Emminex on International Literacy Day 2018

Opera: How long have you been reading Worldreader books inside Opera Mini?
Emminex: I think over two years now.

O: When did you first become aware about Opera Mini and Worldreader?
E: I became aware about Opera Mini and Worldreader in 2016, to be precise.

O: Do you often try to convince people to read stories inside Opera Mini to educate themselves?
E: Yes, I do. Most people spend too much time on social media when a lot better things could be done with their phones. Reading, especially. So I try to convince whoever I can.

O: Do you remember when you first learned how to read? How old were you?
E: My mum told me I started reading quite early. At the age of five, I could pronounce most words my peers couldn’t.

O: What was the first book you remember reading?
E: I can’t really recall the first book I read. I have always been a huge fan of novels.

O: What would you like to recommend to people who have never heard about Worldreader inside Opera Mini?
E: We are in a world where almost everyone has access to a smartphone. Yet, most people are underutilizing it for fruitless things. Instead of spending aeons on social media, why not have a sip of the knowledge nestled in books?
I’d therefore recommend to people who have never heard of Worldreader inside Opera Mini to go and check out what they’ve been missing. Great readers make good leaders.

O: Since International Literacy Day is coming up, is there anything specific you would like to let people know about the meaning of reading and educating yourself?
E: Reading and educating oneself is an important aspect that should be given top priority. No one else can get you informed better than you can do yourself. Since International Literacy Day is coming up, I want to admonish people who are not in the habit of reading to pick up the gauntlet. It is important to read and to be educated. Like I said earlier, great readers make good leaders. We must lead!

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