Shake and Win is back in Opera News with over 200 million Naira in prizes

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Opera News has reintroduced the mini game Shake and Win on the Opera News app in celebration of the African Cup of Nations in 2019. Throughout the duration of Shake and Win on Opera News, you have the chance to win split prizes worth over 200M Naira, including cash prizes, vouchers and other surprising and exciting gifts.

Last year, during the football World Cup, we gave away 54 million prizes and rewarded more than one million people across Africa through Shake and Win. This year we want to bring this experience back to you and make you a lucky winner again.

To start playing Shake and Win, tap on the banner inside the Opera News home feed or go to the Me page and click the Shake and Win banner there. Don’t have Opera News yet? Download the app for free.

Shake & Win African Cup of Nations 2019

Start winning with Shake and Win today!

The rules of Shake and Win are simple. There are two ways to become a winner:

  1. Complete all nine pieces of the puzzle in Opera News to collect a cash prize. With every shake you get the chance to collect the missing pieces of the puzzle or you can complete the puzzle with a rare gold card. Those who complete the puzzle will become winners of real cash from the shared cash prize bucket.
  2. You can also win other prizes along the way like ORide and Supabets vouchers without having to complete a puzzle first.

Everyone wins by shaking their phones

For this year’s edition, we introduced a new competition mode based on four rounds starting on June 21 to July 19. The first day you enter one of the rounds, you will have a total of 15 shakes for free and five daily shakes on the following days until a new round starts.

Shake & Win African Cup of Nations 2019

Your prizes will be available for withdrawal the day following the end of each round. This means that for the first round you will be able to withdraw your cash prize on June 29, for the second round on July 9 and for the third and fourth round on July 19.

What to do if you run out of shakes?

If you run out of shakes in one day you can invite more people to play by sharing the code located under “My Prize” inside Opera News. To share it, tap on “Share 200,000,000 Naira prize!” and then on “Invite Now”. If the person you referred inputs the code correctly and has not downloaded Opera News before, you will receive either a Gold Card or one more share in the prize pool.

The Gold Card will be given to you only if you haven’t completed the puzzle yet. If you already completed the puzzle then you will get one more share from the bucket prize.

Shake & Win African Cup of Nations 2019

Claim your prizes and redeem your vouchers

The cash prizes you win will have to be withdrawn using your OPay account. If you do not have an OPay account yet, you can easily set one up using your phone number. The cash prize will be transferred into your account as soon as possible after your submission. If the account number you submitted to redeem your prize is not an Opay account, the money cannot be transferred successfully.

If you want to redeem ORide vouchers go to the “My Prize” page inside Opera News and copy the unique promo code of the voucher. Then download the ORide app, set up your account and activate your voucher.

Redeem all your prizes on time

The Shake and Win campaign will be available inside Opera News from June 21 to July 19. All your vouchers and cash prizes have to be redeemed before July 25.

If you have more questions about Shake and Win, please read our FAQ on this link.

Good luck and enjoy Shake and Win!

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