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Meet Martin – Opera News car winner Kenya

Opera: Can you tell your name and your age?
Martin: Yeah, my name is Martin Kitavi Mwanzia and I’m 27 years old.

Opera: What do you do for a living?
Martin: I work with Bachu Industry here in Nairobi. We sell trailers. I’m feeling very happy. I think this is the first time I’ve won something, so I’m very happy. I have never won anything for real.

Opera: How did it feel when you get the message that you were a winner?
Martin: When I got the call for the first time, I thought it was a joke. But later on after I provided my details I came to realize that it was true and I was very happy about it.

Opera: What did you do when you were notified you were the winner?
Martin: I couldn’t even work! I was just too petrified. I work with the stock here in Bachu and I’m also a manager, so when I got a call and the caller told me “you are the winner of our car, our last car in Kenya!” I finally came to realize I can win something.” Before I won the car, my goal was to win something, anything, because I saw that other people were winning with this Opera campaign. Someone won a car, another won a phone, so I wanted to win something too. I never imagined being told I won a car! I don’t think I have ever even driven one!

Opera: But do you know how to drive or not?
Martin: Yeah, I know how to drive but never thought I would be able to actually drive one day.

Opera: Is this your first car?
Martin: Yes, and that’s good. It’s a blessing, I mean.

Opera: Do you remember \when you began using Opera News?
Martin: I think I started using it a month ago. Immediately after the World Cup started, that’s when I started using Opera News. I wanted to follow the World cup through Opera News because it’s a nice one.

Opera: I imagine you were shaking your phone all the time to try to win…
Martin: Yes, every morning.  I even ran out of my shakes! I was sharing with my friends through WhatsApp and Facebook to get more.

Opera: What were your friends saying to you when you were shaking your phone?
Martin: They said I was playing something that is crazy, but I told them that I have to try. A friend of mine was asking me “Are you serious? Do you really think you can win this?” and I told him, “Yeah, I can. I just have to try”.

Opera: Were they shaking their phones as well or did they not believe it?
Martin: Yeah.  They were shaking as well. Even just earlier today I was talking with one of them and I said “You remember the time I was telling you that you can shake your phone and that you can win something? Well, I picked up their call and they told me that I won a car!”  My friends were calling me crazy,t I showed them the Facebook message.

Opera: What plans do you have with your new car?
Martin: I want to use it as a personal car.

Opera: Do you have a family?
Martin: Yes, I have a wife and a daughter. I think I will take them to Mombasa! I’ve never travelled to Mombasa and that is a place I can go with my family.

Opera: Is there anything else that you want to add?
Martin: Are you in Nairobi? How can I get my car?


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