How Opera Mini helps in academic and professional life

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A couple of weeks ago, when we met with some Opera users in Nigeria, we got the opportunity to talk with Oluwaseunfunmi and Seun who are both long-time Opera Mini users. They shared with us their life stories and experiences with the Opera Mini browser, telling us what using Opera Mini means to them.

Make the most of student life with Opera Mini

Oluwaseunfunmi is a recent graduate who has just landed a job at a digital marketing agency in Lagos. She told us that student life often required that she do a multitude of activities online, like searching for news articles, downloading files for her school projects and sometimes having meetings with her lecturers.

“Opera Mini has been very helpful because I can do a lot with it. Sometimes I needed to download files, share those files with my friends, or even meet my lecturers online—and all of this was just faster for me to do with Mini instead of using other browsers.” – Oluwaseunfunmi.

This is one of those times in everyday life when our newest file sharing feature in Opera Mini comes in handy. Every student can relate to Oluwaseunfunmi and the struggles of student life.

Student life required that she spend a lot of time online, and Oluwaseunfunmi noticed that using the data compression technology in the Opera Mini browser helped her reduce her mobile data expenses.

“Data here in Lagos, or in general in Nigeria, is very expensive. It’s a lot easier to deal with though when I use Opera Mini because it saves data a lot, so that really helped me as a student.” – Oluwaseunfunmi.

In her current transition from student life to working life we wish Oluwaseunfunmi nothing but the best. Also, we’re happy to hear that she now needs Opera Mini more than ever to help her learn more about her new occupation. We are even more pleased to hear that she is happy with the content she gets with Opera Mini and describes it as a smart browser which shows her exactly what she is looking for.

Stay on top of work with Opera Mini

Seun is a Product Director at OPay, the largest mobile payment company in Nigeria and also a long-time Opera Mini user. Her job requires that she always be informed about the latest news in technology and financial services, as well as new trends related to the mobile money market. 

“I’m constantly in touch with what’s going on so I can do a fair job of leading my team.” – Seun.

Seun browses the web a lot during the day, which most of us can relate to, and she has noticed how much this impacts her data consumption — the main reason why she likes Opera Mini.

“It does this thing called compression so that you are saving as much data as possible, as much as 90%, and I get more value for my money when I use Opera Mini. I love it!” – Seun.

By setting her data savings to Extreme, she is able to browse nine times longer with Opera Mini. Something that she is not able to do when using other browsers.

Besides saving data and searching for the latest trends on fintech, Seun shared that Opera Mini also functions as her guide when she wants to check entertainment content, or look up random facts such as the life and death of Cesar, the Roman Emperor.

SometimesI read a lot of whitepapers in PDF format, especially when I’m bored at social gatherings (laughs). This is something that I like, that I can download these files very fast. It makes the browser feels very light.”

Opera Mini, a helpful tool for everyone

Stories like the ones from Oluwaseunfunmi and Seun show that Opera Mini is a browser for everyone, from a student striving to get their degree to an established professional looking for industry trends. Especially with the offline file sharing functionalities and data savings, Opera Mini is a helpful tool in the everyday lives of many people.

In our recent State of the Mobile Web report, we have found that during the first quarter of 2019, Opera Mini users saved up to 2 million gigabytes in mobile data. This equates to approximately 20 million USD, or 1.5 billion NGN in money saved for users who enable data compression mode in their Opera browsers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and we will soon share more stories from Nigeria!

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