherwise, you would not be allowed to force-quit the plug-in and restore Opera’s potentially unresponsive window.

      • Like I say a full multi-thread browser should never get all the windows hang and only to hang the window that it is with the problem. That is why the call it a multi-thread browser right ?

        If not our only way to escape this problem is to launch a lot of browsers exe from the windows… but this will be a to much fuss…

  • abdolahi gsm2

    do you have any plan to go 64 Bit?
    chrome 37 is now 64 Bit !

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Based on what was said before, i don’t think it’s a priority now.

      • Erick Partida

        If you are using OS X, would be nice to run java again

    • chrome 37 is on 64-bit ? how 2 in 1 or 64-bit with 32-bit separated no ?
      I need to look at it
      Probably Opera wants to get a stable engine first with 64-bits then to go at 64-bits….

    • probably after chrome gets at a stable version mostly right now they are at beta version.

    • I would say they will (I would guess it is being tested internally)

  • YM

    Opera Next

    on Independent newspaper site

    1)click Print on File menu
    2)click on left arrow ()to return to previous page and Opera Next freezes.

    also, Print on website pages does not seem to work on all sites
    have to use Print on File menu

  • Could not opera move the Opera menu to the Right below the X ?
    To fix my problem in dual screen and to have the menu used more faster and more easy to ?
    Chrome already has the menu below X….
    Plus it will save a lot of space for tabs that why they use the menu to the right it is more faster and more better there.
    I think ff is using it there to….

  • A lot of bugs found by enabling (Click to play) feature of the plug-ins mostly flash…

    This games is not showing the play button for flash:
    and this one and probably a lot of others to…

    And the kongregate chat gets stuck/blocked at loading the (Game info loaded) in all game chats.

    This extremely bad for players that plays on kongregate if they start to use Click to play….
    To fix this select back (Run automatically) recommended….

    • Good that some game was not showing the (flash play button) because I could not figure it out why the chat was not working any more.
      I was thinking it that it could be a version of chrome engine problem in the past I was having a lot of problems with this chat to load on some the chrome browser…
      But now I figure it out that mostly it was a problem probably with flash that was blocking the chat to load.

    • Yep a lot of sites content breaks with the current way clicktoplay for plugins is working

  • Fritzt79

    Embedded youtube videos behave very badly (hard or impossible to use their overlay controls) since a few builds now. Is this a known issue? Only happens for Opera (firefox, chrome, interner explorer behave ok)

    Win 7 x64 SP1

    • I see this issue in Opera 23, but I can not confirm it with this build.

    • plague

      Only Flash based Youtube have this problem.
      The html5 version doesn’t, so you could enable that version instead to avoid the problem:

  • Bob Dole

    NEWEST Build…STILL issues with a couple specific pages. I had one of our web guys look at it breifly and he says he can see the error as a ‘jquery’ error in Opera when inspecting the elements. Does that have to do with my version of java? is that specific enough to give me some direction on how to address it in this version vs previous version?

  • Guest

    Still getting a crash on specific page(s). I had one of our web guys take a super quick look; he inspected elements and said it was crashing on a ‘jquery.min.’ Is this an issue with my version of Java? How can I address this. It didn’t occur in 23Next builds.

    • jquery is java script.

      • Bob Dole

        Yup. I’m aware of it. I just don’t know what changed between builds where it’s crashing now and you have to reload the page all the time and 23 where I didn’t have any issues.

  • littledoremi

    I can’t seem to open Facebook Chat Sidebar after this update. Anyone else getting this?

    • littledoremi

      Clearing the cache worked to solve this.

  • Josip Kozarac

    Besides Opera v12 bookmark manager & other Opera v12 things, can you make a download window with all options as in Opera v12 => Run, Save and Cancel, not only Save and Cancel. I want to have an option for open things! When I download a small ZIP or RAR file, I opened it every time, not downloaded it. I don’t need that ZIP or that RAR file on my computer. In new versions of Opera, there is no option for Open button. Why? Chromium? OK, but you could (must :p) put that option in Opera.

    • ahoj1234

      dream on 😀 respectively I got positive feedback like an year or at least half of this year ago that they will (or are going to) work on the download manager (I had even more requests how to improve it than you) and I was told that some of my wills may eventually get true. Time passes and nothing is already implemented beside “resume download”. So just hope that it’s under development and somehow it just take a long time to improve (like well known cause about synchronization).
      To be honest deep in my mind is something like they already said that “open” option will not come back but take it just as a rumour from me.

      • Josip Kozarac

        Hm. ‘Cause of that, I think I will change the browser for good (some Firefox based browser). I need “Open” options and if this true what you say, it is big good bye and thank you to Opera for all this years!!!

  • I have problems with gmail. After a while gmail just stops working and everything I do does not get pushed to the server. I have to close Opera and then I get a message asking if I wanto leave this page. After I run Opera again it works fine for a while again.

  • Should GPU process be at 1.1GB of Memory usage?

    OS X 10.9.4

  • Jacek

    Built 24.0.1558.53 lost functionality of printing from

    Windows 7 Pro x64

  • Cross Belmont

    The Click to play is still popping up when im trying to Stream vids, even with the automatic checked. How about fixing that thx

  • Jon Froling

    How do you export bookmarks to a html file? Opera is just another Google’s half-baked Chromium piece of crap…

  • JensE

    That’s it! I’ll abandon my Opera 12 and will use Chrome instead on my Ubuntu machine!

    This is so sad to see this constant declinig. Tell me please, why on earth the skin of Chrome should be better than Chrome itself! :o(