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Capture and edit screenshots

The humble web browser is a critical tool for today’s bloggers. Many embrace the flexibility of remote work. If you’re a blogger, your browser may feel like more of an office to you than any physical space. But what can a browser do to make blogging easier and more efficient?

How to share notes between mobile and desktop devices

Share notes between mobile and desktop devices

Several features in Opera can help bloggers improve their workflow. Have you ever wanted to send a note from your phone to your desktop at home? Some apps let you synchronize text across devices, and most browsers also have ways of sharing tabs and browsing history. You could even email yourself the information. But these solutions often take you out of the browser where you are doing your work.

Opera Touch and desktop Opera, however, can securely share notes, links, images and files between the browsers themselves with Flow. Simply scan the QR code in your Opera desktop browser with Opera Touch, and start sharing information. You don’t need to remember a password or download extensions, and the connection is encrypted so that what you share remains private. With Flow, you can quickly write notes, send files and save sites to view later on other devices. Flow is a great time-saver, especially when you’re on the go.

How to capture and edit screenshots

How to capture and edit screenshots

Sometimes you want to capture screenshots of information before a blog post is altered or a tweet is deleted. Opera lets you do more than just capture screenshots with its handy Snapshot tool. You have complete control over what part of the browser window you capture. Since you can easily blur sensitive information with Snapshot, it’s a great tool for how-to articles and blog posts that may include logins or other confidential details. You can also draw arrows, write notes, and even add emojis without needing any graphics extensions or browser extensions for bloggers.

How to protect yourself online

Protect yourself online

The flexibility of blogging brings some security risks. If you’re working on blog posts from a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you probably have no good way to tell how safe that connection is. If the Wi-Fi isn’t secured properly, you risk exposing what you are doing online and even compromising your logins or credit-card numbers. Opera’s browser free VPN securely routes your traffic through our free, no-log VPN servers so that you can focus on your work rather than worrying about whether your favorite coffee shop secured its router correctly. You don’t need to sign up or log in, and you don’t need to worry about trusting third-party extensions. Simply enable the browser VPN in the settings and toggle the VPN badge as needed.

How to manage your tabs

How to manage browser tabs

Opera also has a number of handy tab-management features. Unlike most browsers, Opera lets you copy a web address without switching to the correct tab and clicking the location bar. Just right-click on the tab itself and copy the URL using the menu. You can also save all the tabs in the browser window to a new Speed Dial folder. This option is especially useful if you frequently need to open several specific sites for work. A Speed Dial folder allows you to quickly open all of the saved sites at once, getting you back to your blog post with a couple clicks rather than several.

Also, Instant Search in Opera’s sidebar does more than just search the web. Click the magnifying glass in the sidebar and hit TAB to search your open tabs. With Instant Search, you can find the right tab without scrolling through every open site. These management tools may not seem that important at first, but by reducing the number of clicks even by just one or two per tab, you can save a lot of time over the course of a workday.

All of these are built-in features rather than extensions for bloggers, and are a few of the best everyday tools for speeding up your workflows and staying safe online. But Opera has much more to offer beyond a great browser for bloggers. Check out more Opera features for improving your browsing experience—and for your downtime, sign up to learn more about our new gaming browser, Opera GX.

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