• Lukas

    hey guys! I really love the opera mail and used it for 10 years (no kidding). Are there any updates coming soon? Is there any page/site/place in the web, where I can follow the mail developer team?

    I have a really big problem with adding images to my signature and want to know, where I can file a bug or get help :-(

  • wbgenetic

    I just moved to Foxmail … so much better for now.

  • http://www.operaturkiye.net/ Mağruf Çolakoğlu

    Hey guys, when will we see a new update?

  • Franciszek Baranowski

    How can I configure mail directory?

  • Wiwandra

    any update? I’ve never read any news since the launch.

  • Sagemode

    same. This program is not being maintained? It seriously needs the ability to select/deselect what imap folders appear in the virtual folders.

  • https://vivaldi.net/unity/profile/chas4/6-blog Chas4

    On OS X I would hope it gets the 64bit build and Sandbox support, also use XProtect if it is not already