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Opera News car winner – Meet Damilola, from Nigeria

As many of you already knew or tested, we launched a huge 2018 World Cup giveaway with more than 2 million prizes in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda! More than 500 thousand people across Africa participated in Shake & Win and until July 31 Opera News users will still be able to win prizes inside Opera News.

On Sunday, July 15, we gave away the second out of three cars from the Opera News Shake giveaway to Damilola, or Dami, in Lagos, Nigeria. We interviewed Dami on the 13th of July, prior to him picking up his car.

Opera: Please, tell us a little bit about yourself. What is your name and how old are you?
Dami: My name is Damilola Omojola and I’m 25 years old.


Opera: What do you do for a living?
Dami: I’m finished with my studies and I’m self-employed.


Opera: What will be the main purpose for the Opera News car?
Dami: First of all, I want to dedicate it to God, who made it possible for me and also I’d like to dedicate the car to my mother, who gave me life. I will share the keys to my car with her because she is the one that put me through life,  so I want to share the car with her.


Opera :What does your mom do? Will she use it for work?
Dami: She’s self-employed and has a supermarket, so with this car, it will be easier for her to grab certain things needed for her store.


Opera: When did you start using Opera News?
Dami: I downloaded Opera Mini a long time ago. I don’t exactly remember when I started using Opera News, though.


Opera: What do you like the most about Opera News?
Dami: It’s easy. It saves my data and I get the most recent news. I get instant pop-ups on my phone and I know exactly what is currently going on in Nigeria. I enjoy using it.


Opera: What do you think about the football channel that has been added to Opera News?
Dami:  Well, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen! Opera News is the best app ever. I really like it.


Opera: Which team is your favorite?
Dami: I have to go for Belgium. They are not in the finals, but I really like the team! I hope England wins the World Cup.


Opera: Did you follow Belgium and England inside the Opera News app?
Dami: Yes, I actually did.

Opera: Have you seen the OperaShakuShaku challenge, where we ask users to shake their phone dancing the ShakuShaku?
Dami: No, I haven’t, but since I downloaded Opera News I have been shaking my phone all the time. When I saw that I completed the car puzzle, I started shaking even more. I’m very happy now.

Opera: Are you now shaking your phone on a daily basis?
Dami:  Yes, I’m actually shaking day and night everyday. [laughter] And when I shake the phone, most of my friends ask me, “Why are you shaking your phone?” I tell them that I have won so many vouchers and all they need to do is to shake their phones as well after downloading the app. I also share my link with them so they can support me inside the app. Now that I have won the car, they know it is for real.

Opera: How many vouchers did you win?
Dami: I won four jumia vouchers, three Superbet vouchers and I’m still collecting puzzle pieces for the phones.  

Congratulations on your new car Dami!

Download Opera News now for your chance to win prizes.

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