Shake & Win – FAQ

What is Shake & Win?

Shake & Win is a game inside Opera News. By opening the Shake and Win campaign inside Opera News and shaking their phone, Opera News users have the chance to win 200M Naira in cash and prizes like vouchers, and other surprising beautiful gifts.

How long will the campaign last?

Shake & Win will be active from June 21st to July 19th in Nigeria. All vouchers can be redeemed from campaign start to campaign end.  

How do I win vouchers?

Vouchers can be won by shake & win. The voucher will be added to “My Prizes.”  

Where can I access my vouchers?

Vouchers can be accessed through the My prizes icon found in the upper right corner of the Shake & Win page or by visiting your personal profile through “Me” > “My Prizes”.

How many shakes do I have per day?

For the first three rounds, you will receive 15 shakes on the 1st day you enter each round and get 5 shakes/day in the following duration. On July 19, you will obtain 10 shakes. Additional 2 shakes can be won by sharing the campaign on social media (Each social platform sharing can earn you 2 shakes, the more sharing on different platforms the more shakes to win). The shakes will be added to your daily shakes if the friend has successfully downloaded Opera News and participates in Shake & Win.   

Why do I still not have any shakes the next day I log in?

Please note that we add more shakes to your account 24 hours after you have run out of shakes.

How can I get more shakes per day?

Additional shakes can be won by inviting your friends to Shake & Win.

1.To share the code with your friends, go to ”Me” — “My Prize”–“Complete puzzle to win!!” (click on the round that is live) in Opera News, and click “Invite now”.

2. When you shake any piece of the puzzle, you can click  “Invite now” to share your code.

How many friends can I invite to Shake & Win?

You can invite as many friends as you want.

Why can I only shake 5 times today?

The maximum number of shakes per day is 5. However, all additional shakes collected by inviting your friends will be saved to your balance and you will get the chance to use them throughout the campaign period.

I’ve invited friends as new users but my cash does not increase.

Anyone who registers for Opera News after June 21 (Start time of campaign) is recognized as a New User.

The new user who input a correct invite code can win a share of the cash bucket directly and he/she can also start to invite more new users to win more.

I don’t see the shake and win campaign at all. What’s happening?

Shake and Win is only available in Nigeria.

Where to find the Invite Code Input Box?

If you are a new user, please open Opera News and go to Me—>My Prize—>Check the second column(below the ongoing puzzle round)

If you can’t find the input box for Invite Code then it means you are not regarded as a new user.

What is a real new user?

Only people who download Opera News for the first time after getting invited during the campaign period can be regarded as new users.  

Also, to avoid being cheated by scammers, one cellphone can only be used for one Opera News user, which means if a user has installed Opera News on one cellphone, then they can’t use the same cellphone for any other Opera News account to input the Invite Code.

So please double check that the users you’ve invited are not only using a newly registered account but also on a non-repeatedly used device for Opera News.

I can’t see the cash prize withdraw, why not?

The cash prize giveaway is only available in Nigeria.

How can I redeem my cash prize?

The cash prize will be transferred to you through OPay. In order to receive the cash prize successfully, please notice the below points:

1) Submit your Opay account or register for an Opay account.

2) If you follow the withdrawing rules specified on the withdraw page, then the cash should be transferred into your OPay account very soon after your submission (Normally within 24 hours).

3) Please withdraw your cash prize before 24:00 July 25th, otherwise the balance in your account will be cleaned up.

4) After your submission, please be sure to register and log in your Opay account within 7 days to secure your cash prize if you weren’t an Opay user beforehand.

5) If you’ve submitted your correct account as requested but can’t find money in Opay, please log in Opay and consult the online support team in Opay app.

6) Please don’t use the same cellphone or mobile number to withdraw money for multiple Opera News accounts as your account will be blacklisted.

I’ve submitted the wrong OPay account. What should I do know?

Please ensure that you have added the correct account. You will be asked to confirm your account multiple times. If the account number submitted by you is not an OPay account, the money cannot be transferred successfully.

My withdraw process was terminated? Why am I blacklisted?

We have observed unusual behaviour on your account and you have thus been blacklisted. Please contact us on feedback-opera-news-app@opera.com to find out more.

Which actions lead to my account being blacklisted?

1)Use one device to log in more than one Opera News account to earn cash will be blacklisted.

2)Use certain techniques to create virtual device IDs to fake new users for gold card or more shares.

3)Overwithdrew in last year’s World Cup campaign by using tricky methods.

4)Any other means used to earn more cash will be detected by our tech team sooner or later.

What will happen to blacklisted users?

1)No cash can be withdrawn successfully

2)Your invite code will go invalid

How can I redeem my ORide voucher?

If you’ve won some ORide vouchers, you will find it on the “My Prize” page inside Opera News. Each voucher comes with a unique promo code. To redeem your voucher,  you need to install the ORide app and enter the code to activate your voucher.


Each code is made only for a single use for one ORide account.

Please activate your voucher before July 21st.

Can I use multiple vouchers at once?

You can only use one voucher code per transaction. It is not possible to stack the vouchers.

How can I redeem by Supabets vouchers?

Learn more about redeeming your Supabets vouchers here: https://m.supabets.com/ng/account/howwithdraw/

I have a problem with the campaign. Who do I contact?

For any questions please contact us on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram under @opera. You can also contact us by sending an email to feedback-opera-news-app@opera.com. Or write us on our Opera News Facebook group here:


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