Hi everyone,

We are rolling out another 20 version with some new critical bug fixes.
This build fixes an auto update problem on Mac where the auto update process prompts for user credentials and then exits immediately if run as an unprivileged user.
We have also fixed a problem with Off-Road mode not working on some ISPs.

Get the new build here: Opera Stable stream.

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Full changelog

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  • sofa~

  • Kurt Zon

    thank you

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Helge, thanks for the info, and critical bugs fixes, this version seems also a bit more stable 😉

  • aminiesta


  • tafugate

    thanks very much for the update. but how come betanews had it yesterday, before the desktop team blog?

    • Vux777

      because they release every new build silently on download servers couple of hours before official announcement, sometimes a day before… to put ease on servers, and for the last check

    • nanana1

      It was posted as a blog chat by some members here yesterday too. 😉

  • Krasen Ivanov

    I read Opera stable 20, and I’m like – wait what version am I using ? 16 or 17 ? then WOW its 20!

    • I_Am_ZeuS

      I think WOW effect be never. A pity…

  • Chas4

    :up: updated

  • Artem

    It’s not critical, but alert message with html looks ugly. Please, fix it

  • Sidney Moraes

    Thanks for the update!

  • Carson Coyote

    “DNA-18177 Rename “Compression mode” to “Opera Turbo” for Russian language”

    Can it be “Opera Turbo” for other languages, too? I think that name makes more sense than “Off-Road Mode.”

  • I_Am_ZeuS

    Tell me dear developers! You that there are 3 people in the team??? Can you sit down and do ALL at ONCE???
    At such a pace, everything will be “as before,” only in Opera 99.0…
    Your sincere fan, Zeus!

    • Sohrabi

      If you have a look at changelog, it’s just only bugfixes!

  • Amido

    bookmark integrated on Opera sync… ;__;’

  • Gabriel Cardenas

    There is a problem loading the pages, too slow, or they get infinitely loading, plus compatibility issues. No problem in IE or Chrome…

    • Anton Chelnokov

      i have it too.
      if i open new tab and type address then it freeze for long time(minutes).
      if i click mouse-middle-button tab will not load conntent until i click the tab. but it any way slower than ONext 20..

  • eXzentrik

    My keyboard sometimes stops working in Opera 20 under Windows 8.1 x64. I have to restart the browser to solve this. Can’t reproduce the bug, but it happens quite often per week. When it happens, the keyboard is still working in other applications and Windows itself. Very strange problem.

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      Same to me on Windows XP 32-bit.

  • docwho

    is google play store working for everyone else?

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Just noticed that the rename of “Compression mode” to “Opera Turbo” in Russian language was intentional. I thought you’ve had some sort of regression… It looks like lacking translation. “Compression mode” (Режим сжатия) was better. If you really want the word turbo, better write, “Турбо-режим”.

  • Linus Thörning

    The 1 pixel border above tabs in fullscreen is a f*cking disaster. And so is how clicking with the mouse-wheel is considered as yet another mouse-button when It should be opening new tabs.

    • Vux777

      disaster? ๏̯͡๏
      if you need dragging window, it’s there (easy to point mouse far up and drag)…
      if you don’t want it, disable it in settings…
      why drama?

  • PeterLT

    Hello Folks,
    Which bright spark removed the single-key keyboard shortcuts option? As someone with disabled hands, I’ve been using them from version to version and the idea of pressing and holding one key and tapping a second is not within my capabilities. Please, can we have them back? Thanks.

  • ml0k

    Thank you, Opera. You were my favorite browser. But I don’t need a Chrome clone anymore. I’m breaking up with you, it’s over. I’m so sorry.

    Seriously. Thank you for all the work done but migration to Webkit was one (actually more than one) step back. The killer features of ol’ good Opera had been gone and haven’t been returned to users yet. No bookmarks. No advanced customizations. Messed up download manager. It’s hard but it’s time to say good bye.

  • OK i tested import bookmarks to bookmarks bar and all the folders i needed came perfectly, very good , many thanks, i did not know this were possible

  • NunayaBiddness

    Hi, I recently installed Opera 20, switching from Chrome and want to like it, but need some help. While I was able to import Bookmarks from Chrome with the use of an add-on, I can find no settings or menu to change the color of the skin or the font size on the bars or header…Not a Theme, a Skin. Am I missing something?

  • Ðani Ðunphy

    I have been a loyal Opera user for years and have resisted other browsers for 2 main reasons… Opera has a notes option and i love the side panel that has all my bookmarks, notes, history, etc. Today i downloaded the new Opera 20 and noticed that both of the options are no longer available. I am very unhappy with this. The panels i can live without, but the notes feature i would really like to have that back. Maybe its time to check out what the others have to offer 🙁

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      Try Google Chrome. Of course if you don’t hate this browser.

    • clusterdreamer

      Try Maxthon then.

  • Alex

    hi guys, I’ve installed Version:20.0.1387.91 and I don’t see where is my Sessions tab? to save my sessions. It was my favorite feature in Opera

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      There’s no Sessions tab, because it’s ChrOpera.

  • Alex

    guys, seriously, without Tabs/Saving Sessions its not the Opera anymore.. Why take away such an epic function that you originally came up with? I LOVE Opera browser, and been using for years because its so fast and convenient, especially with Sessions.. Forget about 3-d party plug ins, no matter how many I used on Firefox or Chrome they all sucked big time.. Bottom line, I simply go back to 2012 Opera, and keeping my Sessions feature… Seriously guys, bring it back.. I rarely even care to write these kind of reviews but when something like this happens you HAVE to listen to the customers’ reviews…

    • Vux777

      you can just right click on any tab and save the whole session as SD folder

  • UMaster 7

    any chance to get print preview soon?

  • UMaster 7

    scolling issue (blinking grey bar at the bottom; no end of the page when scolling down) on http://www.lkhf.at/feldkirch/hno/index.php?type=show&id=HN2011-03-11-280709&v_id=c640f360b877779b95653563cff01bb8 (same with dev version of Opera) @ Win8.1×64

  • Charles Broam

    My message to the Opera desktop team: Goodbye to You.

  • Alex/AT

    Is it possible to integrate Mail into new browser? At least using some kind of plugin?

  • Faster100

    Hey. Error updating occurs in all new versions of Opera, except 12.16. How to fix it? (Vindovs 8.1 Update 1, Comodo Internet Security 7)

  • UMaster 7

    imdb search engine is chosen incorrectly. I doesn’t allow symbols like ö, ä, … Does someone know the correct syntax?

    Putting in words with symbols like ö, ä, … manually works, e.g.: http://www.imdb.com/find?q=Die+Wüste+lebt


  • Dimitar Katsarski

    I appreciate very much the hard work you guys thrown on building to the new version (maybe from scratch?). It is clearly that it is more stable and with more beautiful design. But good things ends here. It seems to me that the new version is a DEMO! And I hope it is! All of the most powerful functions that make this browser preferable to me are no longer available! Why?
    I appreciate one smart thing from you – the installation of 20 is independent from 12 so I kept the old one too. I tried 20 but without these extra functionalities I was forced to go back to 12. So no need to uninstall 20 and install 12 again.
    Again, I hope you add the old extras in the new browser!
    Wish you luck! 🙂

  • Red Gnarotom

    I came back and installed Opera 20 just to see what happened since. I left when the “new Design” struck a year ago or so, and rebuilt all the nice functions in Firefox. Most of all I need the ability to customize my browser as I want, to work efficiently.
    Most of the powerful functions that made Opera preferable to me are no longer available! Still good on mobile devices, just plain unusable as a professional tool on my computer. So sad …
    Bye again and good luck.

  • Zuo

    I do not understand one thing, so many people write that they do not have enough settings and chips from the opera 12.xx. Is it hard to get them back? Is better to do anything, but not what people like? Many people, including myself, sit on and wait until 12.16 return the chips that have been before, that would go to the opera in a new dvizhke.Mnogie write about it, ask, and the 0. Eventually you just lose your audience that slowly, but surely goes to google chrome.

  • eXzentrik

    I got a problem with the URL autocomplete feature in Opera 20. When I type “youtu” in the address bar, it doesn’t suggests “youtube.com”. Instead, it lists a specific URL to a youtube video, which I’ve seen a while ago. Even when I delete this specific YouTube link from the history, the autocomplete feature still suggests me this link. There is a similiar behavior with other domains, too – i.e. cloudantivirus.com.

    Perhaps, deleting the whole Opera history would be a workaround – but this is not an option for me. Is there already a bugfix in one of the upcoming releases (Opera 21 & 22)? Or is there another way to fix this manually?

  • Roman Di

    I’m still using opera 12, because new one is still unusable.
    Please, add:
    – open new tab after all the tabs, not next to active
    – menu item ‘open frame in new tab’
    – private tab, not full window!
    And yes, I am still waiting for Dragonfly you promised a long time ago.

  • Roman Di

    Two more things:
    – how to hide tab ‘Close’ button?
    – how to enable showing full url with GET params?

  • OldHickory30

    Not to beat a dead horse, however, I will….Is there ANY possibility to have the option to set a custom search engine as DDG as default? Several versions ago I was told its a security issue, yet this feature is available in virtually every other browser, some browsers go as far as choosing what search engines I want on my home page, and God knows it would be great to get rid of the big Google Bar, which mind you, I can even do in Goole Chrome! Everything else I love about Opera, why can’t I have another default search engine other then Bing, Google, and Yahoo?

  • OldHickory30

    Not to beat a dead horse, however I will….Is there ANY possibility to have the option to set a custom search engine as DDG as default? Several versions ago I was told its a security issue, yet this feature is available in virtually every other browser, some browsers go as far as choosing what search engines I want on my home page, and God knows it would be great to get rid of the big Google Bar! Everything else I love about Opera, why can’t I have another default search engine other then Bing, Google, and Yahoo?

  • Al Nairn

    Hi Operatics,
    Given you’re trying to move people over to using Speed Dial instead of Bookmarks, any chance you can make Speed Dial able to have more than just 1 level of folders?
    I’ve got old bookmarks with 3,4,5 levels of folders and I can’t import them because it just makes a mess with them no longer grouped, all just dumped in one folder…

  • eXzentrik

    On some sites, a middle mouse click on a link opens the link in the same tab AND in a new tab. This happens on bundlestars.com for example (try the links under “Hot Deals”). A middle mouse click should open a link only in a new tab and not in the same tab.

  • Vux777

    new stable 21.0.1432.57

  • A. S.

    Hello, my Opera stable 20.0.1387.91 does not open (start) and instead I have this error:
    “”At least one file with resources is corrupted or unavailable.
    Please reinstall Opera.”
    I tried to uninstall through Control Panel/Programs/Programs and Features/uninstall and it does not uninstall.
    Tried to reinstall on the top of it a newer version and all files I download from the internet report unknown publisher and that they have no valid signature.
    Cannot delete through system restore as my oldest restore point is newer than my Opera.
    What can i do?

  • Ian Gaskin

    I have never seen an ”update” that goes backwards or nowhere such as this, and this ‘stable’ opera is the biggest load of rubbish I have come across. I will have to look at Firefox [if it is still around or something else. Why o why do idiots have to fiddle when something good ”’needs”’ fixing [not]