Shake it up and win prizes!

The World Cup is here and we are very excited that we have launched a dedicated football channel for you in Opera News, so you can follow all your favorite teams without missing a game!

As many of you already know or tested yourselves, we have launched a huge World Cup giveaway with more than 2 million prizes in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda!

The feedback we have received on Google Play, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has been amazing and we can’t wait for everyone to redeem their prizes.

Below is a quick guide on how to redeem your individual prizes:


Airtime or data bundles always come in handy!

To redeem your airtime or data bundles, you need to make sure that you have collected enough points before exchanging them for airtime or data bundles.

  • 50 MB – 1000 points
  • 75 MB – 1500 points
  • 100 MB – 2000 points
  • 125 MB – 2500 points
  • 150 MB – 3000 points
  • 200 MB – 4000 points

To exchange your points for airtime and data bundles, please click on your data/airtime voucher under “MyPrizes”, click on “Redeem airtime/data” under your balance and choose if you would like to exchange your points for a data or airtime bundle.

The points will be deducted from your total balance.

Jumia/Zando shopping vouchers:

Congrats on winning Jumia/Zando shopping vouchers. Happy shopping!

Once you have received a Jumia/Zando voucher, you can use the voucher code in your local Jumia/Zando online shop.

To view your voucher code, go to “My Prizes” and click on “Jumia/Zando”.

Go to your local Jumia/Zando online shop and start shopping! After you have chosen the items you would like to purchase, you can use your voucher code at checkout.  When filling out your payment method you will get the chance to add your voucher code.

You can only use one voucher per purchase.


*limited to specific countries

Car by Jumia/Zando, Tecno Spark 2, itel A32F

One of the main prizes you can win with Opera News is a car! We are giving away cars in  Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

In order for you to get a chance to win a car, you will need to collect all nine puzzle pieces. Once you have completed the puzzle you will be contacted by our partners within a week for additional information on your prize delivery.

Powerbets Coupon:

Once you have won a Powerbets coupon, simply go to “MyPrizes” and click on the Powerbets coupon. When clicking on the individual coupons you will be forwarded to the Powerbets website where you will need to log in or create an account to use your voucher.

Powerbets coupons are limited to three vouchers per person.

Jibu Chapaa Voucher:

Jibu Chapaa vouchers are only available in Kenya and limited to one voucher per user. In order to redeem your voucher, follow the link to the service website and subscribe. After doing so you can use your voucher.  

Jibu Chapaa is a quiz game where you can answer questions and win prizes depending on how many questions are correctly answered. The maximum prize is a cash prize of 100,000KES.

The value per Jibu Chapaa voucher is 50KES.

Should you have any additional questions, send us an email to social-networks@opera.com 🙂


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