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The benefits of WhatsApp in the Opera browser

The benefits of WhatsApp in the Opera browser

Why use WhatsApp?

With over 2 billion people using it, WhatsApp is continuing to grow at a fast rate, and for good reason. WhatsApp has revolutionized traditional SMS with a simple messaging app, so that anyone who knows how to use a phone can use it. Since it uses your unique phone number, anyone can make calls or send messages for free world wide. Here are some more of the benefits of WhatsApp that have made it so popular.

Why use WhatsApp?


WhatsApp uses your internet connection to call and instant-message, so you can avoid mobile data charges. This means WhatsApp users get free messages and calls, worldwide.

End-to-End Encryption

Only you and the person you communicate with have the keys necessary to see your messages, and the keys are unique to each text message. There’s nothing to activate, as end-to-end encryption is always on, and cannot be turned off.

Spam avoidance

WhatsApp avoids spam by not providing APIs from other messaging apps. Any spam messages you receive from people spamming random numbers can be easily blocked and reported.

Oodles of emoticons

😄 🔥 🐵 🙃 🍸 🥰 🌻 🤔 👩‍ 💻 ✌ 🍒 ⚾ 🐱 ⚡ 🎮 😅 💖 – Just a drop in the bucket of what’s available for WhatsApp texting.

Share images, photos, videos, and documents

You can attach files, or just paste them into the message field, to send an image or other media with your message.

Share images, photos, videos, and documents

Group chats

The WhatsApp messaging app lets you group-chat and text many people at the same time, so you don’t have to send the same message a dozen times.

Voice messages

You can record and send voice messages in WhatsApp, which is perfect when you want to get the right tone, or serenade that special someone.

Star messages

Add a star to important messages so you can find them later in the Starred section of your menu. This helps you remember to answer someone, as well as keep the messages you cherish most.

See message details

You can click on a message in WhatsApp and easily see the details, like when it was sent, if it has been read yet, or when it was read.

Why use WhatsApp in Opera?

Why use WhatsApp in Opera?

So, there are many good reasons why people use WhatsApp mobile. However, beyond using the WhatsApp app on your phone, you can also find it integrated into the Opera browser so that you can send text messages from your computer. If you spend a lot of time on your desktop, here are some good reasons to start using WhatsApp there as well.


Having WhatsApp built into Opera simplifies browsing and chatting at the same time. Cut and paste into WhatsApp directly from pages, and pin it for a divided window between your browser and messenger.


As you live your best life online, the WhatsApp messenger app is a click away in the Opera sidebar. You can pop out the panel and keep an eye on chat while you work, watch videos, or read online.

Easy transitioning

Just click on the WhatsApp icon in your sidebar and scan the QR code with your phone. It’ll automatically sync your contacts and messages, making it easy to transition between your computer and phone.


You are notified of new messages right in your sidebar, so you can stop checking your phone every minute for missed messages. You can always mute WhatsApp message notifications, or simply log out, if you want to take a break.

Opera with built-in WhatsApp

To download Opera with built-in WhatsApp, or read some tips about WhatsApp usage, have a look at the WhatsApp in Opera feature page.

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