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Customize a fast browser and do more on the web

Customize a fast browser and do more on the web

4 things that make Opera the fastest browser

Speed Dials: Customized shortcuts

As the feature’s name hints, Speed Dials make Opera the fastest browser by letting you get to your frequent sites immediately. Add and customize new Speed Dials on your web browser’s start page and organize them however you like. With your personalized Speed Dials, you can create a visual display of websites for browsing the web with a quick click.

Ad Blocker: Load webpages up to 90% faster

Ads don’t only distract us from what’s relevant, but they can also slow your web browser down. To tackle this, we’ve added a built-in ad blocker to Opera. Turn it on in one click to load webpages up to 90% faster – much faster than just using ad blocking extensions, with nothing to install.

Customizable shortcuts: Navigate the web quickly

Keyboard shortcuts save us an average of 2 seconds every minute, which really adds up over time. Opera allows you to set custom shortcuts for almost any browser action for both speed and efficiency. By replacing much of your pointing and mouse clicking, shortcuts help you make Opera the fastest browser when you customize them to your needs.

Tab features: Easily multitask in Opera

Most of us juggle multiple tabs at once, switching between websites as needed. With Opera’s new tab features, multitasking isn’t a problem – even if you have dozens of tabs open, you can easily find the page you need with the tab previews or tab menu. Workspaces allows you to keep tabs in separate customizable tab groups and switch with a click, and you can help the Opera browser start even faster by delaying the loading of background tabs.

Customize your Opera browser in 5 easy steps

Customize your Opera browser in 5 easy steps

Opera for computers is a fast and flexible web browser chosen by over 55 million people around the globe for its useful new features and customization. Discover these quick ways to personalize Opera and tailor its themes, functions, and features to your browsing habits on any operating system.

More style: Personalize your browser’s theme

An easy way to bring more of your style into Opera is by changing browser themes. Start with a light or dark theme, then choose a new wallpaper from our catalog or upload your own image: nature or city views, tech, steam-punk, sharp graphics or fluffy cats – whatever themes you like.

More discoveries: Customize your search engine

Opera adjusts to your browsing habits, including how you search for websites and content. Choose one of the predefined search engines, like Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo, and use it by default. Or, you can customize searches by adding your favorite search engine, or by using search engine shortcuts for each search. The ability to easily change search engines for individual searches makes Opera the best web browser for finding what you want.

More features: Customize Opera’s functionality with extensions

How about grammar help in your browser’s toolbar or automatic page translation? Our add-ons catalog gives you more than 1,000 new ways to customize browser functionality. And, since Opera is Chromium based, you can add Chrome extensions to the Opera browser in a click. Install a variety of extensions, from fun little extras to advanced developer features.

More content: Personalize your news feed

Global news, tech updates, travel help, game releases, and more – Opera cherry-picks relevant content and makes it accessible from your web browser’s start page. With the Discover features, you can customize your news feed depending on the topics that interest you, your preferred languages, and the region you’re in.

More flexibility: Customize keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can replace most of the pointing and clicking you do and help you browse the web even faster. This feature lets you customize Opera by setting new key combinations for almost any browser action on the three main operating systems.

4 things that make Opera the fastest browser

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