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  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update, and info, Mateusz 😉

    • nanana1

      Only a few seconds faster, nice update ! 😉

  • NiceSuperName

    Where are real bookmarks? Is you planing this at all?

    • NoName

      You should look in the Developer version for that.

      • Fhury

        Does not harm to remind 🙂
        Thanks for the update!

      • NiceSuperName

        Unfortunately it seems like I should look in the Firefox for that.
        I hate the fu…ng opera team.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I guess the collocation ‘real bookmarks’ has become a conclusive marker for non-constructive proclamations, like ‘cheap energy from nothing’ or ‘help a Nigerian prince to smuggle his money’… 🙂

    • No, already stated before. Not a priority.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It was said before that there won’t be any updates /development regarding bookmarks in the future; they’re focusing on other things.

      • Not quite true. Its been said that we will not comment on it publicly until such time that we have something to show for it.

        • Not quite true, as last year one of your colleagues promised bookmarks would be prioritized, and some months later another one of you said it wasn’t even a priority.

          • ayespy

            It was a priority until we got basic functionality. Perfecting it is not a priority. Personally, I can totally live with what we have and need nothing more – except the ability to vertically arrange the bookmarks toolbar on the right of the screen.

          • RX-3200

            do not tell us about the basic functionality in a context where we still do not have access from UI to the field “description” in bookmarks Imported from Opera 12, and it field still empty when creating new bookmarks, although it should be filled in automatically like “name” and “address” fields
            so now in new Opera – existing bookmarking functionality is worthless and far from “basic”

          • ayespy

            If you want specific features, I suggest you can go ahead and agitate for them. Bookmarks, it would seem, will be brought along a bit at a time right now. Repetitive “where is bookmarks?” postings are obviously a complete and utter waste of time, and serve as nothing more than an irritant to readers of the blog.

            “I need such-and-such in bookmarks” might get some attention and, who knows, might get some action.

            And I will “tell you” (who are the “us” who have elected you as spokesperson, BTW?) about whatever crosses my mind, so long as it doesn’t violate comment policy, if I feel like it. I do not comply with commands on blogs as to what am, or am not, to do.

          • RX-3200

            your joke about the “specific features” – not funny
            it was a standard feature for many years at the old Opera

            if you do not understand what it means to “where is bookmarks?” – pass by

            “I need such-and-such in bookmarks” – also not funny, everyone understands what is meant functional of bookmarks we had in our old Opera (Presto)

            us – all who imported their multiple bookmarks with the filled field “description ” from the Opera Presto and waiting when they become function fully, and not partially
            us – everyone who has repeatedly asked the bookmark manager in comments on this blog
            us – all who lacks button “bookmark ” in browser address field near to the “SD” and “Stash” buttons
            you to us from the moon fell ?

          • ayespy

            You appear to imagine that insults, bullying and whining will get you the browser you want. As that is not the case, and never will be, you probably need to adopt a browser that has all the things you want and leave Opera alone.

            Better still, find one that has ALMOST everything you want and insult, bully and whine at its developers and users until it is perfect for you (if for no one else). Because really, although that never works, I’m sure it will work for you.

          • RX-3200

            immediately obvious that you have no clue about what you writing
            yes, in the past were real examples of how what we wrote in this blog led to real changes in the program
            so don’t tell me about what you shure or not, especially if you realy did not know about it

          • ayespy

            I’ve only been using opera and participating in feedback on its development since ver. 6, so for sure I have no idea what I’m talking about.

            I agitated HEAVILY for bookmarks, and am happy to say that was a successful push. At NO time did I bully, insult or whine. I merely made my SPECIFIC needs known as thoroughly and as often as necessary to actually engage and move the developers toward seeing things our way. I gave practical examples of how this or that feature aided in my work, and how I needed to return to the UI. I continue this – regarding things like vertical elements movable to the left or right side of the UI, visual tabs, etc. I do not bully, whine or insult. You do, including in your comment above, where you attempt to belittle me and order me about.

            Since I have seen my approach succeed and wseen yours fail, I have recommended you adopt a successful approach.

            If you choose not to, that’s going to be your problem, not mine, as I am completely capable of ignoring useless comments while striving to help create a better browser.

            It’s interesting to observe the different types of personalities in these comment threads – those who seek to get their way by digging in their heels and trying to make others feel bad (or stupid, or guilty, or foolish), for not catering to the needs of or adopting the viewpoint of the commenter, and those who seek to cooperate, encourage and recommend. We have both peaceful protesters here, and bomb-throwers.

            How do you catch more flies – with vinegar, or honey?

          • RX-3200

            it certainly is all interesting, but own words above you created that impression …

            for information delivery – good working any way,
            so “types of personalities” – nothing to do

            practice shows that “logical toxic trolling” works faster and more efficiently… at least in the past… right after the removal of such comment by admin, if lucky it gives simultaneously: a new build with the required patches and ban for trolling … but you can try to get a quick result at your peril …
            so dont tell me about vinegar and honey
            just, another way

          • Fhury

            Well said and so true!

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Oops, there was a “near” missing on my reply.

          It was based on this:

        • dizdizzie

          I hope bookmarks and sync will be back soon.

        • Alaknár

          Is adding the “nickname” functionality actually that hard to implement?

        • klasnic

          That is a lie.
          BK said:
          “For the time being we are not working on further improving bookmarks. There are things with higher priority, ie. synchronization, better tabs handling, and many many others. Penguin fans also wait to be satisfied.”

          Not to remind you that April is ending and you got not even a Linux build.

    • lalala

      You should check the browser called Maxthon. Maxthon has everything that the old opera 12.16 had + more. Instead of waiting.

      • ayespy

        I can’t understand why people keep saying this. Maxthon has NOTHING that I liked in old Opera 12.16. It has no built in mail client, no ability to set vertical tabs on the right, no ability to set permanently visible bookmark bar on the right, no visual tabs, no fully customizable UI, basically NOTHING in any way similar to Opera 12.16. I wish people would quit telling this lie.

        • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

          There’s no browser, which looks similar to Opera 12. I used for some time ChrOpera, but I went to Chrome.

          • ayespy

            Well, have fun with Chrome. Personally, I can’t stand it.

          • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

            Ah, I forgot: A polish person is currently create a browser which in the future will look similar to Opera 12. There will be build-in mail client, probably visual tabs and more. This browser is called Otter Browser 🙂

          • ayespy

            I have been following Otter Browser.

        • lalala

          It’s true Maxthon does not have built-in mail client and vertical tabs. But other things are possible to change. I’m guessing that you do not spend 20 minutes to check the settings and other things that you can customize.

          • ayespy

            I checked whether the interface can be changed in any way which makes a difference for me. It cannot. I checked for each feature I care about. It literally has nothing I want. At least a browser like PaleMoon can be made into a poor imitation for Opera 12.16, essentially duplicating every function and UI feature (except visual tabs), including a mail client that can share the screen with your tabs and bookmarks bar. Maxthon is nothing of the sort. It may have features some people like, and a couple of these may even be similar to a couple of Opera 12.16 features. But “Maxthon has everything that the old opera 12.16 had + more,” is simply a completely false statement. You and everyone else should stop making it.

        • Eric83

          I agree. Maxthon is better than even developer Opera (and it’s available in Linux), but it is still bereft of most of the features that made the old Opera so appealing. I strongly prefer having tabs at the bottom, and Maxthon can’t do that, and it offers very little in terms of cookie management and site preferences.

      • okjhioj

        A better browser to try is the Yandex Browser:

        I check back here from time to time to see if they finally implimented real bookmarks – which are native to Chromium that they seem to remove.

        I don’t know why they think they will gain users by taking features away, especially basic ones like bookmarks, but I’m pretty much over Opera.

        Try Yandex, you will like it!

    • oic

      try this, best book manager extension that I could find so far

      may need the extension that allow you to use chrome extensions

    • klasnic

      No they aren’t. Switch to any other browser is my only advice.

  • Kęstutis Šliužas

    I like Opera, but only thing I miss, is when I choose to download file, opera asks to save or cancel, i really miss ability to Open a file.
    Also my friend went from Opera to Firefox because he cant no longer stack tabs, but he said as soon opera brings back this feature hes back to Opera.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      If you double-click the download popup, it will remember the request and open the file when it’s downloaded.

      • Kęstutis Šliužas

        yeaaah, no, thats not it

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Yeah, I know, the real power of the Open/Download/Cancel dialog is that it shows the file size before downloading, at least in IE.

          • reesmichael1

            To me, the real power of the Open/Download/Cancel dialog (and one of the few features I truly miss on a daily basis from Opera 12) was the ability to open a file I was downloading and have it automatically saved to a temporary location.

          • SQL

            They already commented about this. They said they don’t see it useful enough to implement, i really wonder what’s useful for Opera guys these days..

            Maybe it’s all about the effort/reward ratio which they seem to be following..

        • Bjarne Bertelsen

          It, very annoying not to have the “open”option.

    • Have a look at Download Control. It adds “open” to the context menu 😉

      • It’s such a pity that I can’t install it right now in the Developer version, because the extensions screen is broken. 😉 But I will as soon as I can.

      • It doesn’t work for me. “Open” from the right click menu gives me the “Save” dialog.

        • Yes, that’s OK. I guess you checked “always ask where to save files” in Opera’s settings.
          Just choose a location. It’ll open it.

          • It gave me the dialog even with the setting unchecked. Now I’ve left it unchecked, restarted Opera, and there is no “Open” entry anymore in the context menu.

          • very suspicious. Sounds like it got corrupted somehow. I’d suggest uninstalling, restarting (Opera) and installing again.

  • pgr
    ??? Opera 21 and Opera 22
    CPU AMD Athlon XP 2200+

    • Max Nrws

      I’ve got the same problem. WInXP SP3 CPU AMD Sempron 2800+ (and old Pentium III)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Have you tried another installer?

      • pgr

        online, offline, O21, O22, next, dev
        only O20 is OK

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And the autoupdate works?

          • pgr

            O20 – yes
            O21 and O22 – I don’t know 😉

      • Max Nrws

        For me last working version next, dev is: 21.0.1419.0
        Network installer, autoupdate, and normal setup – all broken for me 🙁 (checked md5 sums, and download is ok)

        Now only Opera stable is OK (20.0.1387.91)

        • Same here. This is the second or third Next install release that fails completely like that.

    • christian

      Same with Athlon XP 1700+
      Opera 21/22 install fail on WinXP SP3

  • Babua Sheni

    my thoughts are that you should stop this madness and get to work like you were working with opera 12

    • klasnic

      They ‘ve jumped the boat of casualty nowadays, there is no turning back.

  • David

    YEAH! Optimising for higher DPI levels. =) I can’t wait to test it at the my livingroom computer.

    … And I hope for a more extended UI configurations (moving the tab-bar to the left) in the future. 😉

    • Well, technically it’s the same as Opera 15 to 18 on Windows @ 200dpi. So don’t get too excited about it.

      • David

        Okay, I’ve tested it in the past (v12, v13, v14) without success.

        So I’m write from the new Next version and well… Maybe it’s the first time, that the “new” Opera is usable on this PC. =)

        • Saskatchewan

          Do you mean like… Opera 13 and Opera 14?

  • João Gonçalves

    I receive an error when trying to install. It says I need administrator privileges to install.

    • Contact your administrator or select install only for your user. If you’re updating a previous version, this option is greyed.

    • Mateusz Madej

      We’re aware of this bug and working on a solution. The problem occurs when old instance of Opera is opened and new tab can’t be opened via Windows methods.

  • Alexandre Cavaco

    Has anyone got a problem when opening a PDF inside the browser and the page stays grey? (using Adobe Reader plugin)
    I have this problem since the last Next version, this one did not fixed it.

    • ayespy

      They say they are working on it.

      Personally, the only PDF plugin I ever consistently had problems with was Adobe – so I quit using it some years ago and have literally never had another problem (I use PDF XChange. Some like FoxIt, but that also gave me problems from time to time).

    • rrzepecki

      You can try to use this extension to open pdf files in Opera browser –

      • Alexandre Cavaco

        I just did it earlier this morning, but thanks nevertheless 🙂
        I do prefer using the extension instead of the plugin and I’ll keep using it even if the plugin problem is fixed.

        • klasnic

          Except that the viewer has major problems with chromium based engines, like not rendering all pages properly, bad fonts etc.

          • Alexandre Cavaco

            Well, I’ve seen the “bad fonts” problem like you said…
            But as a faster “preview” it will have to do, I can always download the pdf afterwards and open it in other software.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Interesting. HiDPI for only a specific Windows font scaling, in Next, not Dev…

    So I’ve set Windows font scaling 200% in an XP VM, with HiDPI flag by default (off), and here’s what I see:

    + font for SD items and SD context menu is OK;

    + fonts for Opera window title, tab titles, main menu, and page context menu are not OK: they are as if without HiDPI.

    + longer SD context menu items are truncated: “Добавить на Экспр…” (in Russian, “Add to Spee…”);

    + line interval in SD context menu is too small;

    + line height for SD title is too small: Google looks like Gooqle.

    P.S. With the HiDPI flag on, the fonts are just godzillian.

  • please add open link in new tab gesture. I could pay for this feature 🙂

  • I wrote this on the previous post about Opera Next and it’s still happening to me:

    There’s something strange happening when I scroll down in the Discover tab. As it loads the new content, the tab blinks shortly. Is it just me or is it happening to somebody else?

    I’m using Opera Next 21.0.1432.31 (x64) on Windows Pro 8.1 (64bits).

    • meh

      It is just you, nobody else is using Discover. 🙂
      The blinking thing is a Chromium bug. Maybe this is Google’s way of avertising the Blink engine. Ha

      • Vux777

        I experience those thing when messing with flags (GPU, threaded composing, layer stacking etc)
        on default, everything is fine

        • Hmmm, I see. But I haven’t messed with any of those things. It was just fine before I did the upgrade to Opera Next 21 from Next 20.

      • It makes sense. lol

  • Sohrabi

    Very nice feature for one version! we are so excited!! believe this comment!! We are all waiting for 200% DPI and other things are not important.

    • klasnic

      Agreed 100%

  • tjnapster555

    when we are going to have bookmark sync option ????

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Most probably not on a Next update within the same version.

  • Mister

    Dear developers. Whether it is possible to make the same address line, how in the Opera 12? that it remembered addresses gathered manually – not to look for them in the history.
    that is: you gather the address, you press enter to pass – and the address it is remembered in line, and in typed_history.xml

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      Maybe they implement that, but I don’t think so.

  • iG0Lka

    useless update again: (

    • Leonardo Gomes

      For which reason?

      • I can’t speak for iG0Lka, but this is the second Next update in a row where the installer crashes after unpacking. Autoupdate didn’t work on the previous upgrade, either. I can’t test auto update this time because somebody suggested uninstalling the previous Next build and then updating, but that didn’t work, so I’m without Next at all until they get around to fixing this serious bug.

        I was able to go back to the last released Opera stable build, but I don’t know if it will fail too next time it’s updated, since it appears to be an issue with the installer (Developer fails as well).

        Or maybe this is how Opera is dropping support for Windows XP users? With a crappy error message? 😉

    • klasnic


  • Tom Lindberg

    Here are the results with my high dpi screen.
    HiDPI flag turned off: Normal sized UI, but terrible upscaled pixelated text
    HiDPI flag turned on: No change, same as above.

    Results after right-clicking Opera and checking the Disable scaling on high DPI on the compaptibility tab:
    HiDPI flag turned off: Microscopic UI, but text looks nice and crisp no matter how much you zoom.
    HiDPI flag turned on: Text is still great, but rather than making the UI appear normal sized, it’s gigantic and some stuff is glitchy, for example, you get four favicons (2×2) on each tab.

    I think that’s all possible configurations. When is it supposed to work?

    • Mateusz Madej

      If You’re using 200% DPI setting in Windows it will scale itself. The full HiDPI is not yet ready so the flag should be turned off.

  • Madness

    This version is stuck in a crashing loop for me, it stays open for a few seconds and then it crashes, is there anything I can do to fix it? Any report I should submit? I already disabled every extension.

    • Michael Fallenbüchel

      Same here, started with the last Next Version

    • Which platform are you on?
      Any plugins installed?
      Did you manually alter any files?
      Does it reproduce with a vanilla USB install?

      • Madness

        Windows 7. Yes but I disabled pretty much everything. Not that I recall. I didn’t really try, I wouldn’t even know where to find it.

        • Vux777

          history is usual culprit in that situations (when upgrade is made)…try clearing it

  • Wraith

    I really really like Opera but my main problem with all this version are two things: Full sincronization and bookmark Manager, is kind of frustrating hoping to get those Main features in every iteration and at the end you need to wait longer.

  • fake

    Opera will scale with 200% DPI screens
    opera is dead

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Next builds doesn’t add features – new features are chosen that time when Developer version are promoted to Next. So you can’t expect massive changes but “just” bug fixes.

      • fake

        the full sync when coming?
        include:history(chrome just 3months,i hope opera will save all the history),instant tabs,passwords,filling forms,inputed words。

        • ayespy

          You don’t listen, do you?

    • klasnic

      Yes it is, since O15 the same. Bug fixes and chromium updates.

  • krusha

    This and previous Next builds are totally unusable for me. They eat almost 100% memory and freeze my PC. Win 7 64bit

    • Wraith

      Sometimes I have random freeze too.! but only on a low specs PC

      • krusha

        PC is good. Now works OK

  • reyaz

    Hey Opera Team.

    How about you go and fix this Chromium issue?

    Because it would probably take Google another 5 years.

    • Maniac

      Yep, this bug is really annoying.

  • Kevin Thompson

    Bring back mouse gestures on links, please!

    • klasnic

      Very unlikely. A year was needed for showing the full url adress, imagine what this would take…

  • britanicu

    so, what do i get from Opera 12 in this new releases ?

  • hacel

    When and if at all will import / sync passwords? She Opera 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, is already up to 22 and that there is still no :/ Even with 2 numbers and probably quit this browser :/

  • Still no bookmarks, sync and linux version. I’ve been just watching the changelogs come up since Opera 15 release.

  • Yet Another Opera Lover

    Every week I check the desktop team blog, and every time I hope against hope that this month will be “ditch Opera 12!” month.
    – An Alt+Tab-style option for switching tabs ala 12’s Ctrl+Tab
    – Tab groups (double-plus if they fix the behavior of ’em)
    – An actual trash bin for tabs (not just Ctrl+Shift+T or digging 3 menus deep to find the one I want)
    – FIT. TO. WIDTH.
    – OMG the F12 menu. How I’d love to toggle stuff again.
    – OMGx2 for “Edit Site Preferences”. Being able to whitelist OR blacklist plugins/javascript per-site is amazing
    – Non-flakey password saving. The current system is MESSY.
    – REAL bookmarks? I miss those.
    – Extensions? Not high on the list, but I think we have ’em now? They’re just not compatible with Opera 12’s OR Chrome’s, which disappoints me.
    – Torrents? (Now I’m just dreaming)

    This is all OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD, this is not me sitting down and carefully building a list. There’s probably other Old Opera features I use daily that I forgot to jot down.

    Back during the first announcement, I honestly believed that the new Opera was basically gonna be Opera 12 with Blink. A year later, it’s still a crummy Chrome with nice mouse gestures. Heck, it’s not even that; there’s a Chrome option for Linux.

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      ChrOpera will never be cool as Opera 12. They making completely a new browser for new people, not for people, which used Opera for years (from Opera 9 or older). You should wait for Otter Browser, which will have all features from Opera 12 and some from Maxthon.

      • Hunk

        But it will take Otter Browser not a year to recreate all the O12 features. It’s so sad, because Opera Software has a lot bigger staff and still refuses to implement at least normal bookmarks manager. Opera 12, which i still use on my job, is dying slowly. And it has a lot of problems with websites today: no mega support, terrible performance on, even Disques comments works very bad and slow =(

        • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

          But only one person or more people (I’m not sure exactly) is working on Otter, while Opera Software has many people, so they should add more features to their browser in short time, but we still see they add a lot of bugfixes rather than a lot of new and old (but improved) features.

          • Hunk

            So true.

        • ayespy

          “But it will take Otter Browser not a year to recreate all the O12 features.”

          I disagree. If only one guy is doing it, and given the current pace of development, it will take well over a year, if ever, and we cannot be certain he will stay on task until it is done. We cannot be certain he will keep it secure, updated and maintained into the future. He is one guy.

          Further, he has already stated he will NOT bring back all the old O12 features. For instance, mail is a low priority, and he doesn’t even know where he’s going to get that code yet or how he will marry it to the browser. There are other specific features he has said he may or may not get around to including.

          The current interface is extremely primitive and lacks the most basic expected traits like URL completion, omnibox, element alignment, etc.

          I’m sure it will get better – maybe even become my preferred browser. But if you think it’s gonna be the new O12 in less than a year, you are dreaming.

          • Hunk

            I think you misunderstood me, what i wanted to say that it will take Otter Browser not one year (2-3?) to create smth really familiar with Opera 12. So, there are not so much of alternative for old Opera users. Firefox is my choice for home browsing and perhaps for job soon.
            Sorry for misleading 😉

          • ayespy

            Then we agree. (except on the use of firefox – which I still cannot get comfortable with. Palemoon is more my speed. Still, Oper 21 Stable is my primary browser, for all its shortcomings.)

          • esp3tek

            Stop to wait for it…
            I’ve been forced to change to Chrome + simple speed dial + Sexy undo Close tab + neater bookmarks.
            Chrome isn’t like O12, but works for now while we’re waiting Opera 42

          • Guest703

            And yet, Otter already feels far more like Opera Presto out of the box than any other browser. Otter is still in alpha, give it another 6 – 8 months and we should see some really good changes.

      • klasnic

        “They making completely a new browser for new people, not for people, which used Opera for years (from Opera 9/10/11/12 or older).”

        Indeed that is the truth of the matter.

        • Hunk

          Well, Nightly Firefox builds has new “simple and modern” interface which i think is absolutely dumb. Yea, there is an extension which returns old interface, but it isn’t compatible with themes so not the best of a solution.
          Let’s hope Mozilla will not re-imagine the browser and users will not be abandoned like with Opera.

          • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

            And other extension need to install to have normal Firefox rather than Firechrox. I understand they need to improve perfomance in design, but for sake, if I want Firefox, but with ala Chrome design, I can simply go to Chrome. Firefox is Firefox, simple, but not for Mozilla. The future for browsers is strange, really 🙁

          • if I want Firefox, but with ala Chrome design, I can simply go to Chrome

            I say this for Opera and I’ll say it for Firefox, there’s no argument here. You’ll lose the different features and values the company supports…

            And I don’t even think the new Fx design looks like Chrome…

          • klasnic

            Haven’t tested those, only the original version. If that is the case that will suck too.

    • klasnic

      Yep that is the truth. Stick to O12 until it is no longer usable or switch to FF. Opera as you knew it is dead.

  • New developer build when? Ideally with fix of the “cannot open user profile directory” issue. 🙁

  • Meelis Rommot

    My extensions are not updateing themselves. had to do it manually. How long is this bug present already?

    • klasnic

      Manually you do it like this: control panel -> programs -> uninstall Chropera. Then install a more PC-centric browser or Opera 12.16.

    • Automatic update for extensions works correctly. We’ve just done testing on on Opera Next 21.0.1432.39. Update can take up to 5 hours after Opera start.

      Is there specific extension that doesn’t update? How long you wait for update to appear? How you perform manual update? Manual update triggered through opera:extensions pages does follow exactly same route as one that is triggered automatically.

      • Meelis Rommot

        Well, the facebook speed dial extension didn’t update itself, I had to remove it and then add it again. I did same with some other etensions, Adblock Plus and Disconnect I believe. Turn Off The Lights is now up to version but the one I have installed is still For some reasen they just won’t update by themselves. Just remove and add again, that helps.

        • Could you try to go to opera:extensions page. Enable developer mode and press ‘Update now’ button. It should trigger same update mechanism used for automated updates.

          • Meelis Rommot

            For some reason that did the job. But it never happens automatically for me. Does it give some kind of notifications when it updates extensions automatically? Cause I’ve never seen one. Most likely cause it never happened, but i’m just wondering how it happens for other users.

          • Automatic update of extensions is silent so there are no notification. Seems like update mechanism is working, just automated one isn’t triggered.
            Could you check following:
            – find Opera profile folder (go to opera:about and it’s path should be there)
            – open Preferences file from profile
            – find “autoupdate” entry and post it’s content here, everything that is inside {} (it should be under “extensions” and contain at least “next_check” entry)

          • Vux777

            while on extension subject…
            My Opera (every build dev, next, stable) is creating this files after every session. Inside of every file is a list of extension that I’ve installed from Opera addons catalog (I have more extensions, manually installed). I’m not sure, but I don’t think that other users experience this. It is USB install, win7 x64, on ramdisk…

            btw. my autoupdate timestamp is
            last check – 13042140766548066
            next check – 13042161848555398

            most online converters is telling that date is from 2011 !!

          • This timestamp is in Windows epoch. Most online converters work on unix timestamp so this dates can be way off.

          • Vux777

            what about those strange files that are multiplying constantly?
            any way to disable it?

          • Meelis Rommot

            Here you go.

            “autoupdate”: {
            “last_check”: “13062013017636263”,
            “next_check”: “13066431242830664”

            It’s under etensions.

          • Is your current system date currently 18 April 2014? If so then this would confirm our assumptions as to cause of this bug.

          • Meelis Rommot

            And you are correct on my system date as well. 18 ‎April ‎2014.

          • Cool. This means this will be bug “DNA-19456: Users are able to virtually disable extension autoupdate by changing system date.”. Hopefully will be able to get this fix into next Opera 21 public builds.

  • Vux777

    I’m not sure is this was happening before, but when clicking in history “Last week” or “Last month”, Opera is showing todays sites. It is fresh install from yesterday. I suppose those pages should be blank.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      It’s always been like that. ‘Last month’ here is defined as from now minus 1 month till now, not as the month immediately before the current one.

      • Vux777

        oh.. tnx

  • AB

    All was fine until I updated Opera Next to this version! Now it completely hangs on startup and a blank black screen appears on the webpage area, stays there for a long time. During all this you cannot click anywhere on Opera nor open any tabs. I have to leave it like that for 10 minutes or so and only then things normalize and speed dial appears :/

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Looks like the old bug with history files. Try removing History* from the profile.

      • Fukurokudzu

        thanks a lot, that helped.

      • AB

        Wow, thanks so much Dmitry, browser does not hang anymore, but still the launch is not as smooth as it was in the previous versions…has a little bit of stutter. Never mind, maybe the next update will fix it too. Cheers~

  • SQL

    Would you like to share your information a bit for us, what are you working with / planning to do next? Last time you said tabs were your main focus, do you think tabs are now finished or will you still work on improving tabs? If they are finished what’s next in your list? Your users are getting a bit sad for the lack of communication.

    • klasnic

      yeah the lack of a feature roadmap and sincere and honest communication with the userbase is a total letdown since the beginning of Chropera, 8 versions ago. It’s like they don’t care anyway… which actually…. they don’t. New user base targeted, no communication needed.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Well, during Presto times there was no roadmap either and the communication wasn’t better than it is nowadays.

        • klasnic

          During Presto times there has not been a reboot from scratch nor was it promised to bring back the features that are important for the user base in order for it to switch. Also communication was way better, you are wrong.

          • ayespy

            Having been here since ver. 6, Leonardo has it right.

          • klasnic

            Only then it was different, maybe sometime you can understand that…

          • ayespy

            Of course it was different. That was then, and this is now. That was a different time and a different product.

            The browser market was different, the web was different, the challenges faced by software companies competing for web space and users were somewhat different (especially with the new dominance of tablets and smart phones as web devices), web technologies were different. Opera dreamed that they could mold the web to their standards-driven model, and they finally realized this would never happen.

            So this is a totally new and different product, written from scratch, trying to meet the market where it is today, while hopefully not leaving the old market behind.

            But the developers are, if anything, more engaged and responsive to us than they were in the past, and AT LEAST as fast in evolving the totality of the shape and capabilities of their desktop browser, even though desktop is a dwindling market share for everyone in general, and Opera in particular.

            A company that can change with the times will survive. One that cannot will not. One that can change with the times yet still drag most of their old customer base forward with them, will not only survive, but will grow faster than its average competitor, which is the case with Opera.

            Firefox is mere months from the same type of uproar we saw here, when their Windows desktop interface and customizability change.

            IE “modernized,” and did NOTHING, in my book, to actually improve the browser. I still can’t stand it, but now in new ways.

            Chrome, with their bottomless bank accounts, carpet-bombing PR and armies of developers got a huge head start on Opera on the “new” web, but Opera is now gaining on them again as to features, speed and usability.

            I am hopeful, not bitter.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            There weren’t any promises regarding features come back. I just remember they saying that they would bring bookmarks back, what they’ve done.

          • klasnic

            Yes there were. This major one:
            “We have neither asked nor forced our 12.x users to upgrade to Opera 15, as we know that some features that are important to you are still to come. So, while you are very welcome to test and use Opera 15, Opera 12.x will still be alive for some time. You can expect that we will keep Opera 12.x up to date and secure. In the future, once we are comfortable with the feature set, we may ask you to upgrade.


            “Opera 15 is released, but it doesn’t mean we’re relaxing now. With our new rapid-release cycle, we are already hard at work on the next versions. Right now, we are focusing on synchronization (aka Opera Link), enhanced tab management (visual tabs and so on) and support for themes – and these are just a few of the features you can expect to find soon in our next releases! So, stay tuned for some of the most loved features to return soon, better than ever.

            Still waiting for those….

            From July 2013

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, as i said, there are no promises in your quote. At least none regarding the return of Opera Presto’s features.
            They said that more feature will be added to Opera Blink and this is happening on every single version.

            Anyway, no promises regarding what would be added back or when they would be added back.

            Also, as you should know, time changes, things change and they need to change focus constantly.

          • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

            And where you see this new features in each new version of ChrOpera Developer, huh? They only add one, two or three features every new version and you think that they add a lot of features? I don’t care about new flags, because it’s just a experiments, not a FULLY WORKING FEATURES.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            As you’ve said, they add new features on every single version. No matter if one, two or ten.

          • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

            I think you didn’t understand what I’m trying to say.

          • SQL

            I don’t honestly give a fuck about Aura; it does nothing at all for me. This version gave us; bugfixes. Last version gave us; Aura. Aura is useless for me, not a feature. 3 versions ago; Bookmarks bar which is useless in its current form. Speed dial “customization” so you can create fucking folders. yay. (speed dial is also useless for me)

            I mean, Opera team can’t see this comment or what?

            It LITERALLY has 558 upvotes and ZERO downvotes. Does the Opera team have eyes at all? Still they say that’s not what people want…..

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Just for information: downvotes are hidden by disqus, so we can’t see how many they are.
            Also, as guests are allowed to vote, we probably have lots of fake votes.

            And, of course, the ones that are satisfied will not come here to say it.

          • bruce lawson

            Sure, we can see the comment. However, tens of millions of people use the product, and the churn rate is less than that of Opera 12, which suggests that millions are happy with the bookmarks bar. As promised before, we’re looking at ways of extending bookmarks in a way that’s more usable, yet unobtrusive to the 90% of users who never use bookmarks.

            (Can you please not swear anymore in comments? It offends many.)

          • Cqoicebordel

            You can’t infer that. Because, you can’t also infer that the only reason the churn rate is less than that of Opera 12, is because Opera 15+ crash less and break less pages.
            Maybe Opera 15+ without bookmark is better than Opera 12 with it. But it doesn’t mean without bookmark is than with it.
            Millions may not be happy, but they coped, and agreed to pay the price of a stabler browser.

          • klasnic

            Are you blind or something? Or is it the fanboy inside you that makes you behave in such total denial?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Nope, i just know how to read a text. And i also know that things aren’t stationary and also that there is a difference between promises and expectations, possibilities.

            Anyway, they’ve already said that they don’t intend to clone Presto features. A few may return (and some already returned) but many others won’t.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Btw, many of those features that people now want back not even were implemented depending on the period of the Presto Era that you take and all of them had lots of users complaining about their implementation.

            And I’ve been following Opera since the 1990’s so i know that the communication with the users has never been better than it is today.

    • Leonardo Gomes
      • SQL

        After this they released the ‘a bit more engine-ish’ post where some new tab functions were added. I wonder if that’s all they were going to work with tabs.

  • Luke Dalton

    After the last update I can’t open google and youtube pages. In the same pc I open google and youtube pages in firefox and opera 12.16, but not in opera next 21.0.1432.39.
    With all others sites works….

  • Dark Magician

    Development is going too slow. It has been said million times here, I know.
    I was excited at firs, and I don’t mind change if it’s for the better.
    But now, too much time has passed, and still we are missing stuff, the reasons why we started using Opera in the first place: Wide range of options.
    Make it truly how you want it to be, that’s the ”selling” point of Opera.

    This has transformed into an identity crisis, and I’m guessing lack of resources.

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      At least we need new Easter egg to play with…

    • Ayrton

      The delay/problem currently is known as “Aura”

      • Leonardo Gomes

        I think that Aura caused a delay a while ago when it was being implemented in Opera. And that was the reason for the delay on the release of Opera Developer 21.

        Now the issue must be another, maybe something related to the silent update.

        • This is still Opera 21 (and it shares code in development for the 22 stream too).
          I think Aura was implemented up to a point they could ship it in a beta that wouldn’t crash every 5 seconds, now the greater stability and UI work must be achieved.

  • CMAR606

    HELLO OPERA!! What about us Linux Users? were stuck in the dark ages still!????

    • klasnic

      yep… they have abandoned you, isn’t that great? It is your fault actually, go get a trendy Mac or a hipster tablet. Then you will enjoy Discover and Stash to the max.

      • CMAR606

        and how is it my fault?

        eww mac yuck!

        • klasnic

          You know a thing or two about computers… this is too much for the target group of Chropera…

    • In the past Linux users differentiated themselves from the rest for not being so dependent.

  • Maniac

    I’m finding that hitting Ctrl-B in gmail is adding my page to the speed dial rather than bolding text. This only started happening fairly recently, it’s quite annoying.

  • Шамиль Саттаров

    How to disable “Go to parent directory” feature? I am using ctrl+backspace to delete word, since you changed this shortcut, it makes me cry

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What is this feature?

      • Шамиль Саттаров

        Ctrl+Backspace removes the last directory of the path component of the current URL. So I can’t use Ctrl+Backspace for simple removal of the last word from the input field where I am typing now.

      • Шамиль Саттаров

        Ctrl+Backspace removes the last directory of the path component of the current URL (and I’m leaving the current page when using this shortcut). So I can’t use Ctrl+Backspace for simple removal of the last word from the input field where I am typing now.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It seems that you need to put the cursor on the address bar first, jus after the word you want to delete.

          • Click+drag works in Opera 15+ again (I don’t know since which version). 🙂

    • Dmitry Kirin

      You can assign it another key combination in the file Preferences (close Opera and backup the file first!):

      "Keybindings": {
      "Basic": {
      "ParentDirectory": [ "Ctrl+Shift+Backspace" ],

  • MarshallRaylanGivens

    I’m waiting 22 stable in order eventually to set Opera as my default browser and that because of Directwrite (Chromium 35)! Can’t wait!

  • fake

    What‘’s the Undo closed tabs mouse gestures?

    • Vux777

      there isn’t any mouse gesture (native) for undo closed tabs
      you can right click on tab and choose “Reopen last closed tab” or from O-menu “Recently closed”
      it’s either that way or with extension (for mouse gesture)

      • fake

        its suck

  • Thomas Woo

    Hi Opera Team,

    Thanks for working on the HiDPI issue on Windows – unfortunately while the UI does seem to be the appropriate size now, the default windows scaling seems to be in effect, so Opera is very pixellated and blurry. I have a Dell XPS 15 with the 3200×1800 display, and 200% scaling on. I’ve attached a screenshot of what Opera 21 looks like vs Firefox.

    Hope you can fix this, thanks!

    • Rinne Tensei

      It is because of chromium, It has the cheapest font rendering algorithm. you can differentiate it even in normal page loading. eg. loading in IE11 vs firefox vs chromium

      • klasnic

        Indeed even in Opera 12 fonts look so much better. In Chropera they just look thin and fragile it’s like they ‘re suffering from a bad disease.

  • Steven

    What happen to reload every? If you removed it why hasn’t anyone created a extension or plugin to address this? I ask because I use Opera a lot for ebay and now I may go back to using Firefox or Safari!!

    • Vux777

      why don’t you make extension and solve the problem? ツ

      • Steven

        Because I’m a business owner not a coder!! 🙂

      • Why users have redo things that were already there in the past?

    • klasnic

      Because Chropera sucks that’s why.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Steven, you can try the “Page Reloader” extension, or the “Auto Refresh Plus” extension (to install it, you need firstly install the “Download Chrome Extension“, or install it directly, using this link).

      • klasnic

        Or you can switch to Chrome once and for all Steven, if you are to use their extensions…

        • L33t4opera

          Hi Klasnic, the “Page Reloader” is extension for the Opera 😉

          • klasnic

            I guess it “is” but “is it working?” I’m reading a lot of comments there that it doesn’t work properly… So no cake for you 🙂

        • Vux777

          …or you can switch to Chrome forums/groups and troll there?! ツ

          • klasnic

            hacking for extensions mate, yes that is the truth…. bitter but true.

    • Chas4

      I am wondering when the option to reload a speeddial image every x amount of time is coming back, I used it on the dial

      • klasnic

        Judging by 8 versions of Opera with no new features at all except “pin tab” and a handicaped bookmark bar I would say never…

        • I would guess sometime in the future, they have a lot to do to the to the engine & other parts, like Blink work

  • pidgin

    I’d love to set opera as default browser but it can’t import bookmarks from firefox

    • ayespy

      It can, using the Chrome version of the XMarks extension. You just install XMarks in both browsers and sync.

  • Predrag

    On this youtube page
    avatars are shown on clip when clip is extended!

  • There is something in the flags down the list a bit that will cause Next to hang after a few minutes of being open (I thought I posted it here already but looks like it was lost)

    OS X

  • Restore session failed after a system crash ( I had about 4 windows and a bunch of tabs), any way to load the previous session?

    • session.dbak is your only chance… 😛

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        And if Opera starts crashing and session.dbak is not enough you could find sessions also from session.dbcrash-1 etc. – they can also be renamed as session.db.

  • aaa839

    I am a tester of opera next too
    but I got a unexpected crashes when I surfing,,uploading any files from mediafire,
    or attach the files from desktop,the opera process will crash itself
    But I can’t create a dump file of it…

  • Hello, it is possible to set a fixed number of columns in Speed Dial, please?

    In the settings I can set the maximum number of columns. If it were possible to set a minimum, the problem would be solved.

    I want the same number of columns regardless of the window size. Otherwise, it’s confusing and hard to use.

    Thank you.

    • Alexandre Cavaco

      I’d like this also. On my work laptop with a 1440×900 resolution, when using big Speed dials, only 4 columns are shown. If I hide the speed dial search bar, 5 columns are then shown (as I would like).
      This is some kind of bug, as the search bar only affects vertical space, not horizontal…
      On a second monitor (1600×1050 resolution), this doesn’t happen.

  • fake

    why my comments is deleted?

    • klasnic

      probably because the truth hurts

    • Leonardo Gomes

      1) They were put under moderation by Disqus or 2) They were against the commenting policy.

    • icetom

      one of mine was also deleted, comment was not against rules and merely just gentle criticism. I actually thought disquss just bugged again, but it did not appear again.

      • fake

        opera team members deleted it?They can’t bear the sucks?

  • Francky3084

    It was the last time I use Opera. So so so so much disappointed by what you made Opera … InOperant …

    By far, Opera was the best browser on version 11-12 and now we are in the number 22 and feature are simply ri-di-cu-lous.

    Opera is clearly dying now.

    • klasnic

      It was dead on arrival I would say

  • Rinne Tensei

    update it already. we need directwrite as soon as possible (O22) + ditch stash, replace it with a true book mark manager + bookmark bar auto hide when page loading, come out on mouse over + make discover == stumble upon

  • Predrag

    I’m using Opera 21 and Opera 22 and in in both of them option to play video is not working when I translate subtitle.
    Clicking on play video do nothing.

  • A. R.

    The summer 2014 deadline for end of support for Opera 12 is nearing up and yet the new Opera lacks a lot of power user options previously available.

    Actually it seems that support for Opera 12 ended almost a year ago when the Next was released as alpha-beta, as not a single not even a minor update has arrived for Opera 12 since 12.16 — yet there are lot’s of old and new security hazards on the internet.

    Will Opera 23 will finally be the version where Opera 12 can be kicked goodbye?

    When will the new Opera be sufficient enough for power users?

    At this pace, the new Opera being a joke, and no security updates to O12 — I’d rather use even IE than the new Opera.

    People have waited a year and to think of even upgrading from O12 isn’t even looming around the corner.

    When? What version? Sounds like Opera team has lost it… 7 major releases and dozens of smaller releases…. until the user gets a possibility to see a full url!

    Sounds like Opera cannot be taken seriously anymore. After a year of showing it off it has huge fundamental issues, still. Yet we want to believe in Opera – but our patience is pretty much gone after all these months.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The summer 2014 deadline for end of support for Opera 12 is nearing up and yet the new Opera lacks a lot of power user options previously available.

      What deadline is that?

    • Actually it seems that support for Opera 12 ended almost a year ago when the Next was released as alpha-beta

      Funny, because 12.16 was released after 15.0.

      there are lot’s of old and new security hazards on the internet

      And how many of them affect 12.16?

  • Khairul Skmt

    Isi it any problems on dev teams… it is so slooow on hell! no updating since 1 weeks ago!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Welcome to real world.

      They are probably fixing bugs and stabilizing things so Opera 22 can be promoted to Next soon.

      • Wraith

        I hope they implement new features instead of what you said, don´t get me wrong I know bug fixing is important but there a lack of new features like a good Bookmark manager or full sync.

      • And Easter. @khairulskmt:disqus @disqus_AkcyBsrHmZ:disqus

  • Roy Matthews

    Have been a loyal user of Opera desktop browser for a fair few years now, why? because I have always trusted the company and really liked the browser, even when things have not been going great for it. Since the departure from Presto last year which I had some positive and negative thoughts about, I have remained upbeat with regard to the direction the browser was travelling in and optimistic that the devs would deliver a product the was a great alternative to the big two, this has not been without patience and self restraint at times to write on this blog over the past year, which I have refrained from until today. With all that said above, I felt after my woeful experience of using this browser to try and enter and pay for my entry via the on-line application for the Virgin London marathon 2015, so I decided afer much thiught I owed it to myself as an Opera user to express my feelings. I was using the most stable version of this browser to enter all my details etc. on the on-line application, which closes when it reaches 120,000 applicants which took a few hours last year, so you could say I was in a rush to get my application completed and paid for. All was going fine until I attempted to finalise my payment and application when all that I kept getting was a page 404 error, this left me with no idea if my payment and application had been received successfully and left me scurrying to my inbox to see if there was any email confirmation of my application being received, which there was not ! So to the rescue came a piece of software that very rarely sees the light of day on my PC, Internet Explorer which worked flawlessly and enabled me to complete my application with ease. Maybe not such a big thing or drama for most, but the whole purpose of me running marathons is to raise as much money as possible for underprivileged and sick children, so I was desperate to get a place in the short time the on-line application would be open for. I have always understood and sympathised with users frustrations, impatience and rantings on this blog of the recent slowness of improvements and feedback from those ( in the know).
    This experience this morning has left me wondering how much longer I will continue to trust and use Opera as my everyday browser of choice

  • DD64

    New Opera version is out: 12.17
    Can we get a changelog?

    • Guest

      Edit: Nvm, was an old link.

    • Bogdan Sokolov

      Unbelievable, but it’s true!

      • klasnic

        It’s not unbelievable they said the last update would come mid 2014 and then O12 would be abandoned.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Most probably a security update.

    • zhnujm

      And they put so much work in it….
      Outlook bug is still present in x64 version.
      My default search engine switched to Bing.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        As said back un july 2013, Opera Presto would only receive security updates, so you shouldn’t be expecting other bugs to be fixed.

        • zhnujm

          yes, putting one missing file (public_domains.dat) in the x64 installation was surely to much work.

  • dflyra

    I don’t want to insult anybody, most of all the developers who are working around the clock! but…. I’m afraid there are no guidelines, no priorities: they work like a serial port.
    I want a bookmarks manager and I want it now! I want better – much better! – mouse gestures! I want something of the Opera 12 magic. What are you doing, anyway, keeping the O12 alive? Don’t you see that a year after you’ve abandoned it, it’s still haunting your efforts? Today I downloaded O12.17 and began cursing myself that I use chromium.

    • klasnic

      Indeed so it is. Too bad your post is going to be deleted. You see they don’t accept critisicm and sadly you are not a hipster or a computer neanderthal to be useful.

      • This is not true, dozens of comments critizing Opera can be seen in this blog and in the forums. They’re not deleted.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What are you doing, anyway, keeping the O12 alive?

      When Opera Blink was released back in july 2013 they said that Opera Presto would continue receiving security updates if needed until further notice, and that’s what they are doing.

      Don’t you see that a year after you’ve abandoned it, it’s still haunting your efforts?

      Sorry but i only see a few users that seems to refuse to move on, to step ahead, “hauting” around.

  • Guest

    week by week, I can start to see how opera 12 is getting old as websites update. Just tried opera 20 and its still ugly (as in doesn’t have the good stuff). At this point I don’t know what to do or an alternative browser. IE is better than before but it doesn’t have funcionality, FF I’ll need to download a #%&”! ton of extensions to get it, safari is lame and I hate chrome…
    loved opera, but now what should I do? :s

  • jokan

    week by week, I can start to see how opera 12 is getting old as websites update. Just tried opera 20 and its still ugly (as in doesn’t have the good stuff). At this point I don’t know what to do or an alternative browser. IE is better than before but it doesn’t have funcionality, FF I’ll need to download a #%&”! ton of extensions to get it, safari is lame and I hate chrome…
    loved opera, but now what should I do? :s

    • I was about to say you should mention the features you miss, but then I saw your comment history (though some things in your list are vague and difficult to figure out like “tab management”-how?- and “settings”-which?)…

      You should choose the browser that packs more functionality you want out of the box, try to adapt a little -find workarounds and new ways to do things- and install extensions when really needed. I also based my decision on which developers are better in line with the open web standards goals. I chose Opera.
      Have you tried Maxthon? Seamonkey? Midori? Otter?

      • jokan

        tried maxthon, isn’t otter still in development? haven’t heard of the other 2
        with tabs: stackable tabs, a thumbnail when I hover over, list of closed tabs (right now it only shows the last closed tab), and being able to arrange tabs (minimize, cascade, tile horizontally/vertically)
        settings: individual site preferences, dragonfly, but mainly the customization. Being able to customize the look, feel, layout and button placement of everything (or almost everything) in the browser its a HUGE plus for me.
        block content, the much requested bookmarks, notes…

  • cgebhard

    I cannot open downloaded files by clicking on them in the download popup. This just happens since the last Opera Next update. This problem only occurs on a Win8 touch based device.

    The small button to open the location of the file is working though.

  • nanana1

    For those who are still on Opera 12.15 or 12.16 and cannot migrate to Opera 2x, there is a new Opera 12.17 build 1863 update for you today available in both x86 and x84 versions at :

    Take your pick and enjoy ! 😀

    • jho

      also available over auto update. Maybe some security issues fixed

      • L33t4opera

        “Even though Presto does not use any vulnerable parts of OpenSSL, the
        standalone autoupdater for Opera 12 on Windows does. However, the
        autoupdater will only connect to our server, and close the connection if
        the certificate does not validate, so the certificate holders are the
        only ones who can abuse it. If someone should have stolen our
        certificate with a heartbleed attack against our servers, they might
        potentially use it against the autoupdater. The autoupdater runs in a
        separate process, and doesn’t have much memory to leak, but might
        potentially leak system information in such a case, such as local
        username on Windows machines. We aim to get an update out soon. An
        attack on the autoupdate mechanism itself would still have to bypass
        additional protections.”

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      The last ever Presto version, I think. Farewell old friend.

      • nanana1

        Maybe….we just won’t know yet. 😉

    • L33t4opera

      The official announcement: Opera 12.17 out.

  • OperaIsDead

    Opera 12.17 is out!

    Thank you so much for this update: the real Opera is v.12.x, not Chropera!

  • Dziple

    Is this coming stable any time soon or to move on? It’s been like 2 months and you come up with opera 12 update but not with opera 21. What’s the deal?

  • A. R.

    Much needed features for Opera:

    – Bookmarks (not just a bar)
    – Tab stacking
    – Power user settings – ability to change behaviour of pretty much anything, like in O12.

    A feature that would be nice: Notes

    Thanks for the 12.17 update!

  • L33t4opera

    New update for the Opera Next: 21.0.1432.48, the change log.

  • Disqusting Creature

    I’ll have to stay with 12.17 for now. No Bookmark Sidebar, No Menu Bar, No Private Tab etc. makes me hate this version. Installed 21 and then uninstalled it after a few hours.

  • omar

    how can i stop the auto refreshing of pages please ?????