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Opera News car winner – Meet Sandra, from Ghana


Opera: Can you tell me your name, age and what you do for a living?
Sandra: My name is Sandra Aryeetey, I’m 21 and I teach. I’m a preschool teacher at Mana Montessori School.

Opera: Do you remember when started using Opera News?
Sandra: I was going through my Instagram posts and I saw the advertisement, so I decided to try it out. I’ve been reading the news on Opera. It’s a very useful app and it’s also simple and fast.

Opera: How did you know about Shake?
Sandra: I was using Opera Mini and I saw the advertisement (from Opera News) about shaking my phone, so I decided to try it out. Then I tried it out because I believed I could win.

Opera: Where you winning prizes before you won the car?
Sandra: Yes, I won some vouchers from Jumia. I also purchased a wig online.

Opera: How was your experience when you were shaking your phone? Were you thinking about winning the car?
Sandra: At the beginning I wasn’t sure. When I shook the phone for the first time I got a puzzle piece of the car. I remember I showed it to my family and they said I should try it with my twin sister, so with her support and help I would be able to continue shaking and get the other pieces.

Opera: Were you also sharing the Shake campaign on social media?
Sandra: Yes, I was.

Opera: What were your friends saying to you about shaking your phone? Were they motivating you?
Sandra: At first they told me it was fake and that it was a scam, but I told them it is worth to try and I should keep trying in case it comes”. Then maybe if another advertisement comes I will try as well and participate the next time.

Opera: What was your feeling when you were notified that you were the winner?
Sandra: I was really excited. I was in class with my colleague and I screamed. She was asking me, “Why are you screaming?” so I explained to her that I shook my phone and won the car. I screamed again [Laughs]

Opera: What are your plans with the car?
Sandra: I have some plans for it. For instance, I teach kids and some of these kids around me in my area have difficulties to go to school by bus because sometimes the drivers tend to forget or they tend to disappoint them, so they miss school.

I’m planning, when I get the car, to drive around and arrange to pick the students up. With this car I can come and pick them up and bring them back to their homes.

Opera: Do you plan also to share the car with your family?
Sandra: Yes, my mom has a birthday on the 23rd of August so I plan to surprise her and take her for a ride.


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