Meet Tochi (25) from Nigeria – a long term Opera user

Hello everyone,

It was great to meet some of you in Lagos, Nigeria a few weeks ago and to hear your thoughts about Opera.

While there, we got up-close and personal and spoke with Seun, Mofe, Oluwaseunfunmi, and Tochi about how they had discovered Opera. They also told us how Opera browsers and Opera News, our standalone news application, have changed the way they interact with technology and the web.

We were thrilled to meet Tochi, a 25-year-old student who dreams of becoming a model in Nigeria.

Tochi got online for the first time as a child. He recalls that this then-new technology promised him a world where small devices would give him full access to all the information he wanted. Since it came out, Opera Mini has been by his side as a gateway to unlimited information, news articles and ebooks.

We were flattered to hear the many reasons why Opera Mini is Tochi’s favorite browser. He considers it a smart choice. He spends less money on data bundles by enabling the popular data saving feature in our browser.

We showed Tochi Opera Mini’s newest file-sharing feature. Tochi was excited to find out that he can now also share photos, videos and audio files offline with his friends and family.

This is something unique to Opera Mini, I haven’t seen any other browser with this feature.“ – Tochi.

Africa’s digitization rapidly growing with Opera

Some of you may know that we have more than 350 million users worldwide and nearly 120 million people are using the Opera browsers across Africa. Opera is well recognised in Africa and we are happy to see that people trust our products. They associate them with technology, change, and innovation. This puts us in a great position for continuing to improve our products and increase our user base.

In the 2019 edition of the State of the Mobile Web, we shed light on how we are leading the digital transformation in Africa by bringing people a better, faster and more effective way to access and interact with the internet through our browsers and standalone news applications.

Additionally, Opera will continue its expansion beyond browsers. Our goal is to make the digital lives of people like Tochi even better. We plan to do this by expanding our Fintech operations and by adding more digital services to our applications.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and we will soon share more stories from Nigeria!

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