Today we have released the final, shiny version of Opera Mail. Now you have
access to the same great features found in Opera for desktop 12.x, but in more
lightweight, separated form.


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  • Lukas

    hey guys! I really love the opera mail and used it for 10 years (no kidding). Are there any updates coming soon? Is there any page/site/place in the web, where I can follow the mail developer team?

    I have a really big problem with adding images to my signature and want to know, where I can file a bug or get help 🙁

  • wbgenetic

    I just moved to Foxmail … so much better for now.

  • Hey guys, when will we see a new update?

  • Franciszek Baranowski

    How can I configure mail directory?

  • Wiwandra

    any update? I’ve never read any news since the launch.

  • Sagemode

    same. This program is not being maintained? It seriously needs the ability to select/deselect what imap folders appear in the virtual folders.

  • On OS X I would hope it gets the 64bit build and Sandbox support, also use XProtect if it is not already

  • David

    I don’t know how to contact Opera. However, I’ve just downloaded Opera Mail by mistake. I put my username, mail and password. I can see the “Welcome message” by Opera but then “Authorization failed” appears. What should I do? I would like to delete my Opera Mail Account or at least not to use it anymore, but every 5 minutes this “Authorization failed” comes off. Hope someone can help me.

  • Jeff

    Are there going to be any updates for Opera Mail? Can we expect to see a Linux version at any point? Has this been abandoned?

  • Sergey

    OperaMail AddressBook converting to csv.

    I still use Opera Mail on my Windows system but I can’t use it anymore on my prefered Linux system and I’m afraid that there will not be Linux release of this program.

    Therefore I was needed to convert my OperaMail address book to table that easily may be imported to others e-mail client. But OperaMail doesn’t provide export tool to csv-file.

    So I wrote a simple OpenOffice Basic macros that open “contacts.adr” file via pop-up “File Choosing Dialog” and convert all fileds of addressbook to simple table in the current active OpenOffice Calc Sheet. This Calc Sheet can be then saved as csv-file.

    I tried to suply the code by detailed comments. Here is the link to txt-file with the OpenOffice Basic macros text code (no need google account to recive file):


  • update…

  • tarkus

    I still use Opera mail as my mail client. Everything works fine until now but….do you still support it? How can I export my mails (not contacts) in an externally accessible way (html or something)? How can I backup label configuration etc?