You can now decorate your tabs with Emojis in Opera 😎

You can now decorate your tabs with Emojis in Opera

Hello there Opera fans 👋,

Today, we’re announcing Tab Emojis, a new feature to make your tabs look better and enhance your tab management capabilities. The new Tab Emojis are available in the newest version of your Opera browser on Win, MacOS, and Linux.

With Tab Emojis you can make your tabs stand out from the rest in a fun and interactive way, helping you prioritize those that matter the most. This makes the feature both useful and fun, letting you make your browser feel even more unique thanks to the more than a thousand emojis that you can pick from. 

Emojis are both fun and functional

We’re aware of the different meanings that an emoji can have, and that’s where the fun with Tab Emojis begins. You can decorate your tabs with any emoji you want, giving them a personalized meaning. For example, you can add 🍆 to your veggies shopping list, 💦 to your gardening related tab, and even 💩 to that weekly report from work. Do those emojis represent the tab’s content? Well, you get to decide that, and to have a bit of fun in the process.

But it’s not only about fun, is it? If you’re like me and have many tabs with documents open, then you will appreciate the ability to add 🚨 or ❗ to the most urgent tab you have open. That weekly report you’ve been putting off will no longer get lost among other tabs. Tab Emojis make tabs visually stand out, which happens in an instant and you don’t need to read the tab’s title to identify what’s in there. This is definitely a neat feature for you to add into your tab management toolkit.

Tabs with Emojis in Opera

So how does it work? You can quickly decorate your tabs with Emojis in Opera by hovering over any tab and then accessing a menu of five pre-selected emojis. But there’s more, of course, you can also choose from the vast collection of over a thousand emojis by clicking the ‘+’ button. If you choose an emoji from the library, the emoji you chose will take the place of the + button in the picker menu. Clicking that emoji again will reopen up the emoji library so you can choose another one.

Start decorating your tabs with Emojis in Opera today

This feature is being released for Opera One, Opera’s flagship browser. Download Opera One today to start decorating your tabs with emojis, and organizing your tabs in the best way possible with the help of Tab Emojis, Workspaces, and Tab Islands

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