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Meet Tiamiyu – Opera News car winner Nigeria

Opera: Can you please tell me your name and your age?
Tiamiyu: My name is Tiamiyu Olamilekan and I’m 28 years old.

Opera: So what do you do for a living?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: I’m a teacher right now at a small college.

Opera: So how is it with teenagers?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: It’s actually really fun. We play, I teach them, and we talk a lot together.

Opera: Do you remember when you started using Opera News?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: I have used Opera News since the 13th of July, just a couple of weeks ago.

Opera: Why did you decide to download it?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: I downloaded it because I want to read news for me. That way I can teach my students and enlighten them about what is happening. I’ve noticed that the more I read, the more I can teach them. Fortunately, I also won the car!

Opera: That is very interesting. So you use the app to read articles to your students?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: Yes, yes! I use it to read news, learn more about what is happening in the country and around the world, and also read articles to them.

Opera: Then the students make a resume of certain article?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: I give them to my students so they can reference and make use of them.

Opera: When did you realize that you could shake your phone to win prizes?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: I realized about the second day I downloaded it. I went to my Instagram and saw that I could shake my phone to win prizes. So, I shook my phone and won 2 MB (megabytes) of data. Then I went to my phone and told my friends “please download Opera News and start shaking!” That same day I got 1,100 points and was chasing them out. That was the day I started shaking.

Opera: What did your friends say when they saw you shaking your phone?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: Oh! A lot of them agreed that this app is real, particularly people who where shaking, shaking, shaking and shaking their phones up and down. I was really happy when I won the car to show them that Opera News is real and it’s really impressive.

Opera: Were you competing with them to win the car?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: Yes, yes. Let’s see who shakes and wins it!

Opera: What about your family? Do you have kids or siblings? Are you married? Tiamiyu Olamilekan: No, I’m not married. I have my mom, my dad, my sister and my friends.(difficult to understand at the end)

Opera: What did you feel when you won the car?

Tiamiyu Olamilekan: I felt so great! I’m really excited and want to thank Opera News for the car. I am really excited and told my friends to start shaking so they can get a phone or other prize too. My friends, everyone in my family, my students, and everyone else are really happy for me.

Opera: What are your plans with the car?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: By winning the car, I have shown people that Opera News is real. I will go around in it and tell how this happened just by shaking my phone! Just by shaking with my hand! I’ll tell people to shake on and soon you will be winning a car, too!

Opera: Do you plan to make a trip with your family in the car?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: Yes, yes, yes. I would love to make a family trip to my village in my new car. I would like to return and visit my state.

Opera: Do you want to add something else?
Tiamiyu Olamilekan: I want to recommend Opera News. Students can just go in and read their favorite content. If you are a student, if you are in college or another educational system, go into the app and read Opera News. I suggest youth should use Opera News.  Just go around and get to know more about different things and listen to different music.

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