Ajayi on International Literacy Day 2018

Opera: How long have you been reading Worldreader books inside Opera Mini?
Ajayi: I started using Worldreader last year.

O: When did you first become aware about Opera Mini and Worldreader?
A: I got to know Opera Mini about 10 years ago, while I got to know Worldreader last year.

O: Do you have a lot of friends or family who also read books inside Opera Mini?
A: Yes, I have friends that use Worldreader.

O: Do you often try to convince people to read stories inside Opera Mini to educate themselves?
A: Yes, I do my best to convince people to read books on Worldreader.

O: Do you remember when you first learned how to read? How old were you?
A: I can’t remember when I first learned how to read, but I know that I was very young. I was about the age of four or five.

O: What was the first book you remember reading?
A: The first book I read was My Book of Bible Stories.

O: What would you like to recommend to people who have never heard about Worldreader inside Opera Mini?
A: For those who haven’t heard about Worldreader, I would recommend that they start using it immediately, because Worldreader has a wide range of books that are educational and inspiring.

O: Since International Literacy Day is coming up, is there anything specific you would like to let people know about the meaning of reading and educating yourself?
A: To everyone out there, reading and educating oneself can not be overemphasized in this age. Educating oneself frees you from the shackles of ignorance and allows you to express yourself in a detailed way. Worldreader has made it easy with Worldreader on Opera Mini.


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