We like to make sure that our users always have the very latest browser stability improvements, so just six days after the previous Opera 19 release, we have another one. This is just a small update to pull in some fixes from the code base we share with Google.


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  • Nick Rosenberg


  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update.

  • =Skor_Pion=

    Only shows Chromium 1700.102 …

    • =Skor_Pion=

      • Ruarí Ødegaard

        Ah yes, the changes between 1700.102 and 1700.107 will have zero effect on us or our users (the are related to the version number only) and hence we only went to 102. I have updated the changelog to state the correct version.

    • rpsgc

      Same here.

  • Daniel Kit

    What about side tabs?
    It was the best thing about old Opera!
    Right now I use the Sidewise Chrome extension which isn’t bad, but it’s still just a hack…
    Do you guys plan to add this option in the upcoming versions?

  • Alex Parker

    * Dismiss that message. The problem was in the corrupted download.

  • MozPri

    When I open a page from speed dial the last watched youtube (flash player) video briefly appears.
    – Win7 32bit.

    • Galijot

      Same here everything was working fine until Opera 19. Very annoying. Win7 32bit

  • Maurice Ballas


  • Maurice Ballas

    I am unable to synch passwords fro opera 12.16 to 19. The speed dials worked

    • Wraith

      You can´t sync password yet, it will be available in the near future I hope.

  • Espen Klæboe

    Why is the wikipedia search suddenly localized? And is there no way of changing the search letters for the default searches?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Hmm, at least here wikipedia serach were localized since the beginning.

      You can’t change anything on the default searches atm but you can create a search using Wikipedia in english (or any other language you want) and use it. That was what i’ve done.

      • Espen Klæboe

        I had done that for the localized version already 😉

        Seems like a silly restriction not to be able to change the default searches. Frustration to have yahoo hugging the y-hotkey.

        You say “atm”, do you think we will get the opportunity to change them in the future?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Yep, as it is – at least in part – because of security measures to avoid that third parties can hijack the default search.
          When they find a good way to avoid this, we will be able again to choose the defauly search, change keywords and so on.

        • L33t4opera
  • Arghh new Opera is handling downloads as every other browser… Can I make it like in Opera 12 so it will ask me everytime where I want to download this file?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Settings > Downloads

  • gdv

    Please put the release number in EACH blog post title announcing any new release! [e.g., A small update to Opera 19 (19.0.1326.59)

    …(and add the release date next to the release number on the changelog, as is now being done for OpDev20 ( http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/changelog20/ )… That is excellent!

    It’s a PITA to have to compare blog release posts with changelogs just to figure out which blog post goes with which release number.

    …[and yes, I know you can usually figure that out from the URL given in the blog post (e.g., http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/changelog19/#b1326.59 ), but that doesn’t work if the changelog URL is inadvertently left out of the blog post or the release info is left off (or mislabeled on) the changelog (both of which understandably happen occasionally; see gdv exchange with Marcin Mitek beginning at http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2013/12/another-opera-18-stable-update/#comment-1167179095 )… …and it is much easier to simply check the version number in the blog post titles on the blog homepage (when the version number is included)].

    And I may be wrong, but it almost seems as if there has been a tendency to (deliberately?) leave the release numbers out of the blog post title for releases announced after a major version goes “Stable”. But (IMO) those release numbers are just as useful/necessary for finding and checking progress (and whether I am up-to-date) as any release numbers for Next or Developer versions.

    To summarize, it would be very helpful if:

    (1) EACH blog post announcing EVERY new release included the version number in the blog post title, including those after a major version goes “Stable” [e.g., “Opera 19 is going stable! (19.0.1326.47)” and “Opera 19 auto update is back again (19.0.1326.56)”, “A small update to Opera 19 (19.0.1326.59)”]

    (2) EVERY release was included in the cumulative changelog (including those after a major version goes “Stable”) [I’m sure this is the intent, and it usually happens, but not always.]

    (3) the date of each release was included in the changelog next to each release (as now being done for OpDev20 ( http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/changelog20/ )

    Thanks again to Opera and ALL the developers for all your work and progress! 🙂

  • UMaster 7

    no login detection (“Do you want to save this login?”; wand) on outlook.com


    • Their form explicitly uses autocomplete=”off”. You should contact Microsoft and ask them why they do not want browsers to store account password. (I presume it is because Internet Explorer has a separate Microsoft Account login service.)

      The LastPass extension will let you overwrite this.

      I will make an extension that will switch autocomplete=”off” to “on” for users who want to not be bothered by … difficult … websites. It will be ready within a few days.

      • UMaster 7

        thanks for the background information and workaround 🙂

      • Vux777

        what about that flag in NEXT and Dev

        shouldn’t that provide saving passwords on sites like Outlook.com?

        • Hm. It looks like the default behavior will be changed some time in the future.

  • Nelson Santos

    Congratulations! I like opera browser, and i use every day. Bookmarks toolbar is top!!! But….when integrated mail.

  • Razvan Dragos

    Sometimes on youtube and other sites using flash player (i think) the content is getting black and need to refreh the pages. See here: http://s22.postimg.org/3lyagwxsx/black.jpg

  • Sebastian

    Sooo… When is multiple tab support going to be implemented? And I mean a REAL implementation, like the one in Opera 12, not this one, where my browser crashes on a daily basis, because I like to open up all my news in separate tabs.

  • lassekongo83

    When are you going to remove that annoying browser.js thing that makes all videos on youtube use the flash player? The flash player is too buggy and resource hungry. I prefer to use the HTML5 player.

  • Shion

    Nice job ignoring all them requests for usefull stuff for damn 6 months, while most of them are being poorly implented by unrelated people via extensions.

  • L33t4opera

    New update:19.0.1326.63, but still no change log, or an official announcement regarding this release.

  • L33t4opera

    New update: 19.0.1326.63, the change log – Chromium updated to 32.0.1700.107, and official announcement.

    Note: Why my previous comment got deleted?