How to change IP address

Did you know that more than 24% of the world’s internet population have tried or are currently using VPN services? One of the primary reasons is that people want to keep their anonymity while browsing online.
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What is an IP address and why hide it?

IP addresses are individual numbers that identify network-connected devices, computers and phones, for example. They play an important role in facilitating a two-way communication with other devices while sending and receiving data. While doing so, they reveal information about the continent, the country and the city the device is in.

Masking your IP address will give you more anonymity while browsing and will protect you from being tracked by advertisers online. Moreover, by changing your location, you are able to access content from different regions as some websites only allow IP addresses from specific regions to view their content. Some schools, universities and companies will not allow you to access social media from their network; by hiding or changing your IP addresses, you can overcome firewalls. (Firewalls are network systems that restrict unauthorized access on private networks to and from selected websites, such as Facebook.)

How to change your IP address

By using web-based proxies or changing your network settings, the IP address can be changed. Another way to hide or change your IP address is to simply turn off your router for a couple of hours or contact your Internet service provider. This will not mask your location but you may simply be assigned a new address in the same country.

Using a VPN service is one of the fastest ways to hide your IP address and change your virtual location. The free VPN in Opera does not require a subscription and is unlimited. It uses a highly advanced AES-256 encryption that will block tracking cookies and make it difficult for websites to track your location.

How to change IP address: Use a free VPN

When browsing in public networks at airports or cafés, you can become an easy target for hacking. By setting up a VPN, you can shield your activity from being sniffed by other people that are using the same network.  

Opera’s VPN is also available for mobile phones; you can get our VPN app for iOS and Android.

Download the Opera browser, keep yourself hidden and start browsing with your new IP address right away 🙂

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  • Alright, so I’m convinced that people have saved my PS3’s IP address from when I’ve played online and are randomly sending me ddos attacks/stressing my internet via those dumbass ddos services on the internet. It’s getting really annoying because it affects my actual internet connection, not just my PS3. I do plan on paying for a VPN service soon but won’t they still know my PS3’s actual IP address?

    • boomboompow

      you gotta change your actual IP and then use VPN to secure your new IP.

  • 2pickAbooger

    While I’m grateful for Opera VPN, it hasn’t worked since yesterday. Click the VPN button in the address bar and it says “The VPN location is unavailable at this time. Please select a new one below.” Trouble is, it says that no matter which location I pick.

    Caution to VPN users: if you think you are using VPN, but the “VPN” in the address bar is red, you aren’t.

  • kriskazy

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  • i have practice i step by step and work. thank a lot by umroh desember

  • Mohammad

    VPN Opera disabled by the government in Iran

  • Tumacs

    As today, Opera VPN temporary disabled.

  • 720p
  • rykellim

    I would like to know if the Opera VPN works outside of the Opera browser for Windows 10 as well. If it does, I would also like to know if it is a viable replacement for my Windows 10 built-in VPN because I am using it at the moment. Please help?

  • rufus resurger