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Opera News car winner – Meet Richard, from Kenya

As many of you already knew or tested, we launched a huge 2018 World Cup giveaway with more than 2 million prizes in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda! More than 500 thousand people across Africa participated in Shake & Win and until July 31 Opera News users will still be able to win prizes inside Opera News.

On Tuesday, July 17, we have given away the second out of three cars in Kenya from the Opera News Shake campaign to Richard of Nairobi.

Opera: Hey, Richard great to talk to you. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Richard: My name is Richard Kamau and I’m 33. I’m working as a graphic designer in printing.

Opera: Did you study graphic design?
Richard: Yes, I did. And I have my own business.

Opera: When did you start using Opera News?
Richard: I saw Opera News on many platforms, like Facebook, so I decided to download it.

Opera: Have you used the football channel in Opera News?
Richard: Yes, I have. I’ve been following the entire World Cup from there.  

Opera: Which team did you cheer on?
Richard:  I was for Belgium. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to go to the final. They tried very hard. [Laughs]

Opera: Have you talked to family friends about Opera News and did you share the app with them?
Richard: I shared it on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram so I shared it with a lot of people.

Opera: And what did they say about the app?
Richard: Most of them have received data bundles. I shared the campaign to many friends so they can also win data bundles. My friends also shared the campaign with other people so that they can get data bundles as well.

Opera: Did you tell them about the Shake feature inside Opera News?
Richard: I have been talking to them about it. During football matches, I was always shaking. They thought it was a joke or just some new game I was testing.

Opera: Did you tell other people to shake as well?
Richard: In fact, when we were waiting for the football matches, that’s what we were doing: shaking, shaking, shaking. At the beginning they thought it was just another game.

Opera: Did you win different vouchers when you were shaking?
Richard: Yes, among others, I have won Jumia vouchers, data bundles and some more prizes.

Opera: What were your feelings when you completed the car puzzle?
Richard: The middle piece had been giving me problems because I never got it. [Laughs]I  had eight out of nine pieces for a long time, so I shared the support link with friends to have more shakes. I checked my phone on the train and saw the puzzle was completed. In fact, my phone just shut down and broke (because) I had started jumping [laughs]… I wish I had the clip so you could see it. It was awesome.

Opera: When you received the email confirming you as the winner, how did you react?
Richard: I received the email from Rosette Belesi, Global Product Marketing Manager at Opera. Jumia called me in the morning and i also received an emails from them.

Opera: How did it feel?
Richard: I can’t explain it. I’m so happy. I cannot explain it.

Opera: What will you do with the car? What are your plans?
Richard: It will be a family car. I have two sons and my wife. Now we are good to go. I will be driving with them to safaris, camping, church and more.

Congratulations on your new car Richard!

Download Opera News now for your chance to win prizes.

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