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Opera News car winner – Meet Khangwelo, from South Africa

Opera: Can you start by telling me your full name, your age and what you for a living?
Khangwelo: My name is Khangwelo Malada. What I do for a living is that I work with my father at his salon as a hairdresser. I’m 20 years old.

Opera: Are you studying or working?
Khangwelo: I didn’t manage to register to school, when I register it was too late, so now I managed to get a job with my father.

Opera: How long have you been working with him?
Khangwelo:I’ve been working with him for three years already.

Opera: How is it to be a hairdresser?
Khangwelo: It’s really exciting because you work with a lot of people. You get to make good relationships and it’s nice to satisfy a customer.

Opera: Do you make a lot of friends as a hairdresser?
Khangwelo: Yeah, I do. I have many friends that are doing that (being a hairdresser), maybe 13, of them.

Opera: How long have you been using Opera News?
Khangwelo: I started using Opera Mini last year because I used to read the news there, but then everytime I wanted to read news, the app showed a message saying to download Opera News on Google Play, so I downloaded it from there. Recently, when I wanted to read the news I also saw a notification of World Cup news and then I just did that. I also saw that you could win prizes, so I thought “Let me take a try”.

The other day, I was shaking to win prizes but I didn’t win, so I thought that this was not legit. Then I saw some other people winning phones and I heard about the car, so I told my mom “I entered a competition, and I’m winning a car”. She thought that I was joking and she was telling me that I’m too young and that I’m always tricking her, but when I showed her the confirmation and all the emails, she said she didn’t believe I could have won. It is nice that I’m achieving my dreams.

Opera: What was your first feeling when you were notified that you were the winner?
Khangwelo: The truth is that I’m really excited and this is a dream come true. I really didn’t believe that I won a car. I always felt like I was dreaming.

Opera: What did you say to your mom once you were the winner?
Khangwelo: I told her that now I want to take her on a trip to Kruger National Park. I will show her that this is real. I’m excited and I want to share with her that I’m achieving my dreams.

Opera: Do you have any siblings you want to take to the trip?
Khangwelo: Yeah, my brother is 17 years old and my sister she is nine.

Opera: So you will be the one driving them everywhere?
Khangwelo: Yes, yes, I will take them everywhere.

Opera: What do you enjoy the most of Opera News or how does it changes your daily life?
Khangwelo: The thing is that Opera News saves my money. In order to get the news I just buy maybe like 500 on airtime/data and I can get everything that I want. I get sports, entertainment, what happens with politicians, or what happened in the world or in the market. I can see it all with Opera News. It really changed my life. If you can get to advertise it all over the world, it can save every one’s money because they will have everything that they want on their phones.

Opera: What were your friends asking you when they saw you shaking your phone?
Khangwelo: [Laughs] I showed it to my friends but they think this is very greed because I told them that I’m the prize winner. Many of my friends are still shaking now. They are still in the contest trying to win. They want to be like me and to feel what I’m feeling.

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